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Green with Envy

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Summary: Dawn, Buffy and Illyria find themselves stuck working with the Avengers and SHIELD to stop another threat to mankind.

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > GeneralKaleidofoxFR1533,5451229,39018 Nov 1231 Aug 13No


Green with Envy

Chapter 2: Viridian

((Author's Note: So, this is the TRUE beginning of the story. The first chapter was more of an overview, if anything. Once again, don't own anything, but would LOVE to own Tom Hiddleston. Also, never wrote Dawn or Illyria before, so I am sorry if anyone is out of character. ))

“So, why are we doing this again?” Dawn asked the petite woman beside her dryly.

“Dawnie, we already went over this. Fury wants you to meet up with his scientist people to see what you can figure out about the Tesseract energy the Chitauri seem to be using.” The woman answered with a sigh. That had been the third time Dawn had asked her that question and the answer hadn’t changed since the first time she had asked it.

Of course, she didn’t really want to be taking her little sister to meet with the powerful man, but he had demanded, and by all rights, she owed him for helping her girls. She couldn’t say she was happy with his decision, but he wasn’t wrong; Dawn could help his people with her knowledge. What really bothered her about this whole situation was the need for Dawn to use her blood to make a portal to Stark Tower. Granted, over the years Dawn had gained a lot of control over the ability, but that didn’t mean it was common knowledge. She didn’t want Fury to get too interested in her little sister, but they needed to get to the place fast if they wanted to figure out why the Chitauri wanted the Key now instead of the Tesseract.

And who they were taking orders from now that Loki had been captured and detained.

With so much at stake now that the Key was at risk, Fury felt it reasonable that she met the rest of the Avengers, even if she had to bring her new blue shadow with her. She had reassured him that Illyria was not a risk for people to be around…usually. She had never said the “woman” was safe to be around, just that she was not going to go on a killing spree and subjugate the human race. That was Loki’s schtik.

Wiping a hand down her face in exasperation, she threw a light duffle bag over her shoulder before opening her eyes again.

“Stop being annoying, Dawn. I know you understand the seriousness of the situation. So can you please make sure Lyrie has her stuff together? And make sure it is nothing too dramatic, please?” Dawn rolled her eyes and pretended to be affronted by her sister’s request.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m on Smurf patrol before we leave. I’ll make sure she doesn’t have half the armory packed like last time.”

“I do not understand your lack of preparedness that you are requiring of me.” The blue-tinged young woman spoke up from beside the taller brunette. She cocked her head to the side in curiosity, but still procured her obviously overstuffed bag for Dawn to peruse.

Even with charms to make the bag bigger on the inside, the thing was still overstuffed, putting into light just how much the Old One had managed to put in there.

Buffy sighed heavily once again.

“We already went over this. There is nothing wrong with being prepared, but we aren’t planning to overtake a small country here. “

Dawn said nothing, only nodding in agreement with her sister as she slowly took various weapons and objects out of the bag. Was that a Chia pet? Yup, it was. She really shouldn’t have been surprised at the things Illyria managed to pick up at this point, but the Old One still managed to get one over on her occasionally, this being one of those times.

“I am not even going to ask why you have this.”

“It is pleasing to the touch and offers interesting conversation when you or your sister are unavailable to amuse me.” The woman in question answered imperially.

That being said, Dawn met Buffy’s eyes over the ever growing stack of objects taken from Illyria’s bag and couldn’t help but share a chuckle with her sister.

Trying to keep the smile off her face, Buffy stepped closer to the duo and lightly pushed the pile aside to get it out of the way.

“Ok, you can take the Chia pet then, but just because I let you take that one, doesn’t mean you get to take most of the garden plants with you. I mean just the Chia pet, that’s it.”

“That is satisfactory, Buffy Summers, but I will also be bringing Pancakes with us on this trip. He has not been out in quite some time, and he has expressed great distress at some of the younger muck attempting to dress him in what you pass for clothing.”

Dawn couldn’t help but laugh at that one. She could just imagine the feared Yastigilian hound being forced to play dress up with some of the young slayers.

“Alright, Pancakes can come too. We can’t have our resident Hound getting laughed at by the other squid beasts when he shows up in a bonnet and lacy dress.” Buffy choked out through her barely contained laughter at the image.

Proclaiming the bag ready, Dawn held it out to Illyria to take back.

“So we ready to do this thing?”

“We are ready when you are Dawnie. Just be careful, alright? I always worry when you do things like this, even when I’m with you.”

“Yeah, yeah, Buffy. You say this all the time. Just grab Illyria’s hand and mine so we can go.” Not waiting for her sister’s indication that she heard, the young woman took a small knife she had in a holster in her jeans and lightly ran it across her palm. Feeling her sister place her hand on the one clutching the knife, she squeezed the cut palm closed, thinking intensely on the intended destination.

It was very different from the first time she had opened a portal with her blood. This time she willingly let the blood drip down her clenched fist to the ground. In a spark of green, a portal was opened at their feet and Buffy and Illyria stepped through without any words being spoken. They didn’t need words. They trusted that Dawn knew what she was doing. Not letting go of her sister’s hand, Dawn followed them through the portal, making sure she entered last as it would close after she had passed through.

She hadn’t expected to be greeted by the sight of a gun being pointed in her face.

((Note: For those who do not know, Yastigilian hounds guard the Deeper Well where Illyria slept. They are squid-like, so they bonded with Illyria who is also kind of tentacle-y in her true form and chose to be her pets. One was killed, so she only has one now, which she named Pancakes.
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