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Personable Interest

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Summary: Reese and Finch have a new number that doesn't make much sense. Response to Joe's "where are they now?" Challenge.

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Television > Person of InterestbatzulgerFR1586,06859517,98712 Dec 1220 Dec 12Yes


"Mister Reese..." the voice crackled through the earbud.

"And good morning to you too, Harold," the man who called himself Harold Finch shook his head amusedly at the the sardonic tone of his employee's reply, while he busied himself feeding his bodyguard, a Dutch former military police dog named Bear.

"We have a number Mister Reese," Finch replied, after patting the busily eating dog and limping over to his computer workstation.

"Name?" Harold could tell that Reese was interested by the way his tone shifted. Anyone that evr met Reese casually would not have picked it up, but these two men had been working closely together for the past year.

"That was the problem," Harold responded. "We had a number, but no name."

"How can that happen? I thought you were completely tied into the Social Security Administration."

"So did I Mister Reese, so did I. Every attempt I made to access the data was blocked by system failures. I don't think it's obfuscated per se. Merely that whatever security that is on it, is far more devious than I would normally expect the government to provide."


"No...I don't think so. I can beat their systems...I found you after all didn't I?"

"So without a name what can we do?"

"Quite a lot actually. They could hide the name, but we have the number. It was issued before 2011 fortunately. That was the year the Social Security Administration switched to randomization. So we have the zip code where the card was issued and roughly when it was issued within a day or so from the first five digits of the number."

"So Harold, where are they from?"

"Sunnydale California."

"Why does that name sound familiar?"

"That's the town that collapsed into a sinkhole almost a decade ago."

"I assume the local Social Security office was destroyed with that?"

"Oh yes. Which keeps us from getting the hard copies...unless you are willing to break into a US Government records facility in Pennsylvania of course..."

"That sounds like a strong Plan B or C. What else do you have? You wouldn't call me unless you had a idea on the number."

"Very good Mister Reese. We can also assume that the holder is in the New York Area or the Machine would not have flagged it for us. I simply performed a real estate search and employment search using that number. The odds of there being more than a few people with the first five digits are quite slim."


Harold consulted one of the monitors in front of him, "Professor Dawn Summers at Columbia University. She is a visiting scholar from Queen's College in Cambridge England. Received her Bachelor of Arts in Mythology and Linguistics from Harvard. A Masters in Anthropology from University of Chicago, and her Doctorate in Theology of all things from University of Aberdeen where she won the Lumsden and Sachs Fellowship. Very very intelligent young lady Mister Reese."

"So any idea who would be after her?"

"None at all. In fact any opponent would have just as much, if not more, difficulty pulling up her data as I had."

"So how do I find her?"

"I'm sending you her teaching schedule now. Also her local address. I'll keep digging of course."

"Thank you Harold,' with that terse response the man in the suit known as John Reese, went looking for a car to borrow.

BtVS Property: Mutant Enemy Person of Interest Property:Nolan Brothers and JJ Abrams.
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