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How Toby Nance became a slayer (and more)

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Summary: A new Vampire Slayer is called and she's less than enthusiastic about it. Crossover with P:NW.

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Part Two

Disclaimer: Toby Nance belongs to Impossible Pictures™; everyone else here is my own invention. (Except for the BtVs characters that belong to Whedon).

Contrary to her statements to Buffy-Anne and the other girls, Toby was not okay with her apparently some sort of a mystical destiny: she already had her hands full helping Evan and others with the time anomalies; she did not want to deal with vampires or wicked witches or whatever other weirdness that would come her way. She wanted to go home or to Cross Photonics or wherever and just forget about it. But she was not given a chance.


Toby looked at the new speaker. “And what are you?” she asked crossly. “A vampire, a were-wolf or a witch?”

There was a pause as the latter thought about it. “Actually, I’m a divine disciple of my goddess, which makes me sort of a witch, but I rather think of myself as a priestess. How about we agree that I am a witch-priestess and continue?”

“Fine. Go on,” Toby said brightly, “though could you tell me the short version instead? Cross Photonics is a great place to work, but I do not get many days off, and now that Mr. Cross got himself into something of a situation I have even fewer of them left.”

There was another pause. “Please. You, Kennedy Vasquez, work for someone else-“

“Um, my name is Toby Nance. I recently left Ms. Vasquez and her droogs in a Starbucks™ about a block away. Just go southwards, you can’t miss it.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, I got your portrait down here, Kennedy Vasquez...” the figure reached into a sleeve of the robe and pulled out a scroll. Once unrolled, it revealed a very good likeness of Kennedy the Vampire Slayer, who did not look anything like Toby. “Oh. You really are not Kennedy Vasquez. Curses. Where did you say that Starbucks™ was located?”

Toby rolled her eyes and repeated her instructions. The figure nodded and hurried off, before pausing and turning around.

“Oh, yeah, I’ve also left you a little gift behind, thinking that you were Kennedy Vasquez. Feel free to throw it out, please!”

And with that she was gone for good.

Toby, for her part, just rolled her eyes and went on to Cross Photonics.

Events of P:NW “Pilot” occur here

...When Toby returned home, there actually was a surprise standing before her door: a small bouquet of coral-colored flowers, some of which were opened only partially, and culminated in a single green bud on top of it.

Toby was never a big fan of flowers, even though now she was a woman, and after heeding the warning of her mysterious new acquaintance earlier today, she was even more skeptical than the usual.

At first she just thought of kicking it, but something, a survivalist instinct of some sort, caused her to hesitate. So, instead she carefully walked around the bouquet and closed the door.

Several moments after she did this, another door opened, and Toby’s next-door neighbor (the computer specialist lived in a condominium complex) looked out, saw that the flowers were still untouched and picked them. The flowers, in a puff of smoke, exploded into a swarm of locusts or cicadas that swarmed on the poor woman and chased her all over the floor.

“Well!” Toby exclaimed as she had observed this entire event through the peephole in her door. “I can see that my life as a Vampire Slayer will be anything but boring!”

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