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Green with Envy

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Summary: Dawn, Buffy and Illyria find themselves stuck working with the Avengers and SHIELD to stop another threat to mankind.

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > GeneralKaleidofoxFR1533,5451229,39118 Nov 1231 Aug 13No


Green With Envy

Chapter 3: Avocado

((Author’s Note: I have never written any of the Avenger’s before, and I really wanted to get this done with so I could continue onto more fun and snarky parts of the story so I apologize if this chapter kinda sucks. Once again, I own absolutely nothing and am simply borrowing the characters.
I am really sorry it has taken me so long to write this chapter for you all; I have just been really depressed for awhile now. But I do have some more chapters already figured out in my head; I just need to type them out now. SO I should put out the next one significantly faster.
Also, if anyone has any pairing suggestions, I would love to hear what you have to say.
Un-beta’d as always. ))

Meanwhile, at Stark Tower.

Tony Stark, or as his other self was called, Iron Man, stood in his lab hunched over a new gadget. Beside him he had projected plans that he was using, as well as another screen dedicated to SHIELD servers. Even when he was working, he liked to keep up on what they were doing, especially if it meant he got to hack into their servers to find it. After all, he did so love grating on Fury’s nerves.

After the Battle of Manhattan, most of the Avengers had decided to stay in the tower. Even Natasha and Clint had opted to move into the plush apartments Tony had offered them. The two super assassins shared a floor all to themselves, while the rest had rooms on differing floors to give them more privacy. Of course, that didn’t mean they didn’t all hang out in one of the shared living spaces every now and again. After all, who didn’t love a good movie night? Somehow Tony had even managed to convince Steve and Natasha to attend more than one of those special nights.

On this particular day, Fury had made sure all of the Avengers were in the Tower, but being him, he didn’t bother to mention to them just why it was so important they all be there. That was exactly what Tony was trying to find out while he worked on a new bit of weaponry for his suit.

“Sir, an unknown energy signature has begun to develop on the roof.” A polished British voice spoke calmly. Dropping his tools abruptly, Tony quickly spun around, making his way out of the labs. Not stopping his conversation, he continued to talk to the unseen voice as he made his way upstairs to the Avengers shared living room.

“Are you sure it isn’t just Thor going home for holiday or something?”

“Yes, Sir, I am certain it is not Thor. The energy signature is completely unfamiliar. The closest I can compare is to that of the Tesseract.”

Tony’s blood went cold.

It couldn’t be another attack from Loki, especially with him in his brother’s custody inside the building. And of course, there was the fact that the Tesseract was given back to Asgard and shouldn’t even be on Earth in the first place.
That fact wasn’t exactly comforting to Tony though. After all, Fury had wanted them all in the tower today for something, but was being sneaky about what he wanted from them.

This could not be a coincidence.

“JARVIS, get the rest of the Avengers up here. We need to find out what that signature is.”

“Sir, I think it would be advisable if you wait for the rest of your teammates before running to the source of the unknown energy.”

“Yeah, Tony, I’m not much help like this, after all.” A slighter, brunette man said as he hurried into the room, having caught JARVIS’ comment as he got off the lift. Shield already in hand, Steve followed closely behind him.

Pulling up the energy readouts on one of Tony’s clear screens scattered about the room, Bruce swiped his fingers over the screen a few times, checking the data they were getting on the source of the alarm just as Natasha and Clint joined the room.

“What’s going on, why’d you call us here?” Clint asked curiously as he pulled one of his bows out of a cabinet against the wall designed specifically to hold some of the team’s weapons in case of emergencies.

Lastly, Thor emerged from the elevator, Loki in tow trailing behind him.

“What is the meaning of this?” The large blonde Asgardian asked what was on all of their minds.

“Everyone, we have a problem right now. JARVIS has detected an unknown energy signature on the roof. I figured we all might want to check it out, considering what the last energy source we dealt with could do.”

“Then what are we doing standing around down here? Let’s go.” With that, Natasha brusquely made her way over to the elevators before anyone else could even move. When the doors opened, she stood inside the shoot, eyebrow raised.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!” That was all it took to snap them all into action. With just those words, the rest of the team hurriedly squeezed into the elevator.

What they found at the top was nothing all what they expected.

Instead of something similar to the tesseract energy, they were staring at what appeared to be a coalescing green cloud. Confused about what they were staring at, none of the team lowered the weapons they had at the ready.

Before any of them could voice their opinions, though, something began to take form within the green cloud. What looked like a woman seemed to be stepping out of the cloud, though her form was still murky at best. Clint and Natasha both aimed their weapons at the new arrival, but had to readjust when a second young woman soon appeared, holding the hand of the first. Though her form was still unclear, they could tell that the first young woman was short and possibly blonde, human looking, but the second woman was anything but. When she first appeared, Thor tensed up and held his hammer at the ready. Even Loki, who had been following behind his older brother, had sneered at the second newcomer and got into a battle stance. In-between the women were an unknown beast that had the entire team baffled. It looked a bit like a squid, but clearly couldn’t be as it was floating and out of water. Whatever it was, it seemed to have attached itself to the strange looking female’s side. After that, another woman exited the portal, this one taller than the first, but a slight bit shorter than the second and entirely human looking. When this last one appeared though, the appearances of the four began to clear and just as the last completely exited the portal, it closed entirely.
With a slight click from cocking her gun, Black Widow had her gun aimed at the one seemingly in control of the unknown energy they had detected while the rest of the team covered the others.

Taking a slight step forward, the blue one glared angrily at the group assembled before her.

“Muck, I suggest you put down the weapons you have pointed at myself and my allies or I will be forced to show you the true might of the God King.”

Tony rolled his eyes at that.

“Really? Another wannabe God trying to subjugate us lowly humans?” He started sarcastically, “Sorry, babe, but you’re a bit late to the party.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Green with Envy" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Aug 13.

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