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Summary: "It was magic woven deep and strong - old, so old that much of it nearly predated writing. Predated wands and spoken spells." Hermione-centric, Non-Cross

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriessmolderFR1843,5764113,8532 Dec 122 Dec 12Yes

part four: pull

part four: pull

She is six months pregnant when they embark on the next phase of their mission.

They are breaking into the Department of Mysteries again but the differences so far outweigh the similarities to her Fifth Year that it is hard to believe that it even happened on this same exact date three years prior. She doesn't even feel the least bit nervous this time, perhaps she should but so much has been leading up to this that when follows Luna as the other woman serenely leads the way as if by feel (and by now Hermione has little doubt that is true - that Luna is sensing the Veil the same way she is able to sense the child within her belly and is leading them inexorably towards it) and Harry stays behind them (keeping an eye out, as alert and strong as she has ever known him to be) she just can't feel any fear.

They pass through room after room and before she knows it they are in front of the Veil. Hermione breathes deep as both Luna and Harry stare for a long moment transfixed by something she can't hear. Gently she places her hand on both of their shoulders and they look at her (Harry startled and Luna just blinking a few times) but then they get to work setting up the few materials needed for the casting - the candles and the circle of crushed moonstone.

After that it is her turn. All her.

She stands in front of the Veil and closes her eyes.

It was magic woven deep and strong - old, so old that much of it nearly pre-dated writing. Pre-dated wands and spoken spells.

It consisted mainly of direct blood connection and of will. With that she just - she just needed to call him back. Show him the rest of the way through the Veil to this world using the link of her child - their child - as the focus.

Simple in theory. Yes - but it was terribly terribly difficult in practice. And Hermione could feel sweat beading on her brow and the way her legs started to shake. But that was part of the stipulations - staying upright, focused, steady. Just as she was wavering (both her body and her tenuous connection) suddenly she felt a body behind her (so very familiar from nights spooned close).

"Shhh" said Luna in her ear winding arms around her and resting her hand lightly on her belly. She instantly felt familiar magic begin to intermingle, strengthen the spell. "Relax, Hermione. I've got you. Just, concentrate on the pull."

With a sigh Hermione gratefully let her body fall back into the other woman's - she had complete trust in Luna, perhaps more than anyone besides Harry - who she knew Harry was hyper alert protecting them from anyone who might disrupt the circle - and gave herself fully over to the magic.

The change was instantaneous. As soon as her worries over her physical self stopped distracting her the spell snapped into focus, colors and light bending sharp and raw. She saw what seemed to be a rope coalesce in front of her with steady hands she reached out and grabbed it.

She pulled.

Hermione landed hard, falling back on top of Luna as resistance gave way. When they had untangled themselves she noticed that the magic was no longer pounding in her ears...

...and Sirius Black was also on the floor across the room, blinking dazedly over at the two of them with an arm wrapped around an overjoyed Harry.

The End

You have reached the end of "Again". This story is complete.

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