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A Weapon Forged from Fire

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Summary: When Connor kills the Yellow-Eyed Demon in the presence of his friend Cassandra Frasier and saves Sam Winchester’s girlfriend Jessica, three worlds collide. Nothing will ever be the same.

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(Current Donor)DeepBlueJoyFR18843,01838614,81130 Nov 1215 Jun 13No

Answers and Assassins.

“What was it that Connor really killed, Cassie?” asked Carter.

“A demon,” said Cassie.

“You don’t really believe that, do you?” asked O’Neill.

“Actually, I really do,” said Cassie evenly.

O’Neill and Carter stared. To say they were thrown by her response was an understatement. Cassie was probably the least fanciful person of any age that they knew. She was excellent in a crisis, and even as a child, she had alerted them to danger.

“That doesn’t make any sense,” said Carter.

“Hey, I never said it makes sense, just that I believe it,” said Cassie.

“You’re not protecting him?”

“If I was protecting him, why would I have called you guys?”

“Because you were scared?”

“And how would protecting him help me with that?” asked Cassie.

“I know you have feelings for him,” said Carter gently.

“Look. I know you think it’s insane. Just think about this. Most of what you do would be considered insane by most people. We’ve seen people who are possessed by nasty little dragon shaped worms that take them over and give them a whole new personality… if we told anyone in the ‘real world’ they’d think we were crazy.”

“I know... but…” Carter stopped.

“But nothing. That was no wild animal and it was not human either. Don’t forget I was there, Sam. I saw everything. I saw him move faster than anyone I’ve ever seen and I saw him kill this thing… but that’s not all I saw. I saw Jessica sliding up the wall without anyone touching her – and no, it didn’t have any kind of device. I saw that thing’s yellow eyes – at first I thought it might be a Goa'uld – but the eyes were wrong even though they glowed… but – and this is the part I won’t forget, Sam. I saw what happened when Connor hit it… I saw the whole body glow… even through the clothing… as if all the bones were on fire from inside… I will never forget that as long as I live… And with everything I’ve ever gone through… even that day… I’ve never been as frightened by anything in my life…”

Carter didn’t ask her what day. Neither of them would ever forget that day. Carter would never forget their time in the underground bunker when Cassie herself had been deemed so dangerous they had lowered her deep into the earth with the intention of leaving her there to explode – to die.

It was why, in some ways, she and Cassie had a bond even stronger than her bond to Janet, her adopted mother. When she was supposed to accompany Cassie down in the elevator and abandon her, she’d decided instead to give up her own life – to stay with the frightened little girl who had just lost everything - her family, her home world and who was now a booby trapped human bomb. When finally, the danger had passed and miraculously they were both still alive, Cassie had not held a grudge, though Carter still couldn’t understand why she hadn’t.

“I know you guys don’t like the whole idea of demons and the supernatural. I don’t like it either. I don’t know what else to believe. I believe Sam when he called it a demon. It felt evil. Sam believes in all sorts of different demons and he’s a pretty sane kind of guy—”

“Sane?” Jack was skeptical.

“Come on. Give me a better explanation, guys. I was looking for one. You really think I wanted to believe in the medieval fairytale version of the world? Come on, you know me better than that! Sam – you’re the scientist. If there’s evidence of something staring you in the face, and there’s no better explanation, you have to at least consider that the explanation might have merit,” said Cassie, frustrated.

“I guess we’ll have to keep investigating,” said Carter.

“You do that,” said Cassie. “Basically, I’m thinking there’s only two possible explanations. One is that demons are real… and right now, I’m leaning toward that.”

“What’s the other one?” asked Jack.

“Some kind of alien we haven’t encountered before.”

“There’s no evidence of that,” said Carter.

“Like I said,” Cassie said, her expression slightly smug. “Follow the evidence.


O’Neill was thinking that it was a very good thing they’d managed to get a deserted track and field stadium all to themselves for their tests.

“Astounding!” said Carter, looking at the radar gun in her hand. “He’s maintaining an above world record speed and he’s hardly breaking a sweat!”

“World record?”

“Yes, the sprint record is just in excess of 23mph – for the 100 meter dash – if you take the fastest splits ever recorded, they’re in the realm of 27 mph – for mere seconds. Connor’s currently running around the track at approximately 28 mph and he’s running like someone out for an afternoon jog, sir.”

“That’s impossible,” said Jackson.

“Indeed,” said Teal'c.

“Well, apparently it’s not impossible,” said O’Neill drolly, gesturing in Connor’s direction.

“Well, it should be, sir,” said Carter, pointing the radar gun at Connor and then showing the result to O’Neill.

“Well… I could tell it was fast, but…” said O’Neill, looking at the instrument his second in command held in her hands. “He doesn’t really look like he’s making that much of an effort.” Are you sure this is right, Carter?”

“My stop watch concurs, O’Neill. He has made ten circuits of this field. It computes to an average time of approximately 28 miles per hour.”

“Connor!” O’Neill called. He motioned to Connor to come over.

Connor came running up, stopping in front of them. His breathing was even and without effort.

“How are you feeling?” asked Jackson.

“I’m fine. Were we gonna try sprints or do you want me to do some more laps around the track?” Connor asked.

“If you’re not tired…” said Carter, trying to keep her reaction even and professional.

“Are you kidding? That was just a few laps – that was pretty easy,” said Connor.

“Easy?” O’Neill couldn’t hold his incredulous reaction back.

“Sure… Sam asked me to warm up and I warmed up… what?” Connor looked from Carter to O’Neill to Jackson and finally to Teal'c.

Teal'c expression didn’t change and unlike the others, his heart rate didn’t betray anything. Jackson’s impression was carefully schooled and Connor could tell he was carefully controlling his reaction. O’Neill and Carter both seemed to be carefully controlling their reactions, but he caught a quick look that passed between them.

“What do you mean?” said Carter, trying and failing to sound nonchalant.

“You people don’t play poker much, do ya?” Connor grinned at them.

“Have you any idea how fast you were running?” asked Carter.

“Fast?” asked Connor. “Well, of course not. That’s why we’re here, right?”

“Just tell him, Carter,” said O’Neill.

“You beat the world record,” said Carter.

“World record?” echoed Connor, looking stunned.

“According to our equipment – and calculations,” said Carter. “You can maintain an average speed around 28 miles per hour. That’s impossible. At least, for any human being.”

“I thought you said it close to the world record?”

“It beat the record for the 100 meters,” said Carter.

“Oh,” said Connor. “Cool.”

“That’s it? Cool?”

“I’m just me, guys. What do you want me to say?”

“Don’t you care at all? Aren’t you even a little bit excited about all this?” asked Carter. “You do realize how exceptional you are, right?”

“If I was gonna go for super powers, I’d go for the ability to pass all my exams without studying,” said Connor, with a shrug. “Other than being able to help that girl Jessica, this is kind of a cool parlor trick.”

“Most people would be trying to figure out how use abilities like these to get rich or something,” said Carter.

“Right… that’s just what I want… a whole world of people who think I’m a freak. Oh hell no!”

“I suppose that makes sense,” said Carter.

“That’s a very mature way of looking at things,” said Jackson.

“Not really. I like my life. So what if I’m little faster and stronger than other people? I mean – it could come in handy if I ever run into something else like that thing the other night, but otherwise? I’m just a freak. And if that guy Sam and his brother are right and there’s more of those things… well, if I was famous? That would be like putting a target on my back – and maybe my family… and even Cassie,” said Connor.

“That’s… You’ve obviously given this a great deal of thought…” said Jackson thoughtfully.

“Wouldn’t you?” asked Connor.

“You’re a freshman in college… a lot of guys your age…” Jackson stopped, deciding anything he would say would sound insulting or patronizing or both.

“A lot of guys my age don’t kill someone with their bare hands and have smoke and fire pour out of the guy’s body.”

“No, I don’t suppose they do,” said Carter, once again glad they were the only ones present.

“You guys… your freaked out reaction just makes me even more certain that it would be a real bad idea to draw attention to anything I can do. Look, I don’t think you guys really get why I’m doing this. There are just two reasons – and finding out I’m a super hero isn’t one of them.”

“Why are you doing this?” asked O’Neill.

“Well, first, I wanted to make sure I was fully human – because drinking holy water and all that demon crap? That’s some seriously weird shit, you know? The other reason…”

“Cassie,” said Carter.

“Yup,” said Connor. “It doesn’t really matter what I can do. It’s nothing I haven’t always been able to do and it never mattered before, so why should it matter now? I just want to make sure no one else gets hurt.”

“No one else?” said O’Neill, his expression suddenly shuttered and focused completely on Connor. Connor stared off into the distance, seeming not to notice.

“That guy the other night… I know they say he was dead before the... demon took over his body… but…”

Carter noticed O’Neill’s expression visibly relax.

“You feel guilty over what happened?” asked Jackson.

“Not exactly. Sort of… I don’t know,” said Connor, sighing heavily.

“Well, Cassie said if you hadn’t done what you did, that girl Jessica would probably be dead,” said Jackson.

“I know,” said Connor. “I know it was necessary. Look, even if he had been human, I know I did the right thing… it’s just… It still feels like killing, you know?”

“I do know,” said Jackson.

“Yeah, I guess you would,” said Connor. “You’re a soldier.”

“I’m…” Jackson stopped, realizing he couldn’t argue.

Blowing up Goa'uld motherships and all the fights he’d been in made him a soldier, no matter how much he still wanted to deny it. His days of being just a mild-mannered academic had been over for a long time, though in his mind that was still how he saw himself. That realization that others could see who he had become didn’t make him comfortable, however. It actually came of a little bit of a shock. Daniel stared at Connor, aware that, for whatever reason, even in this environment, this kid saw what even he didn’t let himself see most of the time. Either his carefully constructed façade no longer worked, or this mere boy was unusually astute.

Carter came to his rescue.

“Connor, why don’t we do those sprints now?” she asked.

“5.59 – sub 5.60 three times, sir,” said Carter. “He’s done the 100 meters at a forty mile per hour pace.”

“That’s not possible, Carter,” said O’Neill.

“I believe it to be possible,” said Teal'c logically, causing O’Neill to cast him an irritated sidelong look. “It has, after all, occurred three times.”

Jackson suppressed a smile.

“How was that?” Connor, who had been practicing coming out of the starting blocks came jogging over to where the four team members were gathered at Carter’s laptop.

“It was amazing,” said Jackson.

“Well, I think I can do better,” said Connor.

“Better?” asked Carter, schooling her face into a neutral expression.

“I think my starts are slowing me down,” said Connor. “I’ve never used blocks before.”

“That’s why you’ve been practicing starts?” asked O’Neill.

“Yeah,” said Connor. “Maybe if I tried 200 meters… the start wouldn’t matter so much.”

“I believe he may be correct, O’Neill,” said Teal'c. “His speed was increasing at the end of the sprint.”

“Give it a shot,” said O’Neill.

This time, Connor virtually exploded from the block, sprinting with obvious effort. They could do no more than stare in shock at what they knew was not just the fastest land speed ever accomplished by a human being but that blew away even the records set only a few moments before. This time it looked like a super fast sprint.

“How’d I do?” he asked, between pants.

“That was…” Carter stared at the clock in disbelief.

“What?” asked Connor, frowning, “Wasn’t that better?”

“You betcha,” said O’Neill. “I think what Carter is not saying is just how impressed she is.”

“You averaged 46.5 miles an hour,” said Carter quietly. "That's about twice as fast as the world's fastest man."

“That… was out of this world,” said Jackson.

“It is indeed an accomplishment without precedent,” said Teal'c.

Only his friends could read the quiet admiration in Teal'c’s formal statement.

“What does it mean?” asked Connor, who had by this time fully regained his breath and now looked more anxious than pleased. “I mean… I guess whatever I am, I can’t be human, can I?”

“Connor!” said Carter, looking at him with an expression of concern. “I don’t know what your abilities mean, but every test we’ve done has come back normal.”

“But I’m not,” said Connor. “I may look human… but human beings don’t run fast enough to break speed limits.”

“Well, you didn’t crack 55!” joked O’Neill.

“Not yet,” said Connor. “But I’m a nerd. Other than walking to class, I don’t work out at all. I’ve never worked out. What would happen if I trained?”

“You have a point,” said Carter.

O’Neill just glared at her.

Carter decided not to mention Connor's speed for the last twenty meters. No human could crack fifty miles per hour, right? No matter how she wanted to reassure Connor, that kind of information would do nothing to dispel Connor's fears.


After it was all over Connor knew he wasn’t gonna be able to sleep much. In fact, he felt antsy, hyper-focused and his body felt so thoroughly energized, he could practically feel the energy humming in his muscles. It was almost as if all that effort was like a drug. Instead of tiring him, he felt as if he could go on all night. He wanted to do something -- or somebody. Preferably very hard. Preferably both, but sadly, neither were on the agenda. He was gonna eat, probably everything in his fridge… then he really needed to study. His last exam was in two days. First, however, he needed to have a conversation with his new friends. After all, who else could he talk to about this?

After the sprints, Carter had had the idea to make use of the rest of the closed Olympic grade facility. The results were conclusive. Connor beat the records in every discipline they tried, usually by wide margins. He could lift more, jump higher and throw further than any normal man should. That was not what scared him the most, however. What had really scared him was what had happened when Teal'c had suggested they try sparring. Although, if his teammates were to be believed, Teal'c was considered some kind of super warrior in his own right, Connor had put him on the ground with ease. Connor had been deliberately pulling his punches, afraid he could hurt the other man by accident, so it hadn’t been anything close to a contest of raw strength. What was disturbing was not how strong or fast he was, but just how well, how instinctively he apparently fought.

“You sure you’ve never studied any martial art?” O’Neill had asked, with that look of carefully controlled disbelief that Connor was beginning to hate.

“I’m quite sure,” he’d answered, feeling anything but.

“Well, Teal'c here is probably the best fighter in the country – I’ve never seen anyone go up against him like that,” said O’Neill. Now, O’Neill’s expression was more one of worry, something that Connor hated even more, because it exactly mirrored his own fears.

That was when Connor made a decision. He couldn’t stop thinking about his dreams and he hadn’t been able to come to any rational conclusions about them. He was beginning to think that some of those dreams he had been having might be more than just dreams. If only that wasn’t so ridiculous. Yet, he didn’t have any idea what else they could be. There had to be an explanation.

If they were, as he half-suspected, half-feared, memories, why didn’t anyone else seem to know anything about any of it? Other than the demon possessed man he’d killed, which were apparently typical of the demons that Sam and his brother fought, it was as if, except for myth and superstition, the world were demon free. He’d thought of talking to Sam about it, but given his reaction the other night and his brother's even scarier attitude, Connor was far from sure they wouldn’t consider him dangerous if he talked about any of the crazy stuff he had seen in his dreams.

O’Neill and the others were, of course, still skeptical about the very existence of demons, but they weren’t arguing because nobody had a better explanation. At least, now he didn’t have to pretend to have killed a ‘wild animal’ anymore. They knew the truth and they had not had him arrested or even forbid him from seeing Cassie. If anyone could help him get to the bottom of this in a way that wasn’t totally crazy, Sam and Daniel might just be the best people for the job.

The truth was, Connor simply needed to talk about it to someone. He couldn’t talk to Cassie. Their relationship was strained at best. He hadn’t had a study night at her apartment since that night. He couldn’t talk to his family and talking to Sam Winchester, though he might actually know something, could be dangerous for his health. So, tonight, he was going to tell his new ‘friends’ everything, for whatever it was worth and hope they didn’t have him put in a locked ward somewhere.

Everything he’d read suggested that even demon possession was considered either rare or a myth. Nothing he’d ever heard of was reflected in his dreams. His dreams bore more resemblance to some kind of end of the world, horror movie landscape. He had dreams of an enormous black, devil-like monster with horns like a bull in what looked like downtown LA, for example… Surely, something like that would have made news? Then there was the vast, barren wasteland that seemed filled with monsters - monsters he himself fought and killed -- and a strange gnome-like man who seemed to be both his teacher and a monster in his own right.

Only a totally arrogant person could really believe the dreams he had of vanquishing these enormous creatures could be anything but some kind of macho dream. Except, now he had discovered he had power in his completely unremarkable body that exceeded measurement in some cases – power that he was beginning to suspect he was just barely beginning to tap. He’d lifted the entire weight machine… and hadn’t bothered to tell any of them just how easy it was. Teal'c, however, he suspected, hadn’t missed a thing.

“So, what did you want to talk about?” O’Neill asked after they’d gotten back to his apartment, and began working their way through the multiple deep dish pizzas each with multiple toppings. that he’d convinced them to spring for. He’d already had five big slices and was still starving.

“Are you sure you guys don’t know anything about me?” he asked. “Are you sure I’m not some kind of special government project?”

O’Neill stared at him.

“Is that what you think?”

“I don’t mean you guys…,” said Connor. “I don’t think you made that guy try to kill Jessica just so you could test me… 'cause that’s insane, right?”

“Yup, that would be insane,” said O’Neill, though in the back of his mind, he found himself thinking very dark thoughts about the NID.

“Besides… against my better judgment… I trust you guys,” said Connor.

“Really?” asked Jackson, looking stunned. “May I ask why?”

“Daniel!” said O’Neill sharply.

"Jack," said Jackson, reflexively.

The two glared at each other, then Jackson rolled his eyes and O'Neill sighed almost theatrically.

Connor grinned and began to answer Daniel's question.

“Sure. You guys… you act honest… You…,” he pointed at Carter, “are truly fascinated by my abilities…” He nodded in the direction of Jackson and O’Neill. “You two want to help me.”

“What about Teal'c?” asked O’Neill.

“He’s curious about me, but mostly, he’s got your back – all of you,” said Connor.

“We should…” Carter began eagerly; then stopped.

“Carter?” O’Neill queried.

“Nothing, sir,” she said, suddenly formal.

“I would like to know,” said Connor, suddenly completely focused on Carter. “Unless it’s classified?”

“No. I was thinking that you’re bright, analytical, athletic, and that you’d be an asset to our program…”

“The program you can’t tell me about?”

“Yeah,” said Carter. "Sorry."

“You mean they could use a super soldier?” Connor practically snarled, wondering even as he spoke, why he felt such rage.

“No, that is not what I meant,” said Carter evenly.

“Don’t undersell yourself, Connor. She didn’t say it because of all you did this evening. She said it because she respects your mind. We all do. You’re so much more than we expected. A lot of young men would have reveled in everything we’ve discovered tonight, but you’re looking at it soberly – assessing it from all sides… I’m impressed too.”

O’Neill smiled at Connor who stared back, looking almost startled by O’Neill’s assessment.

“Jack’s right,” said Carter.

“You are a prudent warrior. This is uncommon in one so youthful,” said Teal'c.

“I think we all agree,” said Jackson.

“Yes, we do,” said O’Neill.

“Oh,” said Connor. “Sorry. Just… not interested in being used.”

“Has that happened before?” asked Carter, perplexed by the non sequitur of an answer.

“No,” said Connor, but he sounded uncertain, even to himself. What was it about this that felt so familiar… and distasteful? “I’m just… overreacting.”

Teal'c raised an eyebrow. Connor noticed and shrugged.

“Look… there’s apparently a whole lot I don’t know about myself… That’s why I wanted to talk to you – but I’m not ready to commit to anything.”

“We’re not asking you to commit to anything, Connor,” said Carter. “No pressure, OK?”

Connor nodded, forcing himself to calm down. He really didn’t understand his reaction, why he was suddenly furious.

“We investigated you, if that was the question. We didn’t find anything negative,” said Jackson.

“You investigated me?”

“Sorry Connor, but we had no idea who you were,” said Jackson. “We had to find out.”

“I guess that makes sense…,” said Connor thoughtfully.

That was when the door flew open and Sam Winchester stood in the doorway breathing so hard he could barely talk.

All five of them were on their feet before it registered who had burst through the door. Carter, O’Neill and Teal'c had their hands on their weapons. Jackson reacted slightly more slowly. Connor grabbed the nearest weapon he could reach, the blunt table knife he’d used to finish cutting the pizza they’d ordered. O’Neill didn’t miss the fact that he held it as if he knew how to use it. Just who the hell was this kid?

“Connor… you… gottagetouttahere… now!” yelled Sam.

“What the hell?” said O’Neill and Connor at exactly the same time.

“Who…” Sam registered the others in the room, then refocused. “Connor, you’re in danger!”

“From who?” asked Connor, not letting go of the knife. “Is there another demon?”

“No, not a demon,” Sam glanced toward Connor’s four companions, unwilling to say more in front of strangers whose air of alert, relaxed readiness made Sam suspect they just might be law enforcement of some kind in spite of the casual way they were dressed.

“Please, Sam… what the hell’s going on that’s got you on my doorstep in such a panic…” Connor had a really bad feeling that if someone like Sam was so upset, the nature of the danger was something he could not afford to underestimate.

“They think you’re dangerous… They’re gonna… I think… they’re gonna kill you,” said Sam.

“Who wants to kill me?” asked Connor, refusing to budge.

O’Neill and the others simply waited for this to play out. O’Neill really wanted to have a discussion about ‘demons’, particularly now the man who was apparently Sam Winchester had shown up. Connor had called the thing they killed a ‘demon’ and Daniel had been researching the whole idea of demons. Now, however, was not the time for discussions.

“My…” he looked over to the O’Neill and the others. “Are they…”

“You can talk in front of then,” Connor decided even as he spoke, that it might be good to enlist armed allies.

“Hunters… they think you’re dangerous. They’re on their way here.”

“They’re gonna murder me in my dorm room?” Connor asked skeptically.

“They don’t think you’re human,” said Sam.

“They believe this makes killing him appropriate?” asked Teal'c.

“They say…” Sam hesitated. “I know this sounds crazy, but they have a prophecy… about the destroyer.”

“A prophecy?” asked Jackson, immediately interested.

Sam Winchester misunderstood his question.

“Look, what matters is that they believe it’s real. If they kill him, it won’t matter why, will it?” said Sam Winchester urgently.

“He’s right,” said Carter.

“I’d like to see them try,” said Connor, the snarl back in his voice as he removed one of his new knives from the pocket of his jacket on the couch and flicked it open.

“You’re not bullet proof, are you?” asked Sam quietly.

Connor stared at him. Sam turned and walked over to the window. He peered through the aluminum blind briefly, letting it go with a slight ‘twang’.

“They’ll be here soon,” said Sam, his tone pressured and tight. “You shouldn’t be here.”

“Is your brother with them?” asked Connor.

“He’s not part of it,” Sam said, hoping he was right.

“How many?” asked O’Neill.

“Four,” said Sam, “and my brother...”

“I thought you said…” Connor said.

“I have an idea,” said O’Neill, cutting off whatever Connor was about to say.

“What?” asked Connor.

“Let’s surprise them,” said O’Neill. “Let’s take the fight outside… they probably won’t want to bring their weapons out in public, right?”

O’Neill looked at Sam Winchester who nodded.

“Hunters aren’t… fond of law enforcement,” said Sam. “They try to keep away from the public eye.”

“Well, we don’t have that problem,” said O’Neill, pulling his sidearm from beneath his jacket.

Carter did the same.

“You’re not gonna shoot them, are you?” asked Sam Winchester, looking scared and uncertain.

“Not unless they try to shoot us,” said O’Neill.

“Fair enough,” said Sam. He looked grim.

O’Neill gave him a sympathetic look and Sam shrugged looking almost helpless.

Connor had disappeared into his room and he reappeared with a vicious looking knife. O’Neill and Carter exchanged a look. They recognized the knife he carried immediately – it was exactly the same as the combat knife all members of SG-1 except Jack carried, the MK3 Mod 0. In Connor’s hands it would be even more deadly. Connor looked very comfortable with it. A little too comfortable for Jack. In his other hand, he carried a collapsible baton. He stuck this into the front pocket of his pants; then he strapped on the sheath and inserted the knife, leaving both hands free.

“Where the hell did you get these weapons?” asked Sam Winchester, alarmed.

“Army surplus,” Connor grinned. He put the folding knife in his back pocket. “Figured if I ever met something else like that thing I should have better weapons.”

“That makes sense,” said Winchester, looking really alarmed.

“I’m not gonna hurt your friends if I can help it, Sam… just not gonna let them get the drop on me either,” said Connor.


“Winchester, you sure we’re doing the right thing, here?” asked Rufus. “If he’s not this destroyer, we could be in for a world of trouble. Hell, if he really killed the yellow eyed demon, we’re in a world of trouble anyway.”

“He’s not human,” said John stubbornly. “He’s dangerous.”

“You’re sure of that?” asked Ellen. “Didn’t he save that young woman?”

“How could he be human? No human can do things like that!” said Bobby.

“He’s not human,” said John resolutely.

As the four argued, they moved quickly through the small grove of trees between the parking lot and the building where Connor lived. None of them heard or saw the six mercenaries dressed all in black, who were stalking them.


“They’re nearly here,” said Connor from the emergency exit from the back stairs of his building.

They’d chosen this exit because it was closest to the only parking lot and the one that Sam Winchester thought the hunters with use. The stairwell they were standing in was hidden by a wall. Although the front of the building faced other buildings, the back was relatively secluded. The parking lot was separated from them by a clearing and a small clump of trees through which was a picturesque path. During the day, students hung out on the benches beneath the trees. At night, however, there was usually no one there.

Currently Connor held only the fully extended baton in his hand.

“How…” Sam asked.

“I can hear them. And there’s more than four.”

“My brother?” said Sam.

“No. There are four… and there are… six others behind them… they’re different… their heart beats – they’re slower – almost as slow as mine, but strong… Whoever they are they’re really fit – and very quiet.”

Carter exchanged glances with O’Neill. They didn’t like the sound of that.

“I don’t know…” Sam began.

“They’re attacking them,” said Connor, frowning before taking off at a dead run.

“Attacking them?” echoed both Sam and Carter before all five followed Connor’s rapidly disappearing form into the grove of trees.


Note on Connor’s abilities, because I know someone’s gonna ask. He’s roughly equivalent to a male slayer - (not Faith or Buffy, but any of the other less experienced ones).

There are theories that the human body is actually mechanically capable of up to 40 mph, though no one has run that fast. I set Connor's abilities in this realm with a little added on top, since he's a little more than human.
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