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This story is No. 11 in the series "Faith in the Army.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A ‘Law and Order SVU’/‘Death Wish’ xover and ‘Faith in the Army’ spin-off story; a young slayer is on the loose in New York City looking for vengeance.

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(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR15822,4721899,2249 Dec 1221 Dec 12Yes

Chapter One

By Dave Turner.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ‘Death Wish’ and ‘Law and Order SVU’, I write these stories for fun not profit.

Crossover: BtVS, Law and Order SVU and the film Death Wish.

Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar: Written in glorious English-English which is different to American-English.

Timeline: Takes place after the events depicted in ‘Bright College Days’.

Words: Eight chapters of 2500+ words.

Warnings: None.

Summary:A ‘Law and Order SVU’/‘Death Wish’ xover and ‘Faith in the Army’ spin-off story; a young slayer is on the loose in New York City looking for vengeance.



Sunnydale High School Library, May 1998.

Waiting in the shadows of the Sunnydale High School’s library, Mr Grey knew he’d have to intervene within the next few minutes. Any second now the young slayer would break the ‘thrall’ the female vampire had put on her. When she did she’d hit the vampire Drusilla so hard under the chin that the vampire’s head would snap back, her neck would break and she’d be turned to grave dust. If that happened the client would be very disappointed and Mr Grey would not collect his fee.

It wasn’t that the client cared what happened to the vampire or indeed the slayer, one had to die; there seemed to be no other way for the contract to be completed successfully. Kendra Young had to die so that Faith Lehane would be called as her replacement. You see Mr Grey dealt in ‘futures’, Miss Young could die here and be moved sideways to a new future where she could live out her life doing some useful work…but only if he acted in the next couple of seconds.

Waving his hand and bringing time to a halt, Mr Grey stepped out of the shadows.

“Good evening, Miss Young,” Mr Grey greeted the astonished young slayer in a kind, fatherly voice, “in a few moments you will be dead, but I can make sure that you don’t die in vain, that your death has some meaning…but only if you do exactly what I tell you to…”

Several minutes or half a fraction of a microsecond later, Mr Grey and the spirit of Kendra Young watched as her earthly body was killed by the vampire. Hiding a smile, Mr Grey knew that right at that moment Faith Lehane was coming into her powers in Boston. Turning to Kendra he noted the tears that ran down her face and for a second he felt just a twinge of regret at what he had done. But, the girl would go on to a new life in a new reality where she should be able to live a full and happy life and maybe even help to save the world, or indeed worlds.

“I’m so sorry,” Mr Grey placed a comforting hand on the girl’s shoulder, “but its time for you to go now…” Mr Grey smiled, “…it just remains for me to wish you good luck in your new life, Miss Young.”


It was a really nice night for a good street fight or a robbery,
But I always knew in my home town that would never happen to me.
I kept walking around trying to make up a sound 'bout what it's like to be,
In the city of light on a rag time night, it's something more than free.
In good old...

New York, New York, so good they named it twice,
New York, New York, all the scandal and the vice, I love it!
New York, New York, now isn't it a pity…
What they say about New York City.*

*: New York, New York (so good they named it twice), by Gerard Kenny.


New York City, February 2009.

Stepping out of the car, Detective Benson turned up her collar against the freezing rain that fell from a cold, dark, night sky; she shivered as she turned towards the apartment building on the other side of the street.

“Nice place,” Benson observed as her partner, Detective Stabler, joined her on the wind and rain swept street.

“Yeah,” Stabler agreed with a nod, “the rent’s probably more than either of us earn in a month,” he shrugged under his heavy overcoat, “come on lets get in out of the cold.”

Trotting across the road the two detectives flashed their shields to the cold and miserable looking uniformed officer guarding the door and went inside. Stepping into the expensive looking lobby, Stabler glanced around and reassessed his estimate of how much the rent on the apartments would be. Judging by the décor alone the place probably cost more than both he and Olivia earnt in a month. Unsure of where they were supposed to go next, Olivia turned from watching a patrolman questioning the uniformed night porter to looking for the elevator.

“Here,” Olivia pointed to where an elevator door opened to reveal another uniformed cop.

“SVU?” the patrolman asked.

“That’s us,” Stabler replied as he raised an eyebrow at Olivia, they were expected.

Pressing the button for the eighth floor the patrolman took the two SVU detectives up to the crime scene.

“What’s it look like up there?” Elliot Stabler engaged the patrolman in friendly conversation.

“Didn’t see much,” the patrolman, a veteran cop by the looks of things, admitted, “but it looked like a bad one, young girl and her mom, both dead.”

Again Elliot and Olivia exchanged looks as the elevator glided to a halt and the doors slid silently open.


In comparison the quiet of the lobby the corridor outside the apartment where the crime had been committed was a hive of activity. Uniformed officers went up and down the carpeted passageway as they headed out to canvass the rest of the block and CSU techs flashed cameras or collected evidence.

Showing their shields to the cop on the door, Elliot and Olivia walked into the apartment. What they saw was a large, comfortably furnished apartment with a huge picture window taking up one wall and looking out over the New York city-scape. This was someone’s home, they both decided, not the apartment of someone who only came here to sleep or used it to impress their friends or business clients. No, this was a home, someone had loved this place, Stabler moved to pick up a photograph from where it had been tossed on the floor.

It showed an attractive woman, in her early forties (probably the mother) and two girls, one in her teens the other about nine or ten years old. The glass that protected the picture had been cracked when it had been knocked onto the floor. Setting the picture down carefully on the shelf where it had probably rested, Elliot turned to survey the rest of the room. Everything was in disorder, furniture had been over turned, pictures and knick-nacks had been scattered across the floor and spray painted gang tags disfigured the walls.

“Detectives Benson and Stabler?” The two SVU detectives turned to see a harassed older looking man in a grubby raincoat make his way across the room towards them, “Detective Frank Ochoa,” he shook hands with Benson and Stabler, “nasty one this glad you people are here to take it off of my hands.” Ochoa wiped at his noise with a screwed up handkerchief, he appeared to have a bad cold. “Come on I’ll show you the victims.”

Leading Benson and Stabler across the living room, Ochoa turned down a corridor with several doors leading off it and went into the room at the end.

“This is the mother’s bedroom,” Ochoa explained as the three detectives squeezed into the room passed all the CSU guys; the detective gestured to the two bodies on the bed. “Mrs Paula Kersey, forty-three and her daughter Carol, twelve.”

Letting her eyes rest on the two bodies, Olivia saw that they’d both been bound, spread eagled on the bed, with duct tape. Wide strips of tape had been stuck across their mouths to cut off their screams. Both victims had been beaten and raped before they were killed by having their throats cut.

“We think the perp or perps came in through the service door at the rear of the building earlier this evening,” Ochoa explained, “we found spray paint on the stairwell walls that the night porter says wasn’t there yesterday.” Detective Ochoa sniffed and wiped his nose again. “Whoever they were, Mrs Kersey let them in. There was no sign of forced entry and we found some shopping from a local market just outside the apartment door. Once they were inside they wrecked the place and did this,” Ochoa gestured to the bodies on the bed, “do you mind if we cover them up now?”

“What?” Elliot had been lost in his own thoughts on what kind of animals could have done this, he turned to Olivia, “You seen enough?”

“For now,” Olivia nodded.

“Yeah cover them up,” Elliot nodded, obviously Ochoa was an old fashioned cop, he cared even when the victims were beyond caring.

“We saw a photograph of another girl, any sign…?” Olivia asked but Ochoa was a step ahead of her.

“That’ll be Zoe Kersey,” once more Ochoa dabbed at his nose with his damp handkerchief, “eighteen, she’s a student at St Agnes’, I’ve got men out looking for her; there’s no evidence to believe she was in the apartment when the attack took place.”

“We’ll need to talk to her as soon as your men find her,” Olivia said as she moved carefully around the room.

“Don’t worry you will,” Ochoa nodded his head, “I’ll make sure all the forensics and witness statements are sent over to your office as soon as possible…”

“Where there any fluids?” Olivia asked one of the CSU techs hopefully.

“Not that we found,” replied the tech, “perps probably used condoms…maybe your ME can find something.”

“Yeah maybe,” Olivia nodded her head in thanks to the tech; it would have been too easy if the perps had left DNA evidence behind and for them to already be on record.

“If there’s nothing else detectives?” Ochoa asked.

“No that’s fine, thanks,” Elliot muttered as he noticed something shiny half hidden under the bed, he bent to look at it.

“Found something?” Ochoa asked.

“Someone give me a glove,” Elliot called as he knelt over the object; someone passed him a latex glove, “looks like a cigarette lighter.”

Carefully picking up the lighter with the latex glove, Elliot put it in the evidence bag held out to him by Olivia.

“No ashtrays in sight,” Olivia observed, “no smell of tobacco, I’m guessing this didn’t belong to anyone here.”

“One of the perps?” Ochoa asked as he moved in to look at the evidence and sneezed, “Excuse me,” he wiped his nose again.

“Looks like some sort of badge,” Elliot pointed to the lighter.

The lighter was a simple silver coloured Zippo model; the only thing marking it as unique was the military style crest on one side. Looking closely, Elliot saw a red circle with some sort of demonic face in the middle and a red line across the demon’s face like a road sign indicating that demons weren’t allowed. Under the badge was a scroll with the legend, ‘613th Rangers’ on it.

“Recognise it?” Olivia asked Elliot.

“No,” the big detective shook his head, “I was a Marine, Rangers are army.”

“Any sign of a Mr Kersey?” Olivia asked Ochoa.

“I’d say not but we haven’t been looking,” Ochoa admitted he saw the look on Olivia face and added, “but we’ll start now.”

“Could have dropped out of the perp’s pocket,” Olivia mused, “or it might have belonged to an absent Mr Kersey.”

“A vet maybe?” Elliot speculated.

“Or dead and that’s a keep sake,” suggested Olivia.

“If it does belong to a Mr Kersey, I hope he is dead and not out on operations somewhere,” Elliot looked down into Olivia’s eyes, “imagine coming home from Iraq and finding someone has done this to your family.”


A cold, wet alley somewhere in NYC.

Stumbling as she ran, the girl turned into the alley and weaved her way between the trash filled dumpsters. The pavement was slick beneath her feet with a mixture of rain and ice, but that didn’t slow the vampire who was following her one little bit. Turning off the main street the vampire followed the girl into the alley, he laughed as he did so. He laughed because he knew that this alley was a dead end, with the emphasis on ‘dead’. He also laughed because he was an evil, bloodsucking fiend of the night and well, it was sort of traditional to laugh as you cornered your victim.

Running up to the end of the alley the girl stopped and looked up at the walls that blocked her way out. Not even bothering to try and climb over them, she turned to face the monster that had been chasing her ever since she’d left school that evening. Silently she cursed her luck; she’d been at cheerleading practice after which she’d got talking to her friends once the practice session was over and she’d lost track of time. Then when she’d tried to call her mom on her cell to say she’d be late, she’d found that her cellphone’s battery was dead.

Hurrying home, knowing that her mother would be frantic, she’d not noticed the monster that was following her. When she had, she’d started to run, but not too fast; she’d also run away from bright lights and people, the vampire had been too hungry or too stupid to notice. Turning to face her pursuer Zoe plastered a terrified look on her face that just screamed ‘eat me’! The vampire walked slowly towards her chuckling quietly as he did so.

“Hey,” he smirked, “I bet ya all hot and sweaty and the blood is just pumpin’ round ya body.”

“Gross!” Zoe replied as the vampire moved into her ‘kill zone’, “Sucker!”

Lashing out with the stake that she’d hidden up her sleeve, Zoe watched as the vamp turned into surprised, mud-like ash at her feet.

“Yay me!” Zoe cheered quietly, “Zoe the Vampire Slayer, one…fiends of the night nil!”

Retrieving her stake, Zoe slipped it back up her sleeve, checked left and right just to make sure there were no more vamps about or people that might have seen her slay the bloodsucker. Satisfied that she was alone, Zoe walked back out onto the road, paused to get her bearings and turned to head for home. As she walked, she glanced at her watch and gasped at the time. Her mom would be hysterical with worry, even knowing what her daughter was and what she could do (Miss Kennedy insisted there were no secrets from parents) she still worried if Zoe was out late and hadn’t called home.

The thought of Miss Kennedy reminded Zoe that she’d need to put in a report about the vamp; the leader of the New York Slayers didn’t demand written reports, a verbal report left on the office voice-mail or an e-mail would do. But she did expect timely reports so that the number of monsters seen and slain could be collated and tracked. Once Zoe got home and after calming her mom down she’d need to spend five minutes on her laptop and e-mail her ‘vamp report’ in.

Turning onto her street, Zoe saw the first of the police cars parked in the street. Quickening her pace she saw an ambulance and a coroners van in between the patrol cars. Realising that all the cops and people in white coveralls were going in and out of her building, Zoe started to run. Sliding to halt in front of the cop guarding the entrance to her building, Zoe demanded to know what was going on.

“Sorry miss but you can’t go in,” said the cop as he clutched his clipboard and stood behind the wooden barrier that blocked Zoe’s path into the lobby.

“But I’ve got to,” Zoe felt like screaming but she didn’t; it would do no good and Miss Kennedy was always saying that cops were their friends and you got further with them if you were calm and reasonable.

“Look,” Zoe started again after taking a deep breath to slow her racing heart, “I live here, my mom will be frantic I’m already late.”

“You live here?” the cop frowned down at her, “Can I have your name please?”

“Zoe, Zoe Kersey,” Zoe smiled at the cop; Miss Kennedy was right, all you had to do was be calm and reasonable and….

Zoe noticed the frown on the patrolman’s face, she could sense there was something wrong.

“Could you wait one moment, Miss Ker…!” The officer fell as Zoe pushed him out of the way.

Racing into the lobby, Zoe registered all the other cops, George the night porter standing to one side looking upset. Easily pushing the cops who tried to stop her to one side, she got to the elevator just in time to see it open and a big male detective walk out, followed by a man in a white coverall pushing a sheet draped gurney. The detective tried to stop her but she pushed him out of her way sending him stumbling across the lobby to trip over a potted palm that crashed to the floor. Staring at the sheet covered body, Zoe just knew it was her mother, perhaps it was one of her weird slayer senses, perhaps she just ‘knew’. Reaching towards the sheet, Zoe became aware of another detective in the lift with her this time a woman.

“Don’t,” the detective said gently, “at least not until she’s been cleaned up, you’re Zoe right?”

Olivia recognised the girl from the photograph in he apartment.

“But I’ve got to,” Zoe replied as she took hold of the sheet, “I have to know…”

Pulling back the sheet and exposing her mother’s once beautiful face, Zoe felt her entire world collapse around her. To hell with being calm and reasonable, she thought just before she started to wail and sink to the floor of the elevator. Registering the detective’s arms around her as she tried to comfort her, Zoe promised herself that whoever or whatever had done this to her mother would pay. It was just then that she remembered her little sister had been at home tonight.

“Carol?” Zoe said between her sobs.

“I’m sorry,” the female detective shook her head as she hugged her tightly.


Author’s Note: As this is a Fita spin-off story I should point out that Faith and Willow only appear in chapter three. You can assume that Faith is finishing the criminology course that she started while at Faber College and Willow is in the process of moving house to Grandview in New York State.
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