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This story is No. 11 in the series "Faith in the Army.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A ‘Law and Order SVU’/‘Death Wish’ xover and ‘Faith in the Army’ spin-off story; a young slayer is on the loose in New York City looking for vengeance.

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Chapter Eight.


Central Park.

As soon as Zoe turned to go after the last mugger she felt a bullet crack passed her head just before she heard the report of the gun. Lifting her own weapon she fired twice into the small cloud of gunsmoke about thirty yards away. No sooner had she fired that she saw the mugger jump up out of cover and start to run in the general direction of the Natural History Museum. Ignoring the ache in her arm Zoe gave chase quickly gaining on the mugger as she sprinted up the steps.

Pausing at the top of the stairs, Zoe didn’t at first see or sense the mugger as he hid behind a stone balustrade. When she did she started to turn to bring her weapon to bear, but she was too late. Firing wildly the gunman quickly emptied his weapon at her before jumping up and running for his life. Gasping with renewed pain, Zoe clamped her hand over the wound in her right thigh. Blood oozed between her fingers making her hand sticky; firing back, she saw her bullet fly wide of the mark.

“Damn-it!” Zoe gasped as she started to limp off after the mugger; she couldn’t afford to let him go, he’d seen her and would no doubt tell the police.

Not having covered more than a few yards, Zoe heard the sound of sirens closing in on her position. Standing there, uncertain of what she should do, Zoe had a stark choice; go after the mugger which would probably end in a confrontation with the police or turn around and run while the mugger escaped. As choices went it wasn’t much of one, shaking her head in disgust at not being able to kill the last mugger, Zoe turned and made her way back down the stairs towards the lake.


Central Park West.

Bringing her unit to a halt, Officer Kendra Young had switched off the engine and pushed open her door before her partner was half way out of his side. Pulling her sidearm, Kendra ran towards the park while her buddy, Officer Jack Miles, was calling in to control. Arriving at the top of the steps leading down to The Lake, she could smell the gunsmoke in the air, she could also smell blood. Looking down she saw a body lying at the foot of the stone stairs. Cautiously she started moving down the steps while scanning the vegetation between herself and the water for movement. Reaching the body without mishap she bent to check for a pulse. As she had suspected the guy was dead, looking closely she saw at least two cartridge cases lying glinting in the moonlight on the stairs, they looked like .22 rounds to her.

“Jack!” Kendra called up to her partner, “dis one’s dead…” the scent of blood assailed her noise, it was stronger than could be accounted for by just one body, “…hold on…I got another one!”

Moving off to her right Kendra checked the second body, it too was dead.

“Okay,” Kendra called to her friend, “you call dis in I’m goin’ to take a look around, wait here and be careful, okay?”

“Sure,” Jack replied, “an’ what are you goin’ to be doing while I’m sitting on my ass?”

“Oh,” Kendra smiled her strong white teeth flashing in the dark, “I’s goin’ to jus take a look around y’know?”

“Yeah I know,” Jack knew it was pointless trying to talk his partner out of anything when she grinned like that, “don’t get y’ass shot off!” He called into the night but Kendra was already gone.


Jogging along the path towards Strawberry Fields, Kendra noticed something on the road surface glinting in the light from the streetlights. Slowing she paused to examine what she’d seen; touching the substance with her finger she brought it up to her nose and sniffed, it was blood but not normal human blood. It smelt like her own blood, slayer blood.

“Damn-it!” Kendra cursed softly; she’d half suspected that the ‘Subway Vigilante’ was a slayer and now it looked as if her worst fears had been confirmed.

Gripping her weapon more tightly than before, Kendra strained her senses hoping to detect something of her quarry close by, she wasn’t to be disappointed. Hearing footsteps, she turned and started to run as fast as she dared. Her target had left the pathway and was heading off across the Sheep Meadow towards The Mall. Listening as she ran, Kendra could tell that the slayer she was chasing had been hit in the leg, her steps were uneven and every few steps she could hear a quiet moan of pain.

Over to her left Kendra could just see the Bandshell; coming to a halt she listened again. There were no more running footsteps, no more little cries of pain, the slayer had gone to ground. Diving to her left, Kendra narrowly avoided being hit by either of the two rounds sent in her direction. Rolling across the damp grass, she came up on one knee and fired two shots at the point where she’d seen the flash of the gun. Even slightly deafened, she could hear someone groaning in the bushes just to the right of the Bandshell.

“Okay!” Kendra called as she got to her feet, “Give it up its all over, don’t be stupid!”

Advancing on the prone body, Kendra watched for any hostile act over the top of her pistol; she didn’t want to have to kill a sister slayer but she would if she had to.

“Don’t!” Kendra warned as she saw the girl start to reach for the gun that had fallen from her hand.

“Okay,” Zoe groaned defeated, “I give up.”

Relaxing a little, Kendra noticed the sound of all the sirens moving towards the park and the shouts of her fellow officers as they started to search the park.

“Y’know, girl,” Kendra said as she raised her personnel radio to her lips, “I’ll probably get a commendation for this…why’d you do it? Vamps not enough for you girl?”

“Retribution,” Zoe replied quietly, “vengeance.”


Mercy General Hospital, early morning.

“How is she, Doctor?” Kim Greylek asked the surgeon who’d just come out of the prisoner’s room.

“Surprisingly well,” the doctor nodded, he knew Kim from previous meeting so was quite happy to talk about his patient’s health with her; particularly when the patient in question was the ‘Subway Vigilante’. “Considering she was shot three times I’d say her present condition is miraculous!”

“So it’s okay for me to talk to her?” Kim wanted to know.

“I don’t see why not,” the doctor shrugged; if all his patients were like that girl he’d soon be out of business, “to be honest we were just going to pump some more blood into her, keep her under observation for twenty-four hours and then, assuming there’s no complications I was going to release her to you.”

“Thanks Doctor,” Kim smiled her thanks before opening the door to Zoe’s room and walking in.

In the room Kim saw Zoe Kersey lying in bed, not looking very much the worse for wear after being shot three times. There was a nurse watching over the patient and a uniformed officer sitting on a chair in the corner of the room, he looked up questioningly at Kim.

“I’m ADA Greylek,” Kim announced and flashed her ID at the Cop, “would both of you mind waiting outside for a moment I need to speak to the prisoner alone.”

The cop raised an eyebrow and shrugged, if an ADA wanted him out of here who was he to argue. Collecting up the nurse by eye he opened the door and followed the nurse into the corridor. After making sure that the door was firmly closed, Kim pulled a chair over to the bed and sat down.

“So, we caught you at last, Ms Kersey,” Kim began; Zoe kept quiet she wasn’t saying a word until her attorney arrived. “You don’t have to say anything just listen.” Kim took a deep breath, “I have enough evidence to put you away for the rest of your life, Ms Kersey.”

Zoe turned her head to watch Kim impassively.

“But that’s not what’s going to happen,” Kim continued with a sigh, “for reasons of their own, important people have decided that this case is never going to come to trial.”

For a moment Zoe almost panicked, were they going to just make her ‘disappear’? Did that sort of thing happen in the United States? After a moment she smiled faintly, of course she had friends of her own; even after all she’d done they wouldn’t look kindly on people who made slayers disappear.

“So this is what’s going to happen,” Kim explained, “sometime in the next forty-eight hours you’re going to escape. Don’t worry there’ll only be one officer on duty at anytime and you won’t be handcuffed to your bed…after all you’re seriously injured. All the evidence against you will mysteriously vanish, the outstanding warrants on you will be lost in the system, we won’t even freeze your bank accounts…a clerical error.”

Lying on her bed Zoe frowned as she wondered what the hell was going on here.

“You’re a rich young woman, Ms Kersey,” Kim continued, “and I expect that you’ll want to go to college soon…I hear there’s a lot of very good colleges on the West Coast.” Kim paused for a moment as she watched Zoe process everything she’d been told. “The City of New York will not pursue you, however if you ever come back all the evidence and warrants against you will miraculously reappear and you will spend the rest of your life in prison, do I make myself clear, Ms Kersey?”

Zoe said not a word, she’d killed eleven people and the City was going to let her get away with it?

“Do we have a deal Ms Kersey?” Kim asked as she stood up.

Zoe nodded her head.

“We never want to see or hear from you again, Ms Kersey,” Kim reiterated, “we want you to get out of town forever.”

“By sundown?” Zoe said quietly a ghost of a smile on her lips.


Kennedy’s Apartment, a day or so later.

Picking up the newspaper, Kennedy re-read the headlines for about the hundredth time; ‘SUBWAY VIGILANTE ESCAPES FROM HOSPITAL!’ it read. Putting down the paper she looked at her friend and confidante who was sitting on the couch facing her.

“How did we not see this happen, Vi?” Kennedy asked.

“Zoe was a good liar?” Vi suggested, “Who’d suspect a slayer of going on a killing spree like that?”

“I certainly didn’t,” Kennedy agreed; even as she spoke she was starting to regain some of her self assurance, after all if no one else had seen it coming how could anyone expect her to have seen it?

“At least she only shot muggers and such,” Vi pointed out, deep down inside she was actually glad that Zoe had got away.

“She took a couple of shots at Kendra,” Kennedy pointed out.

“Yeah,” Vi agreed, “but I’m sure she didn’t mean to….”

“Whatever,” Kennedy walked over and sat down next to Vi on the couch, “but lets not let something like this happen again, huh?”

“Right,” Vi replied with a firm nod of the head, “note to self; don’t let slayers go ‘round shooting New York low-life.”

“I don’t think you’re taking this seriously,” Kennedy pointed out, “but then again you don’t have to face Mr Giles.”

“Oh god yes!” Vi cried out, “Sorry, I’d forgotten he’s coming over to find out what went wrong.”

“Well, we’ve got nothing to fear,” Kennedy reassured her friend, “we just need to tell the truth and if that doesn’t work I’ll bribe him!”

“Bribe Mr Giles,” Vi giggled, “he’d never….”

“Everyone has their price,” Kennedy replied darkly, “but joking apart, we must do better in future, no more vigilante slayers, okay?”

“Okay!” Vi agreed, “Now can we talk about something that’s more fun?”


LAX, three weeks later.

Collecting her backpack from the luggage carousel, Zoe walked through the airport terminal and smiled, she was home free. The ADA had been true to her word, breaking out of hospital had been almost insultingly easy and the police pursuit half-hearted. No one had touched her bank accounts, but she’d moved them just to be safe and she’d changed her identity; it was amazing what large amounts of money could achieve.

Now she was in LA she was looking forward to three years at UCLA and moving into her new apartment. Then there were all the beaches, clubs to try out plus all those West Coast boys. Life looked good. As she walked across the concourse towards the taxi rank, a small disturbance caught her eye. Stopping she watched as four teenagers surrounded a woman loaded down with luggage and two small children. They danced around the woman making her drop her bags and clutch hold of her kids in fear.

Arriving at the scene at the same time as airport security, Zoe helped the woman retrieve her fallen bags. As she knelt to pick up a parcel, Zoe watched as the security guys herded the youths out of the terminal. The teenagers still shouted obscenities even as they were pushed towards the door. Making a gun shape out of her thumb and forefinger, Zoe pointed her hand at the youths and smiled. It looked like her stay in LA wouldn’t be all fun and college; there was work for her to do here too.


Authors note: Once again thanks to everyone who read and reviewed. I’m not too happy about writing ‘detective’ style stories unless they’re set in the past. It’s too easy to miss some new detectoring technique and totally screw up.

So it’s with a curtain about of surprise that I have to announce that the next story in the Fita-verse is another SVU xover called, ‘A Walk on the Wild Side’, unless I think of a better title. I’ll post that after Xmas. This will bring the Fita-verse to a natural pause. During this ‘pause’ I’m posting something non-Fita then there’ll be a Fita prequel (the long awaited Faith in Basic Training fic). Then we’ll be back to the Fita-verse with a BANG!

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.


The End

You have reached the end of "Retribution.". This story is complete.

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