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It's Far From Over: Pete's World

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This story is No. 2 in the series "It's Far From Over". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Rose & the Doctor's (10.5) story in the Alternate Universe

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Non-BtVS/Ats StoriescharmingangelFR1886,698021,6602 Dec 1228 Dec 12Yes

Chapter 5: Bad Wolf


When: 4 months after the events in Cardiff
Where: AU London

“Nooo,” the Doctor screamed, cradling Rose’s body in his arms. This could not be happening! He couldn’t lose her, and especially not now, so shortly after she had finally come around and realized that she might love him, too, that he wasn’t just a copy, but the man she always wanted.

Unfortunately, it was happening: Rose was dead. There was no pulse, no spark of life left in her body. He held her close for a moment longer as tears ran down his face, allowing himself to feel the grief and let it consume him. Then he reluctantly let go of her, stood up and turned away. He couldn’t lose even more time now. The aliens that killed her and Jack were getting away. He would not let that happen! They had to pay for what they had done, even if it was the last thing he did.

----- -----

Rose gasped, taking a deep breath. Then she sat up and looked down at her chest in shock and confusion. The aliens had shot her! She remembered the pain as bullets hit her and blood started to flow. Her shirt was still soaked in it, so it had happened, but she felt fine now. There was no pain, none at all. There were no wounds either, she concluded after pulling her shirt up. How? How could this happen? Had the Doctor done this? No, he couldn’t have. He was powerful, even in this half-human form, but not that powerful.

The Doctor, she thought startled and looked around. Where was he? He had been there before she lost consciousness. She remembered the look on his face as she slipped away. If she hadn’t already been sure that she was dying that look would have told her. Remembering the love, hurt and desperation in it took her breath away. He really did love her, and she loved him, too. She no longer cared that he wasn’t the real Doctor. He was real to her, and he was the part of the Doctor that loved her. That was good enough for her. No, it was better than good. It was amazing, they were amazing together. Being with him was everything she had ever hoped for, everything she imagined and more. She loved him. But she hadn’t told him. She needed to, she realized. First she had to find him though. Where was he? Why did he leave her? He would never leave her willingly… unless he thought she was dead. Was that what happened? Did he think she was dead? Or had he been captured by the aliens and taken away against his will? No matter what happened, she needed to find him!

Rose’s hand went up to her ear, ready to tap her ear piece, but it wasn’t there. She must have lost it in the fight with the aliens earlier. And her mobile was back in the car, she realized. She had forgotten it in her haste to go after the aliens. They were the ones that had killed Jack. After months of searching for them they had finally found them. Maybe that had made her a little too eager to get to them and not careful enough. She sighed. Well, without a radio or mobile she would just have to look for the Doctor.

----- -----

After searching for about ten minutes Rose heard gunfire. She ran down the corridor of the building she was in and opened the door at the end of it. Then she froze and had to watch in horror as the Doctor was hit by multiple shots.

“Nooo,” she called running towards him, not even caring if she was hit as well. As she ran she was faintly aware that the alien left the room, but she couldn’t worry about that right now. The Doctor was all that mattered.

Sinking to her knees next to the Doctor Rose leaned over him, much like she had done back home, when that Dalek shot the real Doctor.

“Doctor,” she said desperately and quickly pulled off her jacket. There was so much blood. She had to stop it.

Hearing her voice the Doctor stirred. “Rose?” he asked, his voice sounding weak. “You’re… here?”

“Yes, I’m right here. Just hold on, okay? Where’s your phone? I’m going to call for help.”

“But how? You were… dead,” he said as if he hadn’t even heard what she was saying.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. In fact, don’t worry about anything. I’m going to take care of you. You’ll be fine,” she promised while pulling the mobile out of his pocket.

“It’s too late, Rose,” the Doctor mumbled. “I’m… sorry. I should have been more careful. I thought… you were dead.”

“It’s not too late!” Rose exclaimed, her eyes tearing up. “Don’t even think like that!” She opened the phone, but the Doctor’s hand closed around hers, stopping her.

“I love you,” he whispered, then stilled.

“No, no, no!” Rose shouted. “Doctor! You can’t die on me. You have to do something! Regenerate!” She no longer cared if he changed, as long as he didn’t leave her, but she knew that this Doctor couldn’t regenerate. He only had one life… the life he had wanted to spend with her. “No, don’t leave me,” she pleaded before shaking him slightly. “You can’t leave! I’m not going to let you!”

As tears ran down her cheeks Rose noticed that she was starting to glow. She didn’t know how, but her hands were bathed in a yellowish light, as was the rest of her body. Bad Wolf! Could it really be? The Doctor said he pulled it all out of her, but somehow she all of a sudden knew that that wasn’t true. He might have pulled most of Bad Wolf out of her, but not all of it. Something had survived inside of her, just enough that it wouldn’t kill her. It had been dormant, and now that she really needed it, it had awoken. Without even consciously thinking about it she placed her hands on the Doctor’s lifeless form. It took only a few seconds, then his eyes snapped open and he took a deep breath.

“Doctor,” she said, feeling relieved… and tired. She slumped down slightly, putting her hands on the ground to hold herself up.

“Rose… what… what happened? How?”

“Bad Wolf,” she whispered, then lost consciousness.
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