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Making The Connection

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The Triplet Manifesto". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Odd pairing, chapter/story that doesn't fit into 'Greater Instincts'

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Making The Connection

A/N: Yet again, an explainer chapter that just won’t fit in the ‘Greater Instincts’ plot. But I need it! It simples up so much stuff and then I don’t gotta explain why certain ppl are together. OK. You probably wanna flame me for the pairing, but once again I need it in my plot. This takes place a year after ‘Chosen’ and a year before all the stuff that happens in ‘Greater Instincts‘.
Disclaimer: SO, I own zip, but then you probably already knew that. Kennedy and Giles belong to Joss, and Draco's all J.K.'s.




Making The Connection



Giles had been running the new slayers ragged around England. It was totally insane. They were all flipping out about some warty guy. Kennedy Mathers rolled her eyes. Willow had opted to stay in Michigan, where the newest Hellmouth had sprouted up.

Kennedy had felt herself drawing away from the Wiccan, though. After all that they had been through, the intensity of their relationship had fizzled. Kennedy sat at the bar of the Pub called the Leaky Cauldron. It was a freaked out place. She strummed her fingers over and over in boredom.

“Do you mind?” A snotty sounding British voice said.

“Huh?” She turned to face the voice.

A blonde guy, around her age, sat there sneering at her. For a second, she thought it was Spike. It was crazy. It wasn’t Spike of course, cuz Spike was dead. She recognized the tone of voice though. She remembered it from all of those stuffy formal functions her parents used to drag her to.

“Stupid muggle. Can. You. Stop. Your. Mindless. Drumming.”

“Yeah, I can, shithead. But I can also drive my fist in your face. You want that?”

“Please, I’d Stupefy you in a blink of my eye.”

“Yeah, well, I’d like to see that.”

They both rose to their feet. He was a couple of feet taller than her, but she could take him. She’d taken vamps and demons twice his size in her last year of being a slayer. They were toe to toe, when Giles called out to her.

“Kennedy! Ah, I see you’ve met our guide.”

“Guide?” Both of them turned to face Giles.

“Yes, erm, Mr. Malfoy?”


“Draco, this is Kennedy Mathers. She’s the Slayer that’s been assigned to patrol this district. Kennedy, this is Draco Malfoy. He works for the Ministry. He’s also helping us to set up shop here in Diagon Alley.”

“You’ve got to be kidding.” They both muttered. She continued to glare daggers at her. She didn’t like him at all.

And yet there was something about him. Something in the pit of her stomach that felt stronger than anything she’d ever felt for a girl. And it scared the shit outta her. Cause he was so not her type. Especially since her type didn’t have the stuff his typed tended to have.

“You two will be working closely together.”

Yay for her. She’d just switched teams. Again.



A/N 2: Yea, it’s a K/D pairing. Cause, I really didn’t like Kennedy and Willow, and Draco and her have a lot in common, but that’s just my opinion. It seems to me that everyone kills off Kennedy to get rid of her, or makes her dump Willow. Anyway, she’s a minor focus on what happens in later chapters of GI. So, tell me should I continue with this, or leave it as it is? Reviews are loved, even if they’re flames. Cuz I kinda expect some for the pairing.
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