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The Beginning Is The End...Pt.2

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Summary: The Pardox Of Xander's Life Has Just Begun...Genderbending and SLASH

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredLLNFR182043,18085821,48922 Nov 1229 Oct 14No

Learning About The Unexpected...Pt.2

The Upper Realms...

Connor was moment he had been in Dawn's arms in the next he vanished like smoke in the wind. She had thought she lost him once before when the do-over happened. Dawn knew she had been lucky to find him again and that he still remembered her and loved her still. She had been in a rage since and had been taking it out on the room she shared with Connor.

The once white room was now an array of grays and reds, the flat screen T.V. in which she had watched the events in the Dale was now a heap of smoking junk, her bed...the one she had shared so happily with Connor was a mess of wood and cloth...

Dawn was holding the remains of a pillow she had ripped in half when she heard a silky, and slightly sulky voice say, "Really now, this behavior does not suit one of your age."

Slowly Dawn turned to face the being as she snarled, "Really? And who are 'you' to decide what suits one of my age? Oh, Voice of the Creator?"

Metatron sighed; he was getting to old to deal with these petulant creations of his master. He was going to file a complaint one of theses days.

"Connor should not have been taken from me! He's mine!"

Metatron rolled his eyes and wonder why in the Creator's Wisdom did he put the Key to the Universe in the body of a teenager?

"The Destroyer..."

"DON'T CALL HIM THAT!!!" Dawn screamed. Metatron paused as the Ancient One had a mini-hissy fit, screaming and foot stomping included.

"Are you done now?" the Voice asked with the quirk of and eyebrow.

Dawn glared but finally sighed, "Yeah..."

"Now as I was trying to say...Connor's time here with you was only temporary. He has his own destiny."

"Oh, Fuck destiny."

Metatron made a face like he had sucked on a lemon, "Let's not, she can be a fickle bitch."

Dawn gave the Voice a long look but in the end decided she didn't want to know how he knew that because he sounded like he had first hand knowledge of that. She was about to start demanding answers when a dark haired angel came stumbling into the room, "There you are Metatron..."

"Not now Castiel!"

"No! Now! How could you! Why do I have to watch over them? Do you know how much trouble there going to be? I know you give the assignments but why me? What did I ever do to you?"

"If you ever want to prove yourself as an Arch-Angel rather than just the protector of the day of Thursday? This is your chance." Metatron groused at the angel, "Just make sure you keep them from the Hellmouth when they came into their own...we have enough trouble with Harris being there..."He turned to Dawn, "I wonder if an angel can get an ulcer?"

Castiel looked as if he wanted to say something but instead chose to glare at the Voice then leave in a huff.

"Lord save me..."Metatron muttered knowing Castiel and his charges were going to cause him nothing but headaches in the future he just knew it. "Now, what should we do with you?"

With those words Dawn shivered as she felt the true power of the Voice Of God wash though the room. She knew her destiny...her fate was about to begin again.


TJ carried an unconcusious Xander as Faith opened the front door of the house. Faith yelled for Jessica, who came running. Buffy stood by looking worried. TJ laid Xander on the sofa as Jessica looked the dark haired girl over as she barked out questions, TJ answered automatically.

They had been on patrol when a large hairy green demon with two-foot horns and sharp claws had attacked them. It had gone after Buffy and Xander had stepped between the demon and the blond slayer. Xander was thrown into a near by wall and didn't get up. Faith screamed in rage and went for the demon, while Buffy checked on Xander and TJ guarded Xander and Buffy. When Buffy yelled that Xander wasn't waking up Faith quickly killed the demon by tearing one of its horns off and stabbing it in the chest.

TJ hoped Xander would be okay, as he watched Jessica sent Buffy for some water to bath the wound she had found at Xander's temple. Tj had gotten to know Xander as a friend rather than as an uncle like relative. In personity he had found Xander to be a lot like Jessica had been when she was younger. Only Xander was a lot more cynical and sarcastic.

"Sheesh, stop looking like some one is a step from death..." Xander muttered blinking her eyes open then pushing away her mother's hands from her head.

TJ let out a sigh of relief he hadn't known he had been holding. His stay in SunnyDale was going to be so different from Jack's, he thought.


A few days later TJ was sitting on his bed reading a book, Daniel had sent him. He had to wonder what the space monkey was thinking sending him a book on Egyptian culture. It had to be Danny's sense of humor at work.

"Yo! Clone-boy?"

TJ looked up to see Faith leaning against the half open door, "You up to patrol with me and X?"

"I have a name, Faith." TJ said with a sigh. There were times...a lot of times when he missed being a colonel. He wondered just what he had done...surely he hadn't been that bad to Daniel?


TJ stared at the destruction he hadn't seen anything like it since Teal'c found out the cafeteria of the Star Gate Command was open twenty-four hours. He hadn't known three teenage girls could eat so much! "That was..."

Xander looked up from the remains of her burger, "What?"

TJ slumped down in the booth, of the SunShine Diner, "I can't believe you three ate all of that!"

Buffy frowned from her seat next to him turning to face him she said, "That was just a post slayage binge." Then she looked down to her empty plate. This place so needed bigger portions.

"MMM...I think I'm ready for the other post slayage thing..." Faith said with a leer at TJ. Which began to freak TJ out because he remembered when Freza had gotten that look and it had made for some memorable nights for him...for Jack and Freza.

"Faith!!" Both Xander and Buffy exclaimed.

Faith just grinned at them, "So what was with the horse radish and peach jam on your salad, B?" she asked changing the subject.

Buffy shrugged, "It seem like a good idea and it was totally yummy!"

"It was gross watching you eat that." TJ said making a face.

"Seconded." Xander said waving a waitress over so she could order more she was still hungry and Spike was in L.A. So only one hunger could be sated for now.


Cordelia slammed her locker door and glared at Willow who was talking to OZ across the hall. While she vocally blamed Xander for her break up with the red haired girl. She so wasn't ever taking any sort of chocolate or candy from Xander ever again. But Cordelia was honest with herself if with no one else her relationship with Willow was getting strain because of Cordelia's flirting with boy's to get what she wanted.

"Hey! Your Queenyness!"

Cordelia turned to look over her shoulder at TJ who was standing next to a classroom door.

Cordelia blinked confused as to why the freak was speaking to her.

"You're going to be late."

"For what?"

TJ smirked, "While you were staring at the pretty red head...the 'bell' rang." Then he turned and walked into the classroom.

Cordelia growled wordlessly, ' she so needed to get over Willow' she thought before running to her next class.


Jessica put another box on the floor of the living room; she had been going through the stuff all day. TJ was digging through another box in the corner and Faith was lounging on the sofa watching them work. Most of the stuff was Jessica's from when she was in high school and her first year of collage.

"Ripley, look what I found!" TJ said holding up a mini-cross bow, "can you believe it?"

Jessica walked over to him and hit him across the back of his head lightly, "Very funny." She began to look through the same box that TJ had been in she pull out a few book as Faith got up and walked over sitting down next to Jessica. Faith picked up one of the books and flipped through it, then exchanged it for another.

"Someone moving out?" Came a male voice from he shadows of the doorway, Jessica looked up and saw Spike standing there holding an unlit cigarette in his hand. The vampire never smoked in her house without permission. It was a cute little quirk the blond had to show the respect he had for Jessica.

"You do know you can use the front door, don't you William?"

TJ and Faith exchanged a look both mouthing the name William to each other. Causing Spike to growl at them but to Jessica said, "It's more fun to come through Xan's window. We're going on patrol as soon as she gets done with her schoolwork. Gonna meet up with the Poof and Slutty."

Jessica nodded, "You shouldn't call Buffy that."

Spike smiled, "Can still call Gelus a Poof though."

"As many times as you wish." Jessica said, she still hadn't forgive what Angelus had put Xander and Spike through last year.

"When did X, go blonde?" Faith asked suddenly bring the blond vampire's attention to her when Jessica quickly turned to Faith and pulled the photo album the girl had been looking at way from her. TJ looked over Jessica's shoulder at the picture the album was open too and drew in a deep breath as he whispered, "That's not Xander."

Spike made his way over to Jessica and lightly pushed TJ out of the way so he could look at the photo. It was of a pretty girl with long waist length dark blonde hair, she has a delicate looking face, with wide brown eyes that had a wild but sad look to them as if they had seen too much for some one so young. She wore a brown suede vest that had fringe over a white long sleeve blouse and a pair of dark blue jeans.

Spike frowned as he thought he....

"That's my sister, Freza." Jessica said with a sad smile.

"She was a Slayer, right?" Faith asked.

Jessica nodded.

Slayer? Spike wondered. The girl in the picture... "That girl looks nothing like Xan!" Spike growled out then with a twirl of his leather coat stormed out the front door.

"That vamp needs glasses. Cos blondy there could be X's twin." Faith muttered.

Jessica slowly closed the album and put in back in the box. She could only hope her daughter never suffered her sister's fate.

Death by vampire.


Ethan Rayne had never been as unsure about his life as he was now; he wrapped up his life in England so he could go live with Ripper and his pretty wife. He would be arriving in SunnyDale in a few hours. Perhaps this was his second chance, to use his magical abilities for good rather than for selfish reasons? To find happiness with the man he fell in love with over twenty years ago? Although he did wonder why a woman as beautiful as Jessica Harris-Giles was so willing to share the husband she so obviously loved.

Ethan would have to ask her about that. He had thought after the incident with the bespelled candy that he would be told to leave the Hellmouth and never to return. Instead he found himself being bedded by Ripper and the lovely Lady J.

He sighed. Things were almost perfect or would be except for one thing...person really. The lovely Jessica's daughter, Xander seemed to be holding a grudge against him. But that was mostly because of what the candy had done to her little group of friends.

He did wonder what Ripper was thinking though...Ethan knew Ripper knew that Xander Harris...the feared Hyena...was one of the Old Ones. Bound though it was the air crackled around the girl from shear power.

Ethan knew he would have to find a way into the girl's good graces or she could cause him some difficulty later with Ripper and his Lady. He had learned that Xander's birthday would be a in a few days and he was sure he got the perfect gift for the girl.

After all Lady Lara Croft's taste had never disappointed him before...


Xander cringed as she heard the sound of vomiting coming from the school restroom stall. She exchanged a glance with Cordelia, who was checking her make-up in the mirror.

"You really should go to the doctors. I don't want to catch whatever nasty thing you your fashion sense." Cordelia snarked.

"No! No, I'm fine..."Buffy was cut off by another bout of vomiting.

"Yeah," Cordelia said rolling her eyes, "You sound just fine."

Xander only cringed again at the sound of vomiting.


Buffy sat in the examining room of the doctor's office. Her mother had made her come when she caught Buffy throwing up in the trash can out side of their house after patrol last night.

'This is a waste of time! I'll be fine by lunch time.' Buffy thought as she swung her legs back and forth from where she was sitting on the exam table. The doctor had drawn blood and ran some other tests. He told her thought it was just the cold virus going around. But when he came back he had a frown on his face as he told her the tests results.

"I' M WHAT!"



"You heard me the first time. I'm not saying it again." Buffy muttered from her spot on Xander's bed as she stared at the ceiling as if it had all the answers in the universe.

"How is this even possible?" Xander grumbled.

"I know, right! It doesn't make any sense. I haven't been with a guy in a while and yet here I am pregger Buffy at three months along."

Xander frowned as she paced in front of her bed, "That's not completely true," she said slowly, "you just haven't been with a 'human' male.

"But it's been to long since my birthday."

Xander gave Buffy a meaningful look, "Bandy Candy." It was always surprising to see how red Buffy would blush at the words.

"No, that was just a month ago."

"Isn't Dark and Broody a vamp? Shouldn't his little swimmers, not you know be able to swim?" Faith asked from her seat at Xander's desk, " And it could be Spike's spawn you're carrying."

"Oh my gods! Don't say that!" Xander muttered. Mini-Spike. The very thought gave Xander the chills.

"So Buffy's having a really slow pregnancy or...a really fast one?" Xander said with a vague look in her eyes, the one she got when she was talking to Shakarri.

"Uh-oh, X has that look."

"I hate it when she gets that look," Buffy moaned. "It means..."

"Giles!!!" Xander yealled, "We need the G-man." As she grabbed Buffy's by the wrist and pulled her up off the bed and out the door. All the while ignoring the blonde girls protests.

"Yeah, like I'm going to miss this!" Faith said to herself as she jumped up from her chair and followed the two other girls.

After dragging Buffy downstairs Xander made the girl tell Giles what she had told her and Faith.

"That is one of the consequences when you participate in an orgy." Ethan snarked.

The man had returned yesterday much to Xander's displeasure but he made Giles and her mom happy so she would suffer his presents in silent but if he started any trouble or hurt Giles or her mother in any way...Xander so had to give him the shove talk soon. She glared at the dark haired man.

"Are you sure there wasn't a mix up at the hospital?" Giles asked as he slowly poured himself a cup a tea while processing what his blonde slayer had told him. He wished Jessica were here his wife would know what to say...or perhaps she would just laugh the panic attack he was going to have because of this news.

Buffy shook her head her voice muffled because she had head face hidden in her arms which were folded on the kitchen table, "No, I had them run the test three times." Hiding the blush caused by some of Giles earlier questions and Ethan's laughter at her reactions to said questions.

"There are some demons..." Giles started.

"No, Giles," Buffy said sitting up, " I think I would remember if something like 'that' happened."

Giles almost began to tell Buffy that she probably wouldn't but saw Xander shake her head.

"Well," He said clearing his throat, "there is a spell that will tell us the child's parentage. It is a spell we will be doing."

Xander called Oz so he could patrol with Faith and TJ then called Willow over to help Ethan and Giles with the spell. Jessica had come home and asked what they were doing and they told her. She in turn said that Joyce should be here for this, which Buffy voted with, "I want to make sure that it's nothing to Hellmouthy. She still is getting over the Hans and Gretel thing."

"You haven't told her, have you?" Jessica asked.

Buffy retorted with, "How do you..."

"Child, no teenage girl tells their parents something like this first. That honor always goes to the best friend." Jessica said with a smirk she shared with Ethan who nodded in agreement with her.

Once the spell was ready, Ethan and Willow casted it. There was some snapping sounds, the air crackled with life before there was a sharp popping noise like when one stabbed a balloon with a pin followed by a horrid smell that was accompanied by a show of red, black and sliver lights that surrounded Buffy for a few moments then vanished.

"Well what did that tell us?" Buffy asked.

"Your pregnant." Ethan deadpanned.

Which caused Xander to snicker at the glare the slayer sent the man.

"I know that! What else?"

"The father is a vampire." Giles said, "So the pregnancy should be a relatively quick one. Human-Vampire pregnancies are rare there are only two that that been recorded by the Council."

"Which means there could have been more." Ethan said giving Giles a look. Too which Giles nodded, they both knew how much the Council hid.

"Great! So I'm having a half-vampire half-slayer baby." Buffy moaned, " When did my life became a bad horror novel?"

"When you became the slayer." Xander told her helpfully with a smirk.

"I think the question was rhetorical Xander." Willow said at the glare the blonde sent their dark haired friend. "So, what are you going to tell your mom?"

Buffy slumped in her seat, " That I'm pregnant and that the father is one of two vampire I slept with while drunk on bespelled chocolate during an orgy I had with Xander."

There was a moment of silence.

"Perhaps you should just tell her that Xander's the father." Willow mumbled.


Angel and Spike took the news of Buffy condition rather well. Chalking it up to life on the Hellmouth and strange things happen here. Buffy dragged Xander with her when she told Joyce about being pregnant, Angel had asked to go as well and Spike muttered about being included.

When Buffy actually told Joyce, Joyce cried screamed at Angel and Spike. It was beginning to look bad then Angel told Joyce that Buffy would be taken care of not only by himself but Spike and Xander. This caused Joyce to slap the dark vampire and them burst into tears again.

Spike yelled at Angel for making Joyce cry before storming out of Buffy's house. Angel followed the ensuing fist fight was a given. Buffy threw up in a nearby vase after declaring that Xander was the father of her child cause the two men were morons. The proclamation caused Xander to fall of the sofa arm she had been sitting on as she moaned, "I knew I was going to get blamed for this!"

All in all it couldn't have went any better.
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