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The Vampire Child

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Summary: Nikola Tesla’s experiment fails and what should have been a vampire child, is actually a human child. He is adopted and named Xander Harris. But now Xander has found out about his adoption and he wants some answers.

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Chapter Nine

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of BTVS or Sanctuary. They are the property of Joss and Syfy.

At noon the next day they were on their way to the Sanctuary. Willow hadn’t found their phone number anywhere so they hoped they liked unexpected visitors or at least didn’t dislike them. The taxi stopped outside of the big gate. Behind it was a giant building, which they hoped was the Sanctuary. They paid the driver and walked to the gates.

“I really hope this is Sanctuary and not some other private research facility,” said Xander hopefully.

“Yes, me too,” agreed Willow and rang the bell on the wall beside the gate. They waited, but in the next few minutes nothing happened.

“Maybe nobody is home,” suggested Xander.

“It’s a big building. They probably just need time to…” started Willow.

She was interrupted by a deep voice coming through the intercom beside the bell. “What do you want?”

Willow was startled, but quickly recovered and said “We’re hoping you could help us.”

“Help you with what?”

Willow looked at Xander and he nodded encouraging.

“We heard this is a Sanctuary and we were hoping that you have some information to help us find someone.”

“Come inside then,” said the voice and the gate opened.

They took a deep breath and went through the gate. They walked along the long driveway to the door. It was unlocked and they stepped inside the big empty hallway.

“This is getting creepier and creepier,” whispered Xander.

Willow forced herself to smile and whispered back “At least we got in.”

They heard a noise and turned in the direction it came from. A middle age woman was approaching them.

“Hello. I’m doctor Helen Magnus,” she introduced herself and offered her hand.

“Hello. I’m Xander Harris,” said Xander and shook her hand.

“And I’m Willow Rosenberg,” said Willow and did the same.

“I heard you were looking for information,” said Magnus.

“Yes, we are,” answered Willow.

“Let’s go to my office then and we’ll talk there,” said Magnus and the two teenagers followed her.

They walked through a few confusing and deserted hallways and the two friends looked around in wonder. After a few minutes they stopped outside the office and Magnus let them in. The office was big and comfortable looking. There was a desk with a lot of papers and a computer on it and few chairs around it. In the corner were two bookshelves full of books and on the other side were three couches and a small table beside them. There were a lot of shelves around the room with different items on them.

“Please have a sit,” said Magnus and pointed toward the couches. “Would you like some tea?”

“Yes,” said both and sat down.

Magnus went to the table and presses a button on her phone. When she heard someone pick up she asked “Could you bring us some tea please?”

“Of course,” said the same voice Willow and Xander talked to at the gate.

Magnus put the phone down and went to the couch that faced toward them. She sat down and for a few moments nobody spoke, but then she interrupted the silence. “How did you find this place?”

Xander looked at Willow not knowing how much they should tell her, so Willow, seeing his look, decided to speak “We heard about it from an acquaintance. We’re looking for someone and are hoping that you might be able to help us find them.”

“Why do you think that we might be able to help you?” asked Magnus. She didn’t know how much they knew about things that the Sanctuary deals with.

“We heard you deal with strange things and this is kind of strange,” elaborated Xander.

Magnus nodded and said “Okay. Tell me who you are looking for.”

“It’s a long story,” said Xander.

“I love long stories,” answered Magnus and smiled. She could tell that he was nervous and wanted to make him more comfortable.

Xander took a deep breath and started to explain. “We’re looking for my parents,” he said and then stopped.

Magnus stared at him. “That wasn’t long.”

Xander smiled a little. “That isn’t all. About a week ago I found out I was adopted and I decided to find my parents. I found out I was adopted in Old City so Willow and I went here. We talked to the adoption agency, but they didn’t know anything about my parents. However, they arranged a meeting with a man who found me, but he didn’t know anything new as well. But he told us something about this place and we figured you might be able to help us.”

Magnus was good at reading body language so she knew he was telling the truth, but she also knew he wasn’t telling her everything. “But that isn’t all, is it?”

“No, not really. Something strange happened to me and…” he didn’t know if he should continue. He didn’t want to sound crazy.

Magnus saw his hesitation and decided to help him out, so she kindly asked him “Do you know what we do here?”

Xander was silent, but Willow answered instead “We heard that you deal with de…abnormals.”

“Yes. We help them and provide sanctuary for those who need it,” said Magnus noticing Willow’s slip, but deciding to ask about it later. Instead she looked at Xander. “Tell me what happened.”

Xander decide he should tell her everything. They had come this far and they needed her help. “I think that I might be an abnormal.”

Magnus nodded. She had suspected it, because otherwise they wouldn’t have come here. “What can you do?”

“It’s more like physical changes,” answered Xander.

“Can you show me?”

Xander had been expecting this, bit still he wasn’t comfortable changing before a stranger. However, he knew that if he wanted her help he had to show her. The change happened quickly and effortlessly.

Magnus gasped a little when she saw his change. A Sanguine vampiris. This shouldn’t be possible. The only living vampire was Nikola and he wouldn’t… she stopped mid thought. Yes, he would. He had already done it before. He had probably experimented on this boy and turned him into a vampire. She whispered to herself “I am going to kill you Nikola.” Then she said louder to Xander “Do you know what you are?”

“A friend told me that I’m an Akhkharu,” he answered.

Willow and Magnus looked at him strangely. Willow because she didn’t think he remembered that name. He usually forgot strange names in a second.

But Magnus looked at strangely for another reason. The name Akhkharu wasn’t widely known among abnormals and humans alike. Only Praxians used that name nowadays and it was probably mentioned in few old books, but that was it. “That’s one name for the species. The other is a Sanguine vampiris. The one you used, Akhkharu, isn’t widely known. How did you find it?” asked Magnus.

Willow and Xander looked at each other. Neither of them wanted to start talking about the Watcher Council and that a Watcher told them that name. If the Sanctuary and the Watcher Council really didn’t get along than they didn’t want to decrease the chance of this organization helping them.

“A friend of ours found the name in a book,” said Willow finally, not getting into details.

Magnus saw that she didn’t want to talk about it, so she let it go for now and just nodded at her explanation.

All this talk had made Xander more optimistic. Dr. Magnus knew about his species so maybe she could really help him. “Do you know anyone else like me?”

There was a silence for a minute while Magnus thought about what she should tell him. She decided that she’ll tell him everything after she contacted Nikola and had a serious conversation with him about his experiments. So for now she just told him a little. “Yes, I have a friend, Nikola, who is like you, but he was supposed to be the last of his kind. Believe me, I’m going to have a serious conversation with him about that,” the last part she whispered to herself.

Xander was excited. He wasn’t alone. If he could talk to this Nikola, maybe he could answer some of his questions. “Could you contact him and ask him to come here? I would love to talk to him,” said Xander excitedly.

“Of course. I’ll contact him immediately and ask him to come here, but I don’t know how long that will take. He moves around a lot and at the moment I don’t exactly know where he is,” she confessed.

Willow interrupted Xander excitement by asking “What about Xander’s parents? Do you think you could help us with that?”

“I think so, but first I would like to contact Nikola and talk to him. I expect he knows more than I do,” she answered while thinking that he probably knew more because he was the one who turned Xander into a vampire.

There was a knock on the door and in came a demon. He looked like a Sasquatch with all the hair all over his body. In his hands was a plate with tea cups. Xander and Willow were a little startled, but otherwise didn’t react knowing that this place was a sanctuary for demons and Dr. Magnus probably wouldn’t react kindly to them attacking her staff.

“Xander, Willow this is Big Guy, Big Guy this are Willow and Xander,” Magnus introduced them.

Big Guy nodded and grumbled while Xander and Willow said hello. He came to the table and set the plate down.

“Thank you,” said Magnus and took her cup.

Big Guy nodded and walked out of the room. After the door closed Magnus continued their previous conversation “This reminds me. Xander have you been experiencing any sort of cravings?” asked Magnus and sipped her tea.

“No, no cravings,” answered Xander, but then continued “but I have stopped eating and once…” he stopped. Her asking him this confirmed his suspicion about blood. “I’m going to have to drink blood aren’t’ I?” said Xander very worried.

“No don’t worry; you won’t have to if you don’t want to. I found a special medication for Nikola that suppresses his bloodlust so he doesn’t have to drink blood. I can give it to you when the urge to drink blood starts to show.”

After Xander heard that he relaxed a little. “That’s one of the best news I had all day.”

Magnus continued “I’m glad. For now I think it would be best if you stay here for the next few days.”

“We’re already staying at the hotel in the city,” said Willow. She was glad that Magnus would be able to help Xander, but she didn’t want to impose on her hospitality.

“It’s fine. I’ll have Big Guy drive you to your hotel to collect your things. I really think it would be best if you stay here. From what I have heard from you and Xander I think that his vampire side hasn’t completely developed yet. But when it does, I don’t think it would best for you, Xander, to be exposed to too many humans. I don’t know how your bloodlust will affect you and until I am sure that the substitute works for you, I don’t want to take any chances,” explained Magnus. She didn’t know what to expect when he completely turned. From what she had seen of Nikola’s previous experiment anything could happen.

Xander thought about what she said and saw that she was probably right. “Okay.”

“I’ll call Big Guy then and he’ll drive you. When you come back I’ll have someone show you to your rooms,” she said, stood up and went to the phone on her table.

She called someone, probably Big Guy, and the two friends heard her say “I’ll need you to drive out two guests to their hotel so they can get their things and then drive them back… Yes… Fine, we’ll meet you downstairs.”

She hung up than turned to them “Shall we go then?”

Xander and Willow nodded and followed her again through the hallways to the front door. Big Guy already stood there waiting for them.

“Go with him now and he’ll take you to your hotel. I’ll see you later,” said Magnus and walked away.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Vampire Child" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Feb 13.

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