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The Blood Runs True

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Legacies Are A Pain In The Butt". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy, Willow and Xander, as well as Jack O'Neill, have all just learned that their lives are *far* stranger than they had ever believed they could be. Now they have to figure out how to proceed on with their lives.

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Chapter Two

Dolphin Hotel
Room 1408
Sunnydale, CA

A few hours following the initial scene

"So. What is it, exactly, that's got you so wound up, Carter?" Jack O'Neill questioned as he dropped onto one of the stuffed chairs off to the side of his hotel room.

"And by that, I mean, you're even more wound up than you usually are," he added, a faint echo of the usual sardonic grin he normally wore on his face now visible.

"Well, sir, with all due respect, there are quite a number of things about your children and their behavior that are definitely – unusual," the blonde Air Force Captain immediately answered, without even the slightest bit of hesitation which one might expect your typical subordinate to have when discussing one's superior officer's family. They’d been through too much together for anything but total honesty when they were in private.

"And that's putting aside the fact that they *are* all your children," she added, before continuing on with her analysis, and ignoring both the frown on O'Neill's face and the barely muffled snort of amusement from Daniel her comment had produced.

And although Teal'c had maintained his typical impassive expression upon hearing Carter's remark, on the inside he could be rolling on the floor, laughing his ass off, for all his teammates could tell.

"Okay then, Carter; what are these things, exactly?" O’Neill asked neutrally.

"To begin with, sir, the fact that all three of your kids – offspring whom you were previously unaware even existed – live in the same town in California, while extremely unlikely, is not completely beyond the realm of possibility, given the fact that they were all apparently conceived in the same state," Carter said, her flat statement making both Danny and Teal'c nod their heads in agreement.

"The fact that all three of these children should have become close friends while growing up can also be considered extremely unlikely – but again, not *completely* beyond the bounds of probability," Sam went on.

"But complicating matters is the fact that all three have a still as-of-yet, encrypted NID file, indicating that they're either currently involved with some sort of black project, or have been involved with such a project in the recent past," she added with a frown.

As she spoke, Carter was also checking her laptop, which she'd left running while they'd gone to check out the various residences listed as the home of Jack's ostensible children.

"And when you add in the fact that we found the three of them standing over the unconscious bodies of two trained NID field agents who, apparently, had been trying to take them into 'custody' – most likely, in order to blackmail you," she noted parenthetically, "and then evaluate the overall situation? Well, not to be blunt, Colonel – but all that strains the laws of probability so far that any chance of coincidence is simply ridiculous, sir," Carter summarized her observations.

"Yeah, well. I guess you might have a valid point or two, there, Carter," O'Neill acknowledged his second-in-command's comments with an admirable attempt at nonchalance. "Anything else?"

"Well, sir, given the three birthdays listed in the files? For you to be involved in all three pregnancies within that ten-month time period would require a degree of irresponsibility that I can't believe even a much younger version of you would exhibit," Carter added a moment later, her remark drawing another barely muffled snort of laughter from Danny and an aggrieved "Hey!" of protest from Jack.

The "Oh, good!" exclamation from Carter diverted any additional potential remarks that might have been made, as she looked up from her beeping laptop and announced, "My sniffer program's finished accessing and analyzing all of the local police and hospital files it could find on your children, as well as any other federal, military or state government files they might have, Colonel."

The smile on Carter's face quickly shifted to a frown as she scanned the first few paragraphs her programs had produced and she added, "And, uh, I'm pretty sure that you're not going to like what I've found, sir."


The Summers residence

The same time as the preceding scene

Xander Harris was currently paying scant attention to the understandably highly emotional discussion going on between his best friend and one-time potential romantic interest, Buffy Summers, and her mother, Joyce Summers as he slouched in the overstuffed armchair in the opposite corner of the living room

{ The fact that I'm actually surprised that something like this is happening is what I should really be surprised at, } Harris thought to himself morosely as he considered the happenings of the past two hours.

After all, after discovering that he, along with his two best friends, had all apparently gained a combination of supernatural Slayer and witch-y powers, as well as sharing the military knowledge he'd gained two years previously – courtesy of Ethan Rayne's malicious little Halloween prank – as a result of their combining their souls' energies in order to defeat Maggie Walsh's insane lovechild project, ADAM? That was something that they *should* have been expecting to discover, he reminded himself,

Actually, it was pretty much par for the course to think that *something* was going to happen that would offset the undeniable benefits they'd all gained, if only because it would be such a typical Hellmouth-y occurrence.

The fact that Joyce was also the closest thing he had to any sort of real parental figure – and that she was also unquestionably the surrogate mother figure to his life-long best friend – made the entire situation feel even more surreal than any idea that any tripped-out Hollywood script writer might conceivably come up with.

After all, having a full bird colonel suddenly show up in your best friend's front yard and inform you and your two best friends that the three of you were related, AND that all three of you were his previously, up until this moment, unknown offspring wasn't something that anyone would ever expect to have happen to them.

And, judging by Mrs. Summers' notably less than ecstatic reaction to this Colonel O'Neill's sudden appearance, it also didn't seem all that likely that, whenever it was that they had last seen each other, their good-byes had been all that amicable.

And as far as the colonel's revelation about their parentage was concerned, given their location and the typical way things happened around here, Harris was personally more inclined to believe that the older man's undeniably disturbing statement was most likely true rather than false.

After all – that undoubtedly smirking bastard, Murphy, had already demonstrated that he liked to screw with all of their lives far too many times over the course of the past four years, for him *not* to be involved in a situation like this, right?

And his having immediately fallen in lust with a girl who was actually his unsuspected and unknown half-sister and then, a couple years later, having engaged in illicit smoochies with his closest childhood friend – who turned out to be his *other* unsuspected and unknown half-sister? Well, that was obviously an opportunity to screw him over that was just too good for a prick like Mr. Murphy to pass up!

Suddenly, Xander reflected glumly to himself that although Anya couldn't, under any conceivable set of circumstances, possibly be Colonel O'Neill's daughter – all he needed to learn now, in order for him to have won the Incest Trifecta, was to have the old guy tell them that either Cordelia or Faith was his daughter, too!

Or worse, BOTH!


Willow Rosenberg quietly sat in the rocking chair in the corner of the living room and quietly contemplated the rather radical – no, make that the extremely insane and mind-frakkin' (as Xander would phrase it) – changes that had taken place in her life over the past two days, as a result of her helping Buffy and the other Scoobies save the world, yet again.

According to Colonel O'Neill, the Air Force officer who'd departed only a few minutes ago, she really wasn't the only child she'd always believed herself to be.

No, she not only had two half-siblings – assuming, of course, that everything they'd been told was true, and wasn't some sort of scheme to hoodwink them into cooperating with the military, for some as-yet unknown reason – but said half-siblings were her best friends!!

Accepting, purely for the sake of discussion at the moment, that the three of them actually were related – what was the likelihood that they'd meet each other, let alone become such close friends, even in such a small town like Sunnydale, without some outside force exerting some influence in their lives? Willow suddenly wondered to herself.

All right. Based on the supposition that both the Harrises and the Rosenbergs had moved to Sunnydale because of the extremely positive public relations campaign Mayor Wilkins had orchestrated, decades ago? The fact that she and Xander had met in kindergarten and grown up knowing each other wasn’t all that implausible, since there were only a limited number of pre-elementary schools which they could have attended, the redhead reminded herself as she evaluated the information she possessed.

And once the two of them had met there, unless one of their families moved away, the odds were they'd end up attending the same elementary and high school, since they lived so close together, geographically speaking. Oh, granted, there were a few private schools nearby that either of them could have attended – like the all-girls school known as Kent Preparatory – but Willow knew that money was definitely an issue there, and so the odds were low on either Xander or herself going that route in scholastic life.

So, given their personalities and domestic situations, her being best friends with Xander wasn't all that implausible, assuming the premise that both of their families moving to Sunnydale was entirely coincidental.

It was Buffy's arrival in Sunnydale several years later, which was unquestionably due to the influence of whatever powers were responsible for the little blonde being Called as the Slayer, and the two of them meeting her and deciding that they wanted to support her in her vocation which was the kicker. That was what moved the needle on their 'What the frack is going on here?!!' meter from 'things just happen to be working out the best way possible for everyone concerned' to a definite 'yeah, someone or something is screwing with our lives and manipulating us', the redhead decided after the briefest examination of their respective histories.

Which meant that someone - or more likely, a bunch of someones - had been messing with not just their lives, but the lives of a whole lot of people for longer than any of them had been alive.

People who included Buffy's mom and her mom and Xander's mom and Giles and their father, this Colonel O'Neill guy.

Huh, now that she thought about it - he had to be someone doing something pretty darn important, if the NID was planning on kidnapping the three of them to make him do what they wanted him to do.

And since she was thinking about their alleged father, she thought that her first impression was that he seemed to be a nice guy, and that he was pretty good-looking for an older guy and had a nice smile which a lot of women probably found quite charming, but that really didn't mean anything since Parker had been very charming and had looked like a nice guy but he'd turned out to be a real creep after he'd slept with Buffy, and it was a real shame that Buffy had fallen for his line because he'd made her doubt herself and wonder about her judgement, and now she was starting to babble in her mind, Willow realized wryly, before she refocused her thoughts.

She needed to talk to Tara about this, because her lover had a knack for seeing things clearly, and she really, *really* needed to talk to her about everything she'd learned in the past couple hours.


Buffy Summers was not a happy Slayer.

No, right now she was very far from happy – like light years away from the closest source of happiness – and she was getting further away with each passing minute.

To begin with, she and the other Scoobies had had to deal with Wacky Maggie's techno-demonic love child, ADAM, and they'd ended up having to merge their souls together in order to defeat him, and *that* had resulted in the First Slayer somehow merging her, Willow's and Xander's knowledge, skills and power, and leaving all three of them as some sort of super-duper Slayer-Witch-Soldier Guy combo.

And the fact that Riley was now in the Initiative base hospital, and seriously sick because of all the junk Maggie had been pumping into him and the other agents just made things worse.

Then, the next day, two idiots from the NID – some super-secret government spy agency she'd never heard of before – had shown up and tried to kidnap the three of them, apparently so that they could blackmail some Air Force Colonel into doing something he didn't want to do.

And then, the aforesaid – and weren't Word Of the Day calendars just great for improving your active vocabulary on a daily basis? – anyway, the aforesaid Colonel, who introduced himself as Jack O'Neill, then very conveniently just happened to show up with several of his friends and/or teammates, right after she and Xander had punched out the two would-be kidnappers!

And as if that wasn't strange enough for her to notice, her Mom had recognized this Colonel Jack O'Neill right away! And Mom had very obviously *not* given him a happy, joy-joy kind of recognition look, either. It had actually more of a 'I'm thinking of killing you in many extremely painful ways, burning whatever remains of your body, and then flushing the ashes down the toilet' kind of look.

Pretty much the same type of look she wore whenever she saw Parker around the campus, Buffy very reluctantly admitted to herself.

Because acknowledging that her Mom had had that look on her face when she recognized this Colonel O'Neill made his announcement that the NID had done DNA tests on her and Willow and Xander, which had identified them as all being his kids, all too believable!!!

Which meant that Willow was actually her half-sister, and Xander was her half-brother!

Although, when she considered that he'd been trying hard to date her right after she and Mom moved into town here, that gave her plenty of ammunition for teasing Xand about whether he was raised somewhere in the South.

No, hang on a minute! If she said anything about *that*, then he'd probably say something about how she'd used him as a stripper pole at the Bronze at the beginning of junior year, trying to make Angel jealous, she reminded herself with a frown. That sort of teasing was a two-edged sword, Buffy reminded herself, and besides, there was no point adding fuel to a fire that was already out of control – the squick factor had to be even worse for Xander than it was for her, after all.

Having your own sister do that to you, especially one whom you had had majorly un-sisterly feelings for, would be enough to seriously mess with just about any guy’s head.

{ And let’s not forget the whole love spell fiasco, when I almost literally threw myself at him, } she recalled with dismay. { Plus Willow did pretty much the same thing, even if there was an axe and an angry mob involved, } Buffy reminded herself with a bit of self-righteous indignation. { Yeah, that was *definitely* Xander's fault! And Willow would unquestionably back me up on that! }

Although, thinking about embarrassing incidents – there *had* been that thing at the university bar with the magic beer earlier this year, when Cave-Buffy had been sniffing Xander and telling him, 'Boy smell nice!', the Slayer suddenly realized with a sinking sensation in her stomach.

{ Yep, no doubt about it, } Buffy decided as she considered everything that had gone on with the Gang over the course of the past four years. { I'm not saying anything about anything to Xand about that sort of thing, because I've got a lot more to lose on the mutual embarrassment front than he does! }


The three teens' brooding was interrupted by Giles' arrival at the Summers' front door, shortly after their father and his team had left.

The somewhat concerned and fretful look on the Englishman's face as he entered the house immediately put all three teens on alert, and even Joyce could recognize that the former Watcher was agitated, since she was the first one to ask, "What seems to be the problem, Rupert?"

Only Joyce was surprised by the simultaneous groans the teenage trio unleashed when Giles said, "I've found a prophecy."

"Oh, great!"


"That's just craptastic!"


The End?

You have reached the end of "The Blood Runs True" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Apr 14.

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