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The Beginning Is The End...Pt.2

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Summary: The Pardox Of Xander's Life Has Just Begun...Genderbending and SLASH

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredLLNFR182043,18085821,45122 Nov 1229 Oct 14No


Jessica had Travers pinned the library wall with a dagger to his throat. TJ was trying to talk Jessica out of gutting him, but Xander didn't think he was trying too hard. And after learning how it was Travers fault that Freza died Xander really didn't blame TJ for that. Buffy sat at the table next to Joyce as Giles stood near them. Xander leaned against the doorway of Giles office. Spike had disappeared before Xander even woke up from her faint. But Xander could tell the others were keeping something from her and it had to do with the blonde vampire.

"Now Jessica, please be reasonable."

"Reasonable? Oh, I think I'm being perfectly reasonable. What do you think Joyce?"

"Very reasonable since he tried to get me killed." Joyce snarled.

Jessica nodded, "So, Quentin you are going to pass Buffy on this stupid test and do not even think about doing this to Faith." Faith snickered from the corner she was sitting in.

"Because if you or the Council shows back up in my town..." Jessica trailed off leaving the unspoken threat hanging.

Quentin sighed and paused the dagger away from his throat with a finger, "You're not going to kill me, Jessica. You don't have it in you..."

Jessica narrowed her eyes but said nothing.

"Miss Summers was able to do her duties as a slayer even being in the family way. The council is pleased."

"It was my mother..." Buffy said slowly.

"So, what? Does Buffy get a gold star, now?" Joyce asked in controlled fury.

"Mrs. Summers I understand your upset..."

"You understand nothing!" Joyce said standing up; "You set that monster loose on put my daughter and grandchild in danger, Mr.Travers."

"Hmm, I guess you would think the test unfair."

"I think you had better leave town." Buffy muttered darkly.

"We are fighting a war!" Quentin said passionately. He didn't know why they didn't understand.

"No!" Giles exclaimed, "You are waging a war. Buffy, Faith, Xander and the rest of them are fighting it!!"

"And there is a difference, Jeeves. Despite what you think." Jessica said softly.

Quentin glared at her then straightens the sleeve of his suit jacket, "If you don't mind..."

"The test is done. You are finished here."

"Not quite, Rupert. The Slayer is not the only one tested. The council has had some concerns about you and the decisions you have made of late. Letting cilivans do the duties of the Slayer. Consorting with witches, werewolves and vampires. Your quick marriage to Jessica LeValle and the return of the chaos mage to your life were the last straw. I've recommended to the council and they have are to be relieved of your duties as a Watched immediately." Quentin did not try to hide his glee.

Giles was visibly taken back at that.

"You firing him?" Buffy asked, "For being human? For helping us?"

"No, he's doing it because he is an asshole." Jessica said flatly.

"Rupert bares the love of a father for his slayers. Rendering him incapable of an impartial judgment...and that is useless in the cause."

A divertive snort causes them all to look at TJ, "Love for our ragtag little group is the only thing keeping them alive and the world spinning."

"You should never doubt the undeniable power of human love." Xander said, "Sometimes it's all we have."

Quentin tried not to roll his eyes at that. "It would be best if Rupert has no farther contact with Slayer Summers or Lehane."

"Not happening." Faith told him.

"No, I didn't expect any of you would. But if Rupert interferes with the new watcher or countermands their authority you will be dealt with...are we clear?"

"Oh, we're clear." Giles muttered darkly a bit of Ripper slipping into his voice.

Quentin Travers nodded then walked out of the library.


Quentin was finishing his packing. He took another look around the room; in the mirror on the wall he caught sight of a vision behind him.

"Hello, Quinn."

Quentin swallowed hard. "Hello, Freza."

The girl laughed softly, "You seem surprised to see me. You shouldn't. You killed me after all."

Quentin shook his head, "No. no...I..."

"Yes. You did. You waited until Jack and I had a fight and he left for a mission. You got Jessica those concert tickets in L.A. so she would be gone all weekend. Then you drugged me with that nasty little cocktail that stole my power." Freza frowned and cocked her head to the side; "You turned my own home against me and locked me inside it with a one of the most dangerous vampires this century as ever known."

Quentin watched in horror as a male vampire melted out of the shadows of the room. The demon showing his true face as he growled and snarled at Quentin. How did he get in? The watcher wondered fearfully. The Council wards should have protected him.

"Destroyed half the house before he finely got you." Spoke the vampire.

"So he did." Freza said to the vampire running the backs of her fingers down the vampire's cheek causing the beast to purr. She turned back to Quentin her expression hard.

"Please, Freza...I didn't know.... I was sure you would survive!" Quentin said, his tone begging, "I am sorry."

"Sorry? Your sorry!" Freza shouted angrily, "Did you think I didn't know? How truly pathic you were? " She leaned close to him speaking seductively soft in his ear over," Jack O'Neill is a hundred times the man you ever hoped you could be. It wasn't you, Quentin that I was never going to be you, ever!"

Quentin wondered if a shattered heart could break in to more pieces for his had, for more than twenty years he had held a hope...but that was gone now. "Freza...I was just doing my duty."

"Sorry, Quentin. You've had years to made up for your sins." Freza said a darkly evil smile crossed her face; she began to hum a low tune as the vampire began to advance on Quentin. He turned away from the mirror and found only the vampire was in the room with him. In Quentin ear he could hear Freza voice, "You're going to die now..."

The vampire grabbed him and after a short struggled that Quentin was on the loosing end of...Quentin Travers, Earl of Traverington, fifth seat on the Watchers Council died when the vampire snapped his neck.

The Vampire stared down at the body of the old watcher in something like horror. He turned to look at Freza and watched as her body morphed into that of the dead man.

"I don't..."


"...Understand? Of course you don't."

Jessica watched as Tony Harris paced in front of her as she sat on her couch, whiskey bottle in her hand. She took in the visage of the man's shallow skin; the dark purple bruises around his throat were the same as they had been that night... His sunken gray eyes were wild as he idly swung the end of a frayed rope in his hand. Jessica's eyes followed the rope to where it was wrapped low around Tony's neck, the very mockery of a necktie...

"It's going to be beyond Xander's understanding...She's just a girl but...not really? Xander is not what you would call sugar or well maybe she can be spice..." Tony said taking the noose from his neck and walked up to her.

Jessica could only stare in horror at the one person besides herself, and Quentin who knew Xander's true parentage.

"You shouldn't be here." Jessica whispered as Tony placed the noose around Jessica's throat as he pulled it tight.


"I'm more than flesh...more than...blood..." the ten-year blonde boy smiled at TJ, as he stood at the end of the ramp that leads to the Star Gate. When the boy turned he noticed the gapping wound at the side of the boy's head that exposed pinkish-gray of the boy's brain.

"You know, I don't think even Daniel Jackson could find a word for how fabulous I am..."

TJ looked around the Gate room he noticed the lack of it's normal guard's. The open Star Gate's reflection threw shadows on the floor that seemed to hiss menace.

"Oh, my name will be on everyone's lips...even those snakeheads who think their gods..."Charlie O'Neill said waving a 9mm gun around in a lazy fashion, "will know it. But not just yet."

"You can't be real." TJ muttered as he watched the false image of Jack O'Neill's son bring up the gun pointing it at him.

"I can be patient, you know... in this case I don't feel like it though. You are all where I want you...She's right where I want her to be... And so are you my Angel." Darla said stroking a hand down the dark vampire's cheek.

The pretty Darla then morphed in to a dark haired man," What did you think would happen? That everything would be as it was? Actions always have consequences, as you know since the blonde slayer is baring your brat." Angelus twisted the sword he was holding in front of him as Angel glared his mirror image as they stood in the atrium of the mansion.

"A soul is a slippery hard to easy to lose...and it was so easy to give up ours." Angelus told him with a charming smirk, "You thought you would be your own man..." He turned and the sword's point stopped inches above Angel's heart


"...It was a respectable goal, never will. You'll always be mine, here in the dark with me. Singing our little songs?" Her voice childlike and lost but her eyes were oh, so knowing as Drusilla whispered the words against his neck, Spike glanced around the alley he had died in many years ago.

"You always did like our songs, didn't you my wicked light..."

Drusilla strapped her fangs lightly over Spike's throat as he cringed back from the dark vampiress.


Buffy stared at the dark skinned Slayer from her seat at the table in the library.

"...Right from the beginning..." Kendra said looking at Buffy with cold dark eyes, neck nothing more than a bloody wound from the nails of an insane vampiress.


"And that's where we are going...Pretty little Dana..."Salim Abu Aziz said as he ran a hand threw Faith's hair, she shuddered at his touch. Faith didn't know why he was here, a nightmare from a different life...a dead life. "Dear daddy can't save you now..." the man purred out in his middle-eastern accent. Faith scramble away from him her back hit a wall she turned her head to see the skyline of downtown Miami.

"...Not the bang..." The man the world would have known as Dr.Evil snarled, "But I was good at them...which you know, don't you son. You know better than any baring my name..." the man held a black box in his hand.

Daniel Osbourne looked at the man with a blank expression. That had been a long time ago. When he looked for his real father and found a villain instead. That lost year really wasn't worth Oz having to repeat a grade. Oz was happy with his adopted family now even more so since Jordy had bitten him.

". Not the word..."

Dr. Evil put the black box into Oz's hand and placed his finger over the red button.


Willow backed away from the demonic robotic monster that was standing in front of he in the CDR hall way.

"The true beginning..." Malcolm told the red haired girl as he herded her toward the fuse box on the wall.


"You will all learn how pathic you are..."

Giles fought the ropes around his wrists as he watched the demon he had released in his youth walked up to Ethan who struggled on the alter he was tied too.

"Look at you!" the demon snarl at Ethan, " Trying to do what's right? Thinking you can wipe your ledger clean..."


"...And you still don't get it, do you? The there's not enough good in the universe to wipe away all the red that you owe..."

Xander was blinded by the darkness surrounding her but could tell the voice was male.

"...It's not about what's 'right' or what's 'wrong'..." It was an oily, dark seductive whisper promising Xander everything she ever wanted, "...or why you could..."

Hot, bright flames of red-orange fire shot up and encircled Xander as the owner of the voice stepped into the light made by the flames.

Jonathan gave Xander a cold look, "It's about power..." as the flames inched closer to the dark haired girl.


"...And the willingness to use it." Xander muttered as she woke sweat soaked to the sound of her family's screams. The scent of burning flesh was still fresh in Xander's memory.

I need ideas for Xander's father. If any of you have an idea shout it out to me. Tell me who the character is and what fandom. Here is a list of the characters I'm *not * using because they all have been used so much or for well REASONS!

Characters Fandoms

Wolverine - Marvel
Loki - Marvel &SG1 versions
Tony Stark - Marvel
The Doctor- Doctor Who
Jack O'Neill - SG1
Bruce Wayne - DC
Lex Luthor - DC
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