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Personable Interest

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Summary: Reese and Finch have a new number that doesn't make much sense. Response to Joe's "where are they now?" Challenge.

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Television > Person of InterestbatzulgerFR1586,06859517,98712 Dec 1220 Dec 12Yes


While Reese was enroute to get eyes on their new 'client', Finch returned to his computers. After an hour's labor he was more than a little puzzled.

"Mister Reese, have you located Professor Summers?"

"Not yet. Do you have a description or a photo of her?"

"Actually yes, she completed high school at the American School in Rome. Graduated valedictorian. I found a copy of her international drivers license as well. Sending them now," with the press of a key the bespectacled Finch sent the graduation photo and the license photo to Reese's phone.

"Pretty woman. With all those degrees, I was picturing someone like you Harold."

"That is a sexist attitude Mister Reese."

"My sincere apologies. Any ideas on why she is potentially a target?"

"Not really. Her background has been almost as thoroughly erased as yours or mine. Expert work, but slightly clumsy in execution. I wouldn't have missed the High School in Rome."

"Does her trail start up after High School, Harold?"

"Yes actually..You're thinking Witness Protection aren't you?"

"Possibly. Any family members known?"

"An older sister, Buffy Summers. Works for an NGO based in Scotland. Was assigned to Rome. She was born in Los Angeles and her history is fairly easy to access...well now. The Department of Defense has a block on some records with her name on them."

"The sister?"

"Yes Mister Reese, the sister. I'm beginning to think this number may be an agent or a defector and the older "sister" might be her handler. There are a number of sealed State Department records on both of them as well. I may be able to get access, but it will take some time."

"Interesting...can you run them both for passports? Especially the older sister. It would be nice to know if she's around."

"Really Mister Reese...?" Finch's tone sounded offended at the simplicity of that request. "The TSA and Homeland Security have done all the hard work for me." A few more keypresses then, "Buffy Summers is not in town, but a Passport with an issuing number one digit off from hers arrived at JFK the same time as Dawn."


"Not when they are both US Official Passports, normally only issued to US Government employees working overseas. That is too odd to be any kind of coincidence. Second passport issued to a Faith Lehane. She is a private security contractor attached to the NGO that Professor Summers is working for, an international women's welfare group called the IWC...and she has murky State Department paperwork as well. Before that she was an occupant of the California State Penal system for a double homicide. Escaped and then was given a Federal pardon. Here's a picture...

"So Mister Reese, how does a convicted felon become the bodyguard of a Oxford Professor with the US Government picking up the bill?"

"I could always ask her. She's less than fifty meters from my position, talking to that Oxford Professor..."
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