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The Beginning Is The End...Pt.2

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Summary: The Pardox Of Xander's Life Has Just Begun...Genderbending and SLASH

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredLLNFR182043,18085821,48222 Nov 1229 Oct 14No

Paremtal Guidance..Pt.3

In the back yard of the Harris house the building that sat there was small ten feet long, thirty feet wide, ten feet high it looked like it was designed after a barn from a children's picture book. Instead of wood the building was made from dull looking red and gray metal, sun wore and rusted it spots giving off feeling that it was an old structure. A mechanical whirling noise came from over the top of the door of the shed, a computer generated female voice spoke, "Voice Print Identification, please."

The first time Ethan had heard the building speak he had been wary and amazed at the technology. He hadn't thought that level of technology was possible outside of a government facility. Ethan had even said so to Xander. Who just rolled her eyes, telling him that with a computer hacker and a few witches anything was possible but in this case? But in the case of her shed it was much more complicated,

"It just appeared one night a couple months after I started raiding vampire lairs and demon dens with Spike, and later with OZ and Jon-" Xander had choked on the dead boy's name, she swallowed, "Jonathan... We had collected so much stuff the basement was getting full and it was dangerous to house some of the items I had so closely together. The building appeared like it knew it was needed."

Ethan shook himself from the past conversation and said, "Ethan Rayne, Chaos Mage. Access Level Ten." The mechanical whirling started again then the building stated, "Access Level Accepted, please enter Ethan Rayne." As the door to the shed slid open, Ethan sighed thinking that it wasn't fair that Xander had changed his access code so he could not enter the shed without someone with a code level four or higher.

Ethan was always surprised at how he building was much bigger on the inside than it was on the out; the building once you were inside it was at least as big as a football field. There were weapons on racks on the walls, bows, crossbows, arrows made from stainless steel to pure sliver, and wooden stakes for the crossbow. Swords from just about every era, daggers, many with jewel incrusted hilts. Guns as well, hand guns of different makes and models, there was a pretty pair with ebony and ivory hilts. Some riffles and shot- guns, with a couple that have the barrels sawed off, two or three automatic weapons and a rocket launcher? There are boxes full of stakes labeled, oak, willow, rowan and pine. And some battle axes though none as impressive as the one Ethan got Xander for her birthday.

At a small room to the side there was a room that Ethan knew contained pieces of what looked to be two different types of robots. There is also a large dog kennel with a padlock on the door of it, inside of it there is a blonde haired Good Guy doll in it, it was wrapped in chains and gagged.

The doll had a pissed-off expression on its face. Ethan knew that was a trick of the shadows no matter what urban legend might say. He really didn't believe that the doll could become possessed by a serial killer, but it made the precautions that Xander took with it make sense. She seemed proud when she had told him that the doll was a collector's item. The boy ones with blonde hair were are rare and the brunette versions were impossible to fine at all it seemed. And the girl version of the doll just freaked Xander out.

Wait...did the doll move?

Ethan shaked his head and quickly walked passed that room, shuttering as he felt angry beady eyes on his back. He walked passed shelf that had different sized crystal skulls, one of them had fangs like a vampire.

To Ethan's right was a room that held the treasure of Amara, the coins, jewels and texts of her sorcery, he knew the Ring of Amara should have been in there as well but Xander would say what happened to it or if it was there with the rest of the treasure to begin with.

Boxes with items in them like puzzle boxes; ornate bottles and one had large two-foot wand of gold with the Egyptian Eye symbol on it. There are some scattered around that he recognized as powerful or dangerous if put together with another item.

In a room to his left there were containers of things with labels like Lethe's Powder, Sage, Rosemary, Vervain, Mistletoe. Different types of Wolfsbane, Foxglove, Wolf Lecithin, Thyme, Rose Petals, Honeysuckle and other verbs used in magic and witchcraft. That could heal or kill supernatural creatures but humans as well if one knew how to use them.

When he got to one of the back rooms, Ethan could see Xander was going through a large crate. He stopped by a table that had a box of gold coins and jewels. He picked up a small emerald, watching as the light shimmered off the stone as he turned it in his hand.

"You've got quite the treasure trove here, Xander." Ethan told the girl as she just waved a hand at him, "How have you not been robbed?"

'Think about who is always around my house, Ethan? At any given time there is at least one Slayer, or vampire. A witch in training, a military trained clone, or a werewolf, the Queen Bitch of my high school and you, the Parental Units, Dawn and me? " Xander said looking up from the crate, an annoyed expression on her face.

"Well, when you put it that way." Ethan sighed tossing the jewel back in the box, "Why is finding that bloody flamethrower so important anyway?"

"My cousin's tenth birthday is coming up. I sent his sister a pair of swords for hers. I can't let them think I favor one over the other." Xander said with a slight shuttered, " They would do my great bodily harm if that were true."

Ethan knew he was going to regret asking but "You are giving your ten year old cousin a flamethrower?"
Xander nodded, "Yeah, Aunt Tish wouldn't let me give them the Leopard Tank I inherited from our cousin Klaus, for Christmas so... I don't know why? It's a good German made tank. Pugsley gets the flamethrower this year. But my aunt doesn't think they are ready for that sort of responsibility, yet."

"But he's ready for a flamethrower?"

Xander grinned, "I know, right? Lucky kid, I had to wait until I was twelve."

If he had heard that from anyone else Ethan would have wondered about that person's sanity. But this was Xander Harris and Ethan had discovered that the girl had come by her insanity honestly. For Jessica had a few quirks of her own, the more he got to know the woman the more interesting her found her. It was obvious why Ripper married Jessica she was never boring.

It was a trait she passed on to Xander.

Because a family that gave swords, tanks, and flamethrowers was a family he could see himself being a part of...after all he did give Xander a battle axe for her eighteenth birthday.

"Oh! I found it!"

Ethan barely avoided the massive flame of fire that was launched at him. Maybe he should rethink about being in Jessica's family...

"You, okay? I didn't mean to get it that close to you." Xander said dropping the flamethrower and going over to where Ethan was sitting on the ground where he landed when he dodge out of the way of the flames.

"I'm just a bit singed Xander. I'm fine."

The girl shook her head, "No, let's get you to mom." Xander gently took Ethan by the arm helping him up. "I should have been more careful."

Ethan shook his head. He had been sure the girl didn't like him. Maybe he had finally been forgiven for the Bandy Candy?
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