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Personable Interest

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Summary: Reese and Finch have a new number that doesn't make much sense. Response to Joe's "where are they now?" Challenge.

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Television > Person of InterestbatzulgerFR1586,06859517,98812 Dec 1220 Dec 12Yes


Finch was dialing as Lehane closed the apartment door.


"Ah hello Detective."

"Found the packages our 'friend' left at the subway. All still alive, but in not very good shape. What's going on?"

"The head of the Tajik Intelligence Service is making an attempt on the sister of the head of an NGO that seems to offend him. Probably as leverage. We could use New York's finest at this address to flush out the few hold-outs," Finch keyed in the building number as a text.

"Any bodies?"

"Not yet, but John is still out there."

"I'm on my way."

"Thank you Detective."

"You have an in with the cops?" Lehane asked curiously.

Finch raised his eyebrows, "Your communications tapping technology is quite amazing."

"No tech. My hearing is just that good," Lehane grinned, "You and JR are something else, Harry. What agency ya work for? Our company would hire either of ya in a heartbeat."

"A lovely offer, but the two of us feel we can do more good with the organization we're with, I'm afraid. Thank you anyway."

A voice crackled over the earpiece, "Speak for yourself Harold..."

"Mister Reese, are you tired of my management?"


"Mister Reese?"

"I'm thinking."

Lehane began to laugh again, "You two are a good team. Forget I made th'offer. It'd be like breaking up Keenan and Kel."

"Ruining job prospects for me now Finch? I'll never get that corner..." there was sound of a brief fight, " now. On the stairs heading up."

"Make haste John the police have been summoned."

"Got it."

A minute later Reese and Summers were in the apartment as well. Reese had Nabakov slung over his shoulders in a fireman's carry. He dumped him unceremoniously on the floor.

"Damn he's wicked buff for an old guy," Lehane commented only to receive a dirty look from Summers.

"Thank you I think," Reese replied as he ducked out into the hall and removed all IDs from the unconscious pile Lehane had left. "Faith, give me a hand." He started dragging bodies to the elevator, "Have to give the police something to find."

The two of them soon had a neat pile arranged and sent the elevator down to the second floor before returning. By this time Summers had gotten Nabakov tied to the wooden man and well-blindfolded, before breaking an ammonia capsule under his nose.

There was a burst of spluttering and coughing as the Tajik came around.

"Good afternoon Gospodin Nabakov. I'm Professor Summers, you wanted to talk to me?"

"Where am I? What is this? Where are my...?"

" Oh they're all taking some well deserved timeouts. We're having this chat because the IWC does not like to kill people. You vaguely resemble people, which is why you are getting this one and only chance to back off. Next time I tell some my sister, what you tried. Do you really understand how awful a thing that would be for you? The girls you tried to recruit are babes in the woods compared to Buffy, and she really really doesn't take threats to me very well."

Nabakov didn't move.

"Did ya understand what Dawn was saying at ya? If ya don't I can make sure you never do."

Finch spoke up after looking down at his laptop screen, "Please Ms. Lehane, no more violence. I'm sure Mister Nabakov and his wife and two sons living at 1922 Karaboev Avenue in Dushanbe or at his summer home 246 kilometers north, would not approve."

"My family? You would attack my family?" he sounded pained

"Oh no sir...I would never attack your family. These lovely women, if they felt threatened of course, however? I can not, with any honesty, say. If they don't feel threatened, well I'm sure your family will be fine. isn't that right Professor?" Finch turned to face Summers.

"That sounds fair," Summers tapped Nabakov on the head, "Agreed?"


Summers disappeared into the bathroom and came out with a syringe.

Reese raised an eyebrow.

"Flurazepam. To keep him calm while we move him." Summers replied to the silent question.

The police arrived shortly after and were clearing the unconscious shapes out of the elevator. Nabakov stacked on top.

Finch, Reese, and Bear waited till the last squad car was gone before saying their goodbyes.

"Thanks JR and thanks Harry!"

"It was really cool meeting you guys," Summers added.

"I just hope we don't have to meet like this again," Finch replied.

"Speaking of..." Summers handed Finch a card. "In case you run into something that can't possibly exist. Give us a call."

"Thank you I think? John, shall we go? I need some eggs benedict."

"After you...Harry."



Okay. Where do I start? First the challenge...JoeHundredaire asked "Where are they now?" I picked: No Season 8, and used a character and crossover that I hadn't worked with before. Dawn and PoI.

I used a totally non-supernatural opponent to stay with the spirit of the story which was to follow the rules of the typical PoI episode as closely as possible. That's why POV choices were the way they were (particularly fight scenes). Bear was in, but with four main characters, I couldn't work Fusco or Zoe in, or have more use of Carter. I'm sorry.

PoI is a great series and needs to be watched. Reese and Finch (and Bear) are seriously the coolest team around these days. I just hope I did the comms banter justice.

The End

You have reached the end of "Personable Interest". This story is complete.

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