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Thrown to the Wolves

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Summary: When confronting Evil Willow on Kingman's Bluff, Xander is transported to a place he never wanted to be. AS always, he makes the best of a bad situation. --A/N I am not a fan of the books, but I do enjoy the world they are set in.

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Twilight > Xander - CenteredCuautlaFR151015,875210136,02317 Nov 1210 Feb 14No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13


Disclaimer: I own nothing.

"That works. Oh, one more thing."

Xander waited until Sam started to turn back towards him, the lashed out with his right fist with all his might. It connected with his jaw with a snap, and only Xander's years of experience in fighting saved his hand from breaking. Sam dropped to the ground for a moment, then immediately jumped back up, snarling. Xander knew he was close to turning into a wolf, and if that happened there would be blood drawn. Standing his ground, Xander quietly said, "That was for dumping Leah. No one else would give you what you deserve because you are the Alpha, but I don’t care about that."

All of the anger that Sam had been showing moments before were now gone. He actually looked contrite. "It wasn't my fault." He looked towards Jacob and said, "Tell him about imprinting," then walked off. Jacob, for his part, hadn't been able to keep his eyes from bugging out, and Seth's mouth was actually open. Leah's face was a warzone between gratitude, anger, and annoyance.

Not wanting to confront a mad Leah, Xander turned to Jacob and asked, "Imprinting?"

Shaking his head to get the image of Sam being floored by Xander out of his head, Jacob started to explain. "An imprint is someone who a werewolf feels compelled to be with, in whatever capacity is needed by that person. Our whole existence becomes based on their well being. Once a wolf imprints on someone, there is nothing we would not do to keep them safe. Sam imprinted on Emily when he was dating Leah."

Nodding, Xander turned to see Leah's condition. She now looked nervous, and Xander had a pretty good idea of why. "Did you imprint on me?"

Leah closed her eyes in sadness. "No. As much as I want to, I didn't. I don't know if I will ever imprint because I am a girl."

"I see," Xander softly said. He could see Leah was emotionally weak right now, so he decided to distract the other two males still at the house to give Leah the opportunity to compose herself. They could talk about imprinting later when they were alone.

"So, tell me about this Bella." Luckily, Jacob took the bait and talked for the next half hour about all the teen angst that he was going through. Xander thanked whatever deities were out there that he didn't end up as a teenager in this world.

After the conversation died down, everyone left for their respective homes, with Leah promising to stop by for dinner. Xander would be making his now legendary mac and cheese. In preparation, he had written down a few questions that he wanted to ask Leah.

Their dinner was nice, with very little talking, which was a bit unusual for them, but not uncomfortably so. They both knew the upcoming conversation would be long and possibly difficult, so each wanted to go into it with a full stomach. Finally, the plates were cleared, the dishes in the sink for later, and. They both sat down on the couch facing each other.

"Do you want to start, Leah?" Xander prompted.

"I'm sorry that I couldn't tell you..." she started to say before Xander interrupted her.

"I understand the power an Alpha's orders can hold over a pack. You don't need to apologize for that."

Leah smiled thankfully. "OK. I didn't imprint on you. For the rest of the pack, they imprinted the first time they saw the female after their first shift. I don't know when or if I will imprint on someone else, but if I do, it will change everything between us. We can still be friends, but I will not feel the same towards you that I do now."

For a moment, Xander was pensive, trying to come to a decision. Nodding his head slightly as if confirming his own thoughts, he began to speak.

"There was this girl, who was chosen to fight vampires kind of like you are. She heard this prophecy that she was destined to die. Long story short, I stopped that prophecy and seriously messed up the plans of some powerful people as well. I don't do well with tradition and customs and prophecy telling me what should or should not happen. I like you, you like me; I don't care about all the imprint crap. For all you know, it works drastically different because you are a woman, or you might not even imprint at all. Either way, I want to make this work. What do you say?"

Leah responded with a passionate kiss. For the rest of the evening, until Leah headed out to patrol, Xander and Leah talked and kissed their way through all of their questions and doubts for their relationship. That night, the pack noted that Leah seemed to run faster than before, and her mental thoughts were devoid of the harsh subjects and uncomfortable topics. Since Leah had saved Xander, she had been getting less bitter, which everyone was grateful for, but tonight was the first time she seemed happy. If for that reason alone, the whole pack was grateful for Xander's arrival.
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