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How Toby Nance became a slayer (and more)

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Summary: A new Vampire Slayer is called and she's less than enthusiastic about it. Crossover with P:NW.

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Television > PrimevalDmitriFR753,567018835 Dec 1224 Dec 12No

Day 2 (part 3)

Disclaimer: none of the characters are mine, except for the junior Vampire Slayers.

Note: contains spoilers for the official series.

At last, Toby’s day appeared to be improving. Sure, she was still short of a pair of shoes and a sock, leaving them behind in the depths of an Ice Age tar pit, and there was a sabre-toothed smilodon that could not be left unsupervised in modern-day Vancouver, not if Toby wanted blood on her hands and Cross Photonics’ innermost secret revealed, but still, she was inside a still-standing, though smoking, house, talking to other people who appeared to be taking time travel and prehistoric cats in stride and, generally, maybe even getting a new pair of shoes in the future.

“So, this really is a sabre-toothed tiger, not something created by magic or alchemy or one of those new-fangled sciences?” the woman in charge, Ms. Lisa, asked Toby as they were sitting inside the conference room.

“Yup,” Toby nodded in reply. “It is. I don’t know what species it is, but boy, is it sabre-toothed?”

“And you cannot control it?”

“Oh, I can control it, I just can’t hold it. My apartment is not exactly proofed against huge prehistoric cats, you know? Do you know a place where I can put it?”

Ms. Lisa took a deep breath. “I’m not happy about this,” she confessed. “The last years, they weren’t kind to me. First the First Evil tried to destroy the world, killing many of my family members and friends in the process, then the Watchers’ Council became seriously re-worked, and now I am back to active duty.”


“Retired due to my advanced age,” the other woman smiled wryly, before growing serious once again. “And now I’m back in action.”


“And the only reason why I agreed to be in charge of the Watchers and Vampire Slayers here is because this place has no Hellmouth, no particularly active branch of Wolfram & Hart, no any-thing! Instead there is this. Unexplained and unknown holes in time. This has bad news written all over it, believe it! I don’t want to get involved in it,” Ms. Lisa continued, “but we’re going to, for you helped us, and it’s only natural that we help you. We shall house your new pet for a while, and maybe even find a way to send it back, who knows?”

“Thanks,” Toby began to reply, but the very loud purring of the smilodon drowned out her reply: when Toby and her interlocutrix looked around, the animal in question was licking one of the Vampire Slayers and emitting this sound.

“Yes, mark my words,” Ms. Lisa said bitterly as she drank the rest of her tea in a single gulp. “There is going to be trouble!”

* * *

The sharkmen, or rather – the weresharks that had attacked the Vampire Slayers earlier today were swimming through the shallows of Queen Charlotte’s Sound without making a ripple. If there had been any scuba divers, who saw half a dozen of sharks swimming purposefully in the same direction, they had been killed and most likely eaten, ditto for any other witnesses, but there had been none.

Abruptly, the sharks shifted gears and sank lower into the depths. There lay a network of tunnels, at first water-filled, then dry. Consequently, the weresharks too shifted from a purely shark shape into a more hybrid one, and continued their way on foot.

And there, at the end of the tunnel network, lay not so much as a greater, wider chamber, but a chamber with a time anomaly...


The End?

You have reached the end of "How Toby Nance became a slayer (and more)" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Dec 12.

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