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Nine and a Half

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Summary: For the Foresight Challenge: Nine and a half years later, and she's the last Slayer standing. Time for a change.

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Twilight > Faith - Centered(Recent Donor)CaptainBoulangerFR151925011,6545 Dec 125 Dec 12Yes
Nine and a Half

(A/N: Actually, I've done the whole several years post-series starting point before; most notably with 'Faith Manages', 'The Green Goddess', and 'The Courier', but they were all written before the challenge was issued, so if you like the challenge, go back and have a look at those... I will warn that this may get graphic and include many character death references.)

Disclaimer: all things Buffy and Twilight belong to their respective owners. Just a little bit of playing in their sandbox.

Nine and a half years.

Nine and a half years since that last bus out of Sunnydale, and the world had changed. The world had been unable to ignore the thousands of Slayers Willow had activated, or the balance she'd upset, and so the media had latched onto the story. The remnants of the Council had tried to make the best of it, while they reforged themselves as well.

Willow and Buffy and Giles and a few of the older Slayers had put together the new Council, and used it as a force for good in the world. Slayers in disaster zones, using their strength to free victims from demolished buildings - and from the monsters who preyed upon those who were already victims. Slayers as public figures; every major city had, for a time, its celebrity Slayer.

Nine and a half years.

With all the publicity, came acceptance. Not just of the Slayers, but of what they had spent millenia in combat against. The forces of darkness came out of the shadows as well. The demons and vampires had come out to the public as well. The good ones, or the ones who were at least willing to play by the rules once someone set them out, were generally accepted into society, except in the most religious of countries.

Willow and Buffy and the rest had forged the Slayers into an independent, worldwide, registry and regulatory agency for them. No one minded letting the rule-abiding demons live, and the vampires willing to accept the mandate not to kill.

Nine and a half years.

The problem had been the demons who, by their very nature or by choice, refused to play by the rules. The balance had been upset, and they forged themselves together, into a single force to be reckoned with. The Volturi had led the way, and taken command of them. Hundreds of Slayers had fallen before the forces that found themselves loyal to the Italian Cold Ones. One at a time, at first, then in pairs, then in teams, as the Slayer Council had realized it was at war.

Willow had not known, at first, just how badly the balance had been upset. But she was gone, now; she had bound herself into the activation spell, and each activated Slayer's death felt to her like the death of a daughter, a sister, a close friend. The grief had become too much for her; three nights ago, she had walked into Seattle with Buffy and the last half-dozen of the Activated Slayers, to beg the Volturi for a cease-fire.

Nine and a half years.

Faith pushed away the box, shrouded as they always were in blood-red fabric. She was sure they had meant well in unpacking the box from its FedEx wrappings to show her, but her grief was nearly on a scale with Willow's, nearly enough for her to knowingly walk into the jaws of Death itself. Willow's and Buffy's heads were in that box, along with the last half-dozen of the Activated Slayers.

Willow's spell had not provided for replacing the Activated Slayers, and slowly, they had realized that no new Slayers were being called. Perhaps the universe was awaiting their numbers dwindling back to one. Faith didn't know, no one did, now that most of the Council had been destroyed in the process of the Volturi crusade, but that was the hopeful working theory of the last nine and a half months.

Nine and a half.

It all came back to that number, didn't it?

She looked around the room, at Carlisle, Esme, Jacob, Renesmee, Jasper, Alice, Emmett, Rosalie, Edward, and Bella.

"Nine and a half."

Edward cocked his head, a smile on his face, as Alice practically bounced in her chair with excitement.

Bella twisted around, staring at Edward and Alice, then turning back to Faith. "They only change those who are near death."

Carlisle met Edward's glance, then turned back forward, gestured toward the box, and lowered his gaze to the table in respect for the dead. "If this is truly what you want, Lady Faith. You know that our family has sworn to protect you, and if this is truly what you want, then it is for your protection."

Faith nodded, somberly. Carlisle's clan had come out as well, already a sworn enemy of the Volturi over some shit that had happened a couple years after Sunnydale. As best Faith had been able to find out, the point of concern had been surrounding the circumstances of Bella's transformation. "You know, this isn't how I thought I'd go. But the world is fucked up enough, without letting the last Slayer die, and leaving nobody to carry on." She waved a hand in Bella's direction. "Bella gave me the idea. She chose this before. If I'm the last Slayer standing, I fuckin' owe it to the world to keep standing. Even if it's as a Cold One. Change me." She laughed. "Nine and a half Cold Ones against the Volturi, nine and a half years after Sunnydale. Makes sense to me."

She held out her wrist to Jasper.

The End

You have reached the end of "Nine and a Half". This story is complete.

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