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How Toby Nance became a slayer (and more)

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Summary: A new Vampire Slayer is called and she's less than enthusiastic about it. Crossover with P:NW.

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Television > PrimevalDmitriFR753,567018835 Dec 1224 Dec 12No

Part One

Disclaimer: none of the characters are mine, but belong to their respective owners.

Note: Plot? What plot?

“...You know, sometimes you have those really bad days, when nothing just seems to go right, let alone right enough. In my case, they appear roughly every month for the obvious reasons. Yes, I know, that there are other women who have it that bad, but I am talking about my personal case here.

“So, anyways, there I was, lying asleep, or rather – half asleep. I have trouble falling asleep, but waking up is more complicated... Anyways, as I was lying there, there was this voice, saying: ‘Are you ready to be strong?’

“‘Yes, sure,’ I replied, figuring that this was just a figment of my imagination, and then it was like a switch flipped into the ‘on’ position in my brain, and I became, like, Supergirl’s rough-draft-version or something, ‘cause I can’t fly, or anything, but I am super-strong and fast. I work with computers; I did not strive to be super-strong or fast. Do you know why I am super-strong and fast?” Toby finished the story to her audience, which consisted of a blonde, a redhead, and a brunette.

The blonde’s name was Elisabeth Anne Summers, but she insisted that everyone called her ‘Buffy’. Toby, whose own approach to names was somewhat unorthodox, had christened her ‘Anne’ instead – in the privacy of her own mind.

The redhead was Willow, and the brunette was Kennedy. They were a couple and were Buffy’s subordinates – that is all Toby really knew (or cared about, at this moment).

“...Right,” Buffy-Anne said after a pause. “Well, we’ve heard stranger stories, though not by much, and how exactly does it relate to us explaining to you about your destiny? I confess I do not quite see the connection.”

“Okay, let me start again,” Toby shrugged. “This destiny you talked about, how you went at it like a blind old mage with a magical potion and a brand new cemetery and all, how do men figure in it all? Were they made ‘strong’ as well?”

“...No,” Buffy-Anne said after another pause. “Vampire Slayer lineages, of course, have sons in them as well as daughters – Robin Wood of the Council is one of them – but they do not have the Slayer qualities, just their genes, I suppose.”

“How remarkable,” Toby said thoughtfully. “This means that I was... predisposed to something like this from the beginning.”

“Yes! Exactly!”

“And when approximately last year I went out and had this sexual change of an operation, I guess it was enough for your... thing to push me over the edge in regards to the whole Vampire Slayer thing,” Toby finished. “Fascinating. I have one last question.”

“Sure.” Buffy-Anne looked about as well as anyone besides Mac and Evan did, when hearing about Toby’s latest (or second latest?) metamorphose. “What is it?”

“How do I switch it off?”

There was a pause, and the blonde, Buffy-Anne, gave Toby a weak smile. “You can’t. It’s a one-way ticket, we’re afraid.”

“And you can?”

“We can’t either. You see-“

“No, that’s okay,” Toby replied as she stood up. “You don’t really have a better grip on this than I do, so let’s just stop wasting each other’s time and I’m leaving.”

“Wait!” The redhead, Willow, spoke up for the first time. “You've got to come to the seminars at least. The world is full of creatures, beings and individuals that will kill you just because you’re a Vampire Slayer, whether or not you admit it-“

“Lady,” Toby said curtly from the doorway. “My boss fancies himself to be Canada’s answer to Batman and Iron Man, and battles dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and giant prehistoric snakes that can do that already, whether or not I’m a Vampire Slayer. Have a nice day.”

And she was gone.

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