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The Vampire Child

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Summary: Nikola Tesla’s experiment fails and what should have been a vampire child, is actually a human child. He is adopted and named Xander Harris. But now Xander has found out about his adoption and he wants some answers.

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Chapter Four

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of BTVS or Sanctuary. They are the property of Joss and Syfy.

While Xander was wandering around the town Willow was beginning to worry about him. It had been a few hours since he had left and he still hadn’t called her. She decided to go to his house and look for him there.

She rang the bell at Xander’s house and heard commotion from inside the house, but for a few minutes nothing happened. She rang the bell again and finally Xander’s mother opened the door, but only enough that Willow could see her face.

“What do you want?” said Mrs. Harris.

“I am looking for Xander. Is he here?”

At the mention of Xander’s name Mrs. Harris paled. “No, he isn’t here.”

Willow noticed something was wrong. “Are you feeling ok Mrs. Harris? You seem a little pale.”

Mrs. Harris paled a little more. “No, I am good, nothing is wrong here.”

Now Willow knew something was wrong, but being herself she didn’t pry. However, her tone still sounded unconvincing “Sure… if you see Xander, tell him I am looking for him.”

“I will, but I don’t think he will come back,” Mrs. Harris said and closed the door.

Willow stared at the door and then turned around. Something was definitely wrong. She knew that if she wanted to know what that was, she would have to find Xander. But she couldn’t do it alone. Sunnydale wasn’t a big town compared to other towns in California, but it still wasn’t very small and it was going to get dark soon. She decided to find Buffy, tell her what was going on and ask for her help. Therefore she went to her house and rang a bell. Joyce answered the door and let her in. She told Willow that Buffy was in her room, so she went there. She found her siting on her bed.

Buffy was happy to see her. “Hi Willow. How are you?”

“I am fine. You?” asked Willow and sat beside her.

“I am fine, a little bored maybe. Since the ascension there are less demons in Sunnydale, so there’s not much to do a nights,” said the slayer. “Yesterday, all I found was one lousy vampire.”

“I am sure it will get better,” said her friend. “Anyway I wanted to ask you something. Would you mind helping me find Xander? I haven’t heard from him since noon and I am beginning to worry. He found out something shocking today and went to confront his parents about it. I haven’t heard from him since and when I went to his house his mother was acting strange.”

“Of course I don’t mind. But, what happened? What did he found out?” asked Buffy.

“He found out he is adopted and some other stuff, but I think it would be best if he told you about them,” said the young witch.

Buffy was surprised “Really! And who are his real parents?”

“I don’t know. He went home to ask Mr. and Mrs. Harris about his adoption, but I don’t know what he found out. I have a feeling it didn’t go very well, because he didn’t call me after,” answered Willow. She rose from the bed and went to the door and Buffy follower her. They said good bye to Joyce and went looking for Xander. After almost an hour they found him sitting on a bench near one of the cemeteries. He was sitting there and staring in the air. Even from afar they saw that he was deep in thoughts. They approached him and noticed that he had bags beside him and papers in his hands. So, something had definitely happened at his house.

He looked at them then, but said nothing.

“Hi,” said Willow slowly and sat beside him. “How are you?”

Xander stayed silent, but his face showed that something was wrong.

Buffy, who sat on the other side of him, said “What happened?”

Xander looked at her “How much did Willow tell you?”

“Not much. Just that you found out you were adopted. She said it would be best if you told me more,” answered Buffy.

Xander didn’t know if he should be relived on not. On one hand if Willow had told her, he wouldn’t have to, but on the other he wanted to see how she would react when she found out he wasn’t human anymore. He knew he should tell Buffy what was happening to him as soon as possible, after all she was his friend, but he didn’t want to repeat everything later for Giles. “I’ll tell you everything, but I think we should go somewhere less public and invite Giles too. He should hear what I found out. I know we can go to his place and I’ll tell you everything there.”

Even though Buffy wanted to know what was going on she agreed with Xander. The three friends rose from the bench. Xander took his bags and they went to Giles’s home. On the way he thought what he was going to tell them. He decided there was no easy was to do it, he wasn’t going to sugarcoat it. He had to tell them everything. Soon they arrived and Buffy rang the bell. They heard some commotion inside and then Giles opened the door.

“Hi Giles. I think we all need to talk,” said Xander. “I found out something that you all should know.”

Giles nodded with his head for them to come in. “Come to the living room and we will talk.”

The living room was in chaos. There were books everywhere. Giles made some room in the couch and they sat there. “I expect you found out something you didn’t know this morning,” said Giles.

“Yes, I did. But I should start from the beginning, because Buffy doesn’t know anything.” Xander turned to Buffy. “Since graduation I have been experiencing some strange things. I have become stronger, yesterday I even staked a vampire without any trouble. Because of that, this morning I went to Giles to ask him if he knew what was going on. He didn’t know anything, but he said he would look into it.” started Xander and then took a deep breath.

“Yes,” said Giles “that’s what I have been doing all day, as you can see from all the books lying around.”

Xander continued “But you didn’t know an important fact, something I discovered after I left you. Actually Willow discovered it, but that’s not the point. I am adopted.”

Giles looked at Willow and started cleaning his glasses “Really. How did you found that out Willow?”

“I did a little spell,” answered Willow and looked away in embarrassment. ”Stop looking at me like that. I didn’t do anything wrong. You said I could practice on my own.”

“Indeed I did, but I don’t think this was just a little spell. What exactly did you do?” asked Giles.

Buffy interrupted them “This is really interesting and all, but I want to know what else Xander found out.”

“Yes, you are right,” agreed Giles. “But we are going to talk about this later Willow.”

Willow nodded “Fine.”

They all looked at Xander and he continued “After Willow found out about my adoption I went to talk about it with my parents. They confess that they had adopted me, but something else happened too. I was so angry at them and I don’t really know what happened, but something changed within me. At first I didn’t even notice it, but then I saw how frightened they were and I looked into the mirror.” Xander stopped. He didn’t know if he could continue. He didn’t want to see their faces when they realize he was a monster. He stood up and started pacing around the room.

Willow saw his concern, so she too stood up and hugged him “Whatever happened, you know we are your friends, we will support you.”

Xander smiled “I hope so. Here goes nothing. I… I had fangs Willow, fangs. And black eyes. And I had long, black nails. I looked like some kind of mutated vampire.” Xander looked away. He couldn’t look at his friends. He didn’t want to see the disgust on their faces, but he knew that sooner or later he would have to face them, so soon he turned around and looked at them. But he didn’t see disgust; all he saw was concern, concern for him.

Giles was the first who said anything “Interesting, but how come you look like yourself now?

“I don’t know,” answered Xander “after I calmed down a little the changes reversed.”

Now Giles was getting really exited “Remarkable. Do you think you could do it again? Do you think you could change at will?”

“I don’t know. And I don’t think I want to do it. Not until I know what is going on,” answer Xander. “What if I am some kind of demon? What if I become dangerous and Buffy has to slay me?”

“You know Buffy would never do that. Right Buffy?” said Willow.

“Of course I would never do that. You are my friend Xander. Whatever you are, you are still my friend. And I don’t think you would ever hurt someone without a reason.” Buffy assured him.

“Thanks, that means a lot,” said Xander. He hugged Willow who was standing next to him and then went to Buffy and hugged her too. Then he looked at Giles “Do you know what I am? And did you found what might have caused this?”

The watcher looked around the room “As you can see I have been researching all day. I think I know what caused the changes, but for what you are I will have to see the changes you described with my own eyes before I can even guess.”

“So, what caused the changes?” asked Willow.

“I think that somehow your recessive genes turned on. During the ascension, some magic must have altered your DNA structure and I don’t think it can be reversed,” said Giles “It’s possible that you are unique, that your genes just mutated and that’s it. I thought that because your parents are normal. But if you are really adopted, then I think that it is more plausible that at least one of your parents had that gen already.”

Xander and Buffy both stared at him. Xander understood only a little of what Giles had just said. Biology was never his strong suit.

Willow must have seen their look so she explained “Giles thinks the change happened because of something in your DNA and that at least one of your real parents is the same as you.”

“Aaa, thanks Willow” said Xander.
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