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Five Times Darcy Almost Saved the Day...

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Darcy Lewis, Vampire Slayer (Semi-Retired)". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Five times Darcy almost had to reveal she was a Slayer... And the time the Avengers finally found out.

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Darcy-CenteredNinjababeFR1367,43222430,29018 Nov 1218 Nov 12Yes

Brothers Drool, Moms Rule

Brothers Drool, Moms Rule

Carefully juggling her bottle of vodka, pint of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia, and a large spoon, Darcy settled into her couch. Sitting cross legged, she placed the vodka bottle on her side table, then pulled open the pint of ice cream. Stabbing the spoon into the ice cream, she picked up her TV remote.

"Now," Darcy exclaimed as she rearranged her oversized t-shirt. "It's time to veg and catch up on my show."

Clicking on the TV, she quickly went through the menus and found the folder for 'Britian's Best Baker' and was about to hit play when her field of vision of blocked by black leather.

"Huh," Darcy said distractedly as she looked up. "And, you are?"

The tall man glared at her from his golden helmet, which had two long horns curling from the front. Holding his golden staff towards her, he sneered. "I am Loki, you stupid, insignificant mortal."

"Ah," Darcy replied with a nod as she slowly placed her ice cream on the floor and slid her feet from under her legs. "And, you're here why?"

"You," Loki said with a grin before reaching out and forcefully grabbing her by the shoulder before she could dodge or attack.

A wrenching feeling later, and Darcy was falling through the air a few feet to land on a highly polished, golden floor. "Ow."

"Get up, little mortal," Loki said with a smirk.

Growling, Darcy quickly stood up and brushed off her shorts. "Rude, aren't you?"

"Why should I be courteous to you? ... Little Mortal." Loki sneered.

"I heard the capitalization of that," Darcy said, pointing a finger at the God of Mischief. "I don't like it."

"Why should I care?" Loki replied with a flick of his staff. Darcy was suddenly sitting in an uncomfortable chair, her arms tied behind her back. "I'll be back for you later."

"Yeah, hopefully before you starve me to death!" Darcy shouted as Loki strode from the room and the large golden doors of the room banged shut behind him.

"Stupid magic," she muttered to herself as she tried untying herself. "Stupid villains." She threw her head back and screamed, "STUPID ROPES!"

A few moments later, the doors of the chamber opened and a woman wearing a beautifully embroidered dress with her hair piled artfully on top of her head stepped through. "Hello?"

Darcy glared. "Come to gloat at the 'Little Mortal'?"

The blonde's eyes widened. "Oh, Loki, what did you do now?"

Striding forward, the woman pulled a dagger out from one of her wide sleeves. "Let me get you loose. I swear I raised that boy better."

"You're his mom?!" Darcy exclaimed as the woman cut her free.

"I'm Frigga, wife to Odin, mother of Thor and Loki," the woman replied as she held out a hand to help Darcy up, her dagger stowed back into her gown.

"Pleased to meet you, I think," Darcy replied as she took the help to stand. "Just wished it was in better circumstances."

"Indeed," Frigga replied, her mouth a moue of distaste. "I should have took a firmer hand to that boy more as a child."

Darcy grinned. "I think all mothers say that about their children."

Frigga laughed, her voice like a peal of bells. "You, young one, are most likely correct. Tell me, what is your name, and... occupation? I believe you Midgardians call it."

Darcy gave a small nod of her head. "I am Darcy Lewis, assistant to Dr Jane Foster and Dr Erik Selvig."

"You know Jane Foster?" Frigga's eyes lit up. "Come, you must tell me all about her while I get you some clothes to wear and something to eat." Gently grabbing one of Darcy's arms, she led the young woman from the room.


Finding something to eat was much easier done than finding clothing that not only fit Darcy, but that she would wear.

"I do apologize, but it seems Asgardians are much taller that those from Midgard," Frigga said with a sigh. "The only thing so far that fits is..."

"I won't wear that monstrosity of a ballgown," Darcy interrupted. It hadn't taken long for her to relax around the Queen of Asgard. "I'd rather wander around in my t-shirt and get sneered at for being a 'Little Mortal'."

Frigga's reply was cut off by the doors banging open. "There you are!" Loki sneered as he strode into the room.

His rant was cut of before it started by Darcy punching him full force in the nose, causing Loki to stagger back quite a few steps.

"Loki Odinson!" Frigga exclaimed.

"Oooo," Darcy grinned. "Mom voice. Harsh."

Loki glared at Darcy through the hand trying to stop the flow of blood from his nose.

"I'm talking to you," Frigga continued as she strode forward. Pointing a finger and poking Loki in the chest she continued to berate him. "How dare you kidnap this sweet girl from Midgard. Go to your chambers, immediately. I'll deal with you when I'm calm enough."

Looking hangdog, Loki nodded and left the room. He gave Darcy a glare as he shut the doors. She waggled the fingers of her right hand in reply with a grin.

Smoothing down her dress, Frigga turned back to the young woman. "Now then. You weren't completely honest with me before, were you?"

"I'm sorry?" Darcy asked, wide eyed.

"No normal Midgardian could make my son stagger with one punch. Especially one that breaks his nose."

"Oh," Darcy replied, looking at her feet. "He deserved it?" she said hopefully.

Frigga grinned. "Yes, he did, I believe." Pausing, she looked over the pile of dresses laying over most of the surfaces in the room. "No wonder none of these would work for you. A warrior maiden such as yourself needs to be able to fight in all outfits."

"Warrior maiden?" Darcy looked confused.

"You are the current slayer of monsters, are you not? Tales have been told of you and your predecessors in many a song."

"Even the Asgardians know of Slayers?" Darcy asked. "Huh."

Frigga nodded. "Yes. Oh, Sif will be so pleased to meet you!" Pausing, she gave Darcy an assessing look. "Yet, why do you not take up your sacred duty? Why do you instead spend time in your assisting work?"

Darcy looked a little perplexed as she tried to mentally reword the sentence. Then, she had it figured out. "Oh! You probably don't know. There is more than one Slayer now."

"That must be a fine tale," Frigga stated as she led Darcy from the room. "You must speak of it while we find you suitable raiment for your station."


"That is one sweet ride," Darcy proclaimed as she admired the knotwork surrounding herself on the roof of Stark/Avengers Tower.

Moments later, the Avengers themselves came running out of the roof's access door, ready for battle.

"Darcy?" Clint asked, looking confused at her, and her outfit.

"I know, sweet, right?" Darcy replied with a broad grin as she slowly turned in place, showing off her black embossed leather pants and vest, with a pale blue silk shirt underneath. The hilt of a dagger could be seen to be poking from the top of each of her knee high leather boots.

"You are wearing Asgardian clothing," Thor pointed out, Mjolnir slack in his hand.

"Thor, your mom rocks!" Darcy replied as she bounced forward.

"How would you know that?" Bruce Banner asked from the back of the group.

"Oh, Loki kidnapped me, Frigga sent him to his room without supper, then gave me this bitchin' outfit before sending me home. Well, here anyway. Heimdall said it would be better to keep the bifrost exit at the same area it'll be for the future."

"For the future?" Tony Stark asked over exclamations of "Loki!" from the other Avengers.

"I promised Frigga I'd show her what girls on Earth do for fun," Darcy said with a grin as she sauntered towards the access door. "Now, I need to check in with Coulson and fill out what is probably going to be my weight in paperwork before I can start planning that trip. See you guys later!"
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