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Summary: Tim should have expected this. This story is a bit of a coda to Rising From the Darkness

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NCIS > Xander-CenteredpoeFR1321,5462238,49216 Nov 1218 Nov 12Yes


A/N Just something that grabbed my brain and wouldn't let it go until I wrote it out. Just a little peak into the Rising From the Darkness universe a little bit down the line. As always I have no claim on either BTVS or NCIS.


It was Tuesday night and Tim McGee was doing what he usually did. Ever since the “Deep Six” on-line role playing game had come out, he’d spent every Tuesday night stalking the virtual world as his alter ego, McGregor. He’d caught a lot of flak about the game from his colleagues, but he’d expected that. It honestly would have surprised him more if they hadn’t said anything about it.

Ziva had been the most vocal because in the game the Lisa character was the weakest with the lowest stats and weapon proficiencies. That had certainly ticked Ziva off, but what seemed to anger the Israeli the most was that Lisa’s chest looked like she was Dolly Parton in zero gravity and the only clothes the game character was allowed to wear made her look like a cheap hooker. McGee had tried to explain that he’d had no input on the character designs but that hadn’t really mollified Ziva. For a while she’d even taken to sharpening her knives while Tim was sitting right there, but after a while she’d stopped. Actually Tim wasn’t sure if that was a good or a bad thing. One good thing, at least from Tim’s point of view; was that Xander hadn’t mentioned the game at all. That was fine with Tim because Xander actually scared him more than Ziva did. He didn’t even want to think about what would happen if Xander ever saw the Drew Harrison character, the one character that Tim had indeed had input on.

At first playing the game had been a blast, but recently; as the game grew in popularity, there had been more and more instances where he’d been killed by one of the other characters. Tim simply wrote it off to the growing number of newbies to the game; the kind of player who shot at everything that moved whether it was considered a friendly or not. Tim sank down into his favorite chair, booted up the game and was soon lost in the virtual world.

McGregor was in trouble and he knew it. He’d noticed the tail about half an hour ago but they’d been keeping their distance so he hadn’t done anything about it. But now the tail had friends and it was clear that McGregor was outgunned. He needed some serious firepower and fortunately he knew a place nearby.

Jimmy Nix had been a minor, but surprisingly well armed, drug lord in the area. When he’d been busted McGregor knew that Jimmy hadn’t given up all of his stashes and so he’d dug into what information there was to see if he could track them down. Eventually McGregor had found a series of apartments that Jimmy had been using as way stations and since the drug lord was now the bitch of some steroidal freak; McGregor had taken over paying the rent and used them from time to time. The nearest one was a place that he’d never been but if it was anything like the others; it had enough weapons there for a good sized third world country.

McGregor started running as his pursuers got tired of being subtle. He crashed through the building’s front door and raced up the stairs to the right apartment as he was digging for the right key. A moment later he burst through the door, spun around and slammed it shut, and shot the bolt. Then he headed for the back bedroom. It was where the guns had been stashed in every other apartment that Jimmy had controlled. He twisted the correct coat hook and sure enough, a wall panel slid open. He darted forward to arm himself when he noticed two things. One was the obvious gap in the weapons where something large had been removed. The other was a noise behind him. McGregor turned, snatching at his Desert Eagle, but he never had a chance. The roar of the automatic shotgun deafened him as the shots destroyed everything between his neck and his navel. He dropped to the apartment’s floor, blood hazing his vision until it all went black.

Tim just barely restrained himself from throwing his controller into the screen in front of him. This whole constantly dying thing was really starting to piss him off. He took a couple of deep breaths, settled himself and fired up the game again. Maybe this time he’d last a bit longer.


“Well it looks like he’s trying again,” Ziva said. “Who’s turn is it this time?”

“I believe it’s mine,” Tony replied as he took the controller from Ziva’s hands and activated the ‘Tommy’ character.

“That was a very artistic use of the automatic shotgun Ziva,” Abby said around a mouth full of popcorn.

“Thank you,” Ziva smirked back at her friend. “But I personally liked your use of the proximity mines a couple of weeks ago.”

“So what do you think?” Jimmy Palmer asked. “Was that the best kill ever?”

“I believe that distinction belongs to Jethro for sniping him from over a mile away,” Ducky said with quiet dignity.

“I don’t know Ducky,” Abby chimed in. “Your knife work last week was first rate.”

“Thank you Abigail,” the old ME replied with a grin. “I just wish my real body worked as well as my virtual one.”

“So have you told Xander about this?” Jethro quietly asked Ziva.

“Not yet,” Ziva replied. “But I’ll make sure and have a camera around when I do.”

Gibbs gave her a light hearted smile and looked up at the screen to see DiNozzo’s character running over McGregor repeatedly with a dump truck. “Okay,” Tony said with a smile as he turned to the others and waved the controller around. “Whose turn is it to kill virtual McGee?”
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