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Things You Can Find Underground In LA

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Summary: The first idea that came to me was the reaction of the demon. I still think that idea's amusing. The gag at the end may work for anybody familiar with the surprise crossover, but I don't see how it could for anybody else. Sorry about that.

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Television > Surprise Crossovers(Recent Donor)AnotherJDFR713600371028 Nov 1228 Nov 12Yes
Disclaimer: ‘Wolfram and Hart’ is borrowed from Angel. Then there’s another borrowing, to be revealed below—

Things You Can Find Underground In LA

The—thing? … The—demon? the demon was twice his height, and at least ten times his bulk. It was covered with—his extensive experience did not give him the language to describe what it was covered with.

He didn’t flinch. It was essential it not see him flinch, despite its obvious potential for mayhem on a scale beyond anything he was remotely familiar with, even after all these years.

It loomed up to its full implausible height, then lunged down from it again, moving in close to him with obviously hostile intent.

He didn’t try to restrain himself from showing signs of gagging at the smell. It would have to be used to seeing people do that.

What he did do was whip out his pass and brandish it at the demon. ‘Scram!’ he said. ‘I’m with Wolfram and Hart.’

The lunge checked immediately. Then, after a brief pause, the demon lowered its head … Was that a head? anyway, the things on it definitely looked like eyes. Very slowly, almost as if it was grovelling to him, it brought those eyes close to the pass he was still holding out. Even on a demon, he could read that expression. It was trying to look as if careful scrutiny of the pass might tell it something that might affect what it decided to do next.

As always, he knew that wouldn’t happen. He wouldn’t be using a fake anybody could detect.

Eventually, as he expected, the demon backed off. In an unexpectedly squeaky voice, it apologised.

‘I’m very sorry. You guys have got me out of trouble twice. And you’re working on a case for two of my cousins right now. Sir, could you please let this slide, just the once? You don’t have to report this to your bosses, do you?”

‘We never met. You were never here.’

It took the hint and left at what looked like its top speed.

Templeton Peck tucked the fake ID securely away and hurried out of the tunnel. Now for the hard part.


—and that other borrowing is Lt Templeton ‘Faceman’ Peck, from The A-Team.

The End

You have reached the end of "Things You Can Find Underground In LA". This story is complete.

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