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Green with Envy

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Summary: Dawn, Buffy and Illyria find themselves stuck working with the Avengers and SHIELD to stop another threat to mankind.

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > GeneralKaleidofoxFR1533,5451229,38818 Nov 1231 Aug 13No

Spring Bud

Green with Envy

Chapter 1: Spring Bud

((Author’s Note: As of right now, the POV is a bit funky, and it will probably switch back and forth between chapters or even just paragraphs, but I will try to keep it obvious who is speaking/thinking. And yeah, I know I have my Grimm story to work on, but this idea simply would not go away. I have read Avengers stories with Dawn as the main character, or Buffy as the main character, and even some that feature Illyria, but I wanted all three. I mean, the situation between Dawn and Loki is very similar and I thought the two could really relate. Both have super warrior siblings while they are the magic backup and are unintentionally forgotten about, both came into being in odd ways (Loki Adopted, Dawn not real) and so are different from their family, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. So I thought they’d be fun to have meet. And honestly, Illyria just makes everything fun. She is blue, and pretty much hates everyone. I’m not giving away her significance, but just know she will have her part to play.

Also, this chapter is largely just to set the story up. So I apologize for the mass of info given here.

Set post-Avengers, and post-season 7 with bits of season 8 thrown in for Buffy, but it is pretty much AU for season 8. And I own nothing but the plot of this and titles. That is it. If I owned anything, I’d have run away with Loki and Spike ages ago. ))

Now, Dawn was all good with utilizing her unique gift when they needed it, and she was mostly over the fact that she wasn’t a real person but rather a universal ball of energy, after all, it was a long time since all that stuff with Glory went down.

She had had a lot of time to get over her own issues since then. Of course, that isn’t to say that it didn’t still bother her.

Like times like this.

Times when she was a target.

And after that whole Twilight business and Buffy becoming basically a superhero it had become a bit worse. She had thought she was over this whole jealousy thing, having found her own niche in the council.

But she guessed she was wrong.

Because when the chance to use her blood to make a special portal came up, she practically jumped on the opportunity, despite the possible dangers.

After Twilight had attempted to turn the government against the slayers and Harmony tried to bring vampires and the supernatural to public attention, her sister had done what only she could have done; she made the tough decision for all of them and gave herself up to save them.

Not that she died or anything.


But still, she was practically on a leash. She had given herself up to SHIELD, a new branch of the government (technically belonging to the United States, but seriously, the organization had a much bigger pull than that) that dealt with threats to mankind. It seemed like a noble duty, but after the whole shenanigans with the Initiative, none of the Scoobies was too anxious to trust the government.

But Buffy had seen no choice.

So she had agreed to work for them (they had been making inquiries into the Council for ages now)in exchange for keeping the other slayers under the council’s wing safe and helping to make Harmony’s statements and little show seem to be nothing more than fan-hype about vampires. And with people fawning all over Stephanie Meyer’s works, it was just too easy to make it seem like that is what she was doing.

So when the whole showdown with Loki went down, Buffy had been called in to help cleanup in the background, Fury choosing to keep her away from the other Avengers for the time being. A few of the slayers stationed in New York at the time had also been there, where they helped get citizens to safety and took out pockets of the army Loki had brought. So the Council was not unfamiliar with the Chitauri.

But they were not expecting to see any more of them after Stark had closed their portal to their world.

And they were especially not expecting them to be after Dawn.

The brains of the Council, mainly Giles and Willow, figured it had to be something to do with her being the Key. Their hypothesis was confirmed by Illyria, who had recently joined them after the battle in L.A., after her Wesley’s death. She had been forced to find a new guide, a new human she was not disgusted with to continue teaching her. That was how the Council had ended up with the blue Old One. She had deemed Buffy, and by extension Dawn, to be acceptable, finding the two of them to be better than the rest of the muck.

According to Illyria, the energy of the Key could be used in the same way as the Tesseract, but much more powerful and volatile. So with the residual energy of the Tesseract, small groups of Chitauri were able to get into the dimension, their new mission being to locate and secure the entity known as the Key.

And that did not sit well with Buffy and her friends.

That was how Dawn found herself being asked to use her blood to make a portal to the source of the Tesseract energy. Of course, Buffy being her super powered self now, could easily have flown there by herself, but it was a bit of a distance from their current location in Scotland and she would have to carry Dawn as well. And then add to that Illyria, whose teleporting ability still wasn’t at 100%, it left the fastest option being Dawn.

Buffy had quickly phoned Fury when she had found out about the situation involving Dawn and he had demanded she bring the young woman with her so she could help analyze the portal the Chitauri used and how it differed from her own. Buffy had outright refused any form of experimenting on her little sister, but that didn’t mean her sister couldn’t help with the portal research SHIELD had going on. If anything, her own expertise on the subject was far greater than anyone’s they could have possibly recruited to the project.

Dawn could only hope that Fury had informed the Avengers living at Stark Tower that they were coming. She had a feeling things wouldn’t go very well if they were to surprise the team of heroes with a portal so soon after they had defeated Loki and his own portal of doom.
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