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For Lack Of A Sheet

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Summary: With no ghost costume available, another choice in costume causes a chain of events which reawakens a forgotten galaxy.

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Games > Sci-Fi > Mass Effect Trilogy
Stargate > Willow-Centered
RubyPaladinFR18520,98954816,01312 Dec 123 Apr 13No

When I Remember Me


Chapter Four

When I Remember Me

-----From The Journal Of Alexander LaVelle Harris----

----February 1st, 2083---

One thing that I probably forgot to mention but that everyone who might be reading this would already know is that I am represent humanity on the Council. When I remember who I was all those years ago, I never could have seen myself in that position nor could anyone who knew me could.

It was much the same for Willow as I am told. She wasn't sure who she was anymore or who to turn to. Everyone she was around was part of her life as Shepard and she didn't have anyone around from her life as simply Willow Rosenberg. The person who offered the solution to the problem was actually Cordelia. The solution, though unorthodox and highly argued (especially by Liara), did work.

Looking back on it now, we shouldn't have been surprised when Amalia destroyed the Watcher's Council and killed the Watchers in England. She was always a paranoid person though I think it was more that she was scared what Willow would have done to her than what would happen to her otherwise.

Cordelia walked into the kitchen that for some reason was attached to the training facility Amalia had built to see the strangest thing she thought she would ever see. Xander Harris was cooking and whatever he was cooking smelled great. He looked up at her as he put something in the oven.

“Hey Cordelia, how's the Cordettes' training?” He asked.

“It's going okay. I think that Harmony might make a very good Inflitrator.” Cordelia replied. “She's taken to a sniper rifle like it was the last pair of Jimmy Choo's on sale.”

“Scary.” He said as he checked the oven's temperature. “I thought they might get hungry when they're done training for the day so I thought I'd whip up something.”

“I thought you went through that ritual to gain the skills and memories of your special forces badass uncle not to become Martha Stewart.” Cordelia said to him.

Xander laughed. “I did gain those skills and I tested them against a few of Amalia's mercs.” He replied. “They're a little embarassed but my Uncle Casey finished his career in the Navy as a cook and he is a damn good cook.”

“Shouldn't Amalia be here?” She asked.

“Boss lady said something about having business to take care of in England.” Xander replied. “I do not what to know what she needs to do in the land of tweed.”

Before she could reply, a very bland male voice spoke over the building's comm system. “There is a call coming through the QEC.”

Cordelia recognized it as one of the VIs that Amalia had progammed to help handle some of the more complicated systems. Leaving Xander to his preparations, she left the training facility and headed towards the building where the QEC was housed. She was one of the few people on the planet that could use it.

“Okay, I'm here.” She said as she entered the room.

The QEC activated and she saw Liara appear. The asari seemed tense about something.

“Liara, is something wrong?” Cordelia asked. “Is...”

“Shepard's fine.” Liara said quickly. “She just came out of a meeting with the Council. They chose to uphold her Spectre status.”

“Good for her.” She replied. “But I don't think you would call for a simple update.”

“No, but she thought she had to go back to the hospital. The turian councilor told a joke.” Liara said with a smile on her face. “Cordelia, she doesn't seem like herself anymore. There is some problem she is having that she isn't letting anyone in on. She's acting like everything is normal but I can tell that something is bothering her.”

“You need someone who she can't shield herself against.” Cordelia replied. “I'd help but I'm a few hundred light years away. What about Anderson or that Kelly chick? Willow couldn't hide anything from Anderson and it seemed like the same with that Kelly chick.”

“Kelly Chambers is still confirmed as dead and Anderson's status is still MIA.” Liara informed her. “I need to find someone here who can drop her shields.”

Cordelia closed her eyes, let out a breath, and rubbed her hands together. An idea had formed in her mind that sounded great in theory but trying to tell the idea to the asari over the QEC would be a lot easier than telling her in person.

“What about Sha'ira?” Cordelia asked.

“You want me to set up Shepard, the woman that I love, with the Consort!” Liara exclaimed. “Are you out of your mind?”

“I'm not saying have Willow sleep with her.” Cordelia said as she tried to defend her position. “I'm saying that we use her gift of reading people to be able to get through to Willow. Besides, you should be thankful that she even met her before in the first place.”

“I should be grateful!” Liara snapped at her.

“Yeah, because after my death,” Cordelia snapped back at her. “Willow closed herself off from the very idea of ever finding love. Her encounter with Sha'ira reawakened that part of her and that was what allowed her to fall in love with you in the first place. She healed Willow which allowed you two to be together. If you can't be thankful for that, then you do not deserve to be with Willow.”

Cordelia watched as the asari that Willow had referred to at times as having a mean streak longer than the distance between the Omega 4 relay and the Charon relay take a few breaths. The asari had turned her head away from her for a moment before she looked back at her.

“You're right, Cordelia.” Liara replied.

“Of course I am.” Cordelia said back to her.

“I'm just not comfortable by putting Shepard in the care of an asari prostitute.” Liara told her.

“I don't blame you. I would be too.” Cordelia said. “There's something else you need to know. Amalia would probably read me the riot act but I think you need to know that your mother has reincarnated as Joyce Summers. She thinks that it won't be long before she begins to remember her previous life and if she does without anyone informing her of the truth.”

“She could go insane.” Liara said before uttering a small curse in an asari dialect. “There's no way I could get to Earth now.”

“You worry about Willow.” Cordelia told her. “I'll worry about Joyce.”

“Thank you.” Liara replied.

“Yeah, I know.” Cordelia said. “Shadow Broker out.”

The look on the asari maiden's face was priceless as Cordelia terminated the call. She began to laugh as she walked out of the room.

Cordelia Chase-1, Galaxy's Most Notorius Information Broker aka the Shadow Broker-0

Willow sat at a table on the Presidium Commons with an asari dish in front of her that Liara had turned her on to. It was made with spices and meat from a species of shark found on Thessia. At least, that was how Liara had explained it to her. She had thought about asking further at the time but thought against it.

“So, what's got you confused?” Aethyta asked.

The asari matriarch who was not only a bartender as well as a spying on Liara for the matriarchs but she was also Liara's father. She was more foul-mouthed than what she was use to when dealing with an asari matriarch but Willow saw that as part of her charm.

“I don't know,” Willow replied. “maybe it's the fact that just a month ago I was a normal sixteen year old hacker who helped her best friend fight vampires.”

“You, a hacker, somehow I see that as something you let that quarian friend of yours take care of.” Aethyta said. “Thanks anyway for doing whatever you did. Dying is a real bitch.”

“Don't I know it.” Willow replied. “I'm still trying to figure myself out.”

“Finding yourself in a world you don't understand can't be easy.” The asari bartender said.

“That's the problem.” Willow said back to her. “I understand this world perfectly. I may be sixteen again but I'm still Commander Shepard, Aethyta.”

“Yeah, otherwise I don't think my little girl would be considered a child molester.” She joked. “What I'm scared about is that I'm worried which me is the real me. If I had never made that wish and got the costume armor, would I have still become as strong as I had been when I was just Shepard?” Willow said to her. “Or would I have been a mousy little girl my entire life?”

That made Aethyta laugh. “Kid, you would have been the same no matter what.” She said. “Even if you had went an entire lifetime without bringing all this back,” She waved a hand around indicating the Citadel and everything else. “you still would have found the same spirit and drive that you've always had.”

Willow looked down at her food for a few moments as she let Aethyta's words sink in. She smiled and looked back at her.

“And they laughed the blue off your ass.” She said with a laugh.

“And now, I serve drinks.” Aethyta replied. “It was nice talking to you, Shepard.”

“Same to you.” She replied.

A hard slap across his face woke him up. Quentin Travers raised his head and noticed two very infuriating problems. One, he and the rest of the High Council of Watchers were handcuffed to a strange object in the center of the table. The second was the dark haired woman who lead the highly effective assault team that had invaded their headquarters. She smiled at him.

“Wake up, Quentin.” She said.

“Who are you?! How dare you attack us?!” He shouted at her. “Do you have any idea who we are?!”

“Yes, and frankly, I don't give a damn.” She replied. “You've been out for several hours which was long enough for my men to remove everything from the building that wasn't furniture. I then took a look around for any part of the décor I thought looked nice. Nice fifth century Persian rug by the way, Quentin. That will look great in my office.”

“You're just a thief.” Quentin said to her with a sneer. “That's all you are.”

“No, I know of a thief would would have picked this place clean without anyone knowing she was here.” The woman replied. “This is more along the lines of 'to the victor goes the spoils'. I'm pillaging. Besides, what I took will be of great use and doesn't need to be destroyed by the one kiloton nuclear device you and your associates are handcuffed to.”

That statement got the attention of everyone in the room as they began to pull against their handcuffs in a vain attempt to gain their freedom. The dark haired woman laughed at them as well as a couple of the men dressed head to toe in some type of white combat armor.

“I am simply eliminating a threat. Of course, I don't consider you a threat to me.” She continued. “What you might have done in the not so distant future could have had reprecussions on me because of the person I work for. She is someone who anyone would be suicidal to cross. If you did, she could potentially lead an army of beings that your dimunitive mind would believe were demons to destroy you. She's done it before.”

Suddenly, a shot rang out from one of the armored men and Quentin saw Wyndham-Pryce grab his hand. The sound of a gun clattering to the floor was heard and the woman walked over and picked the weapon up.

“Walther PPK.” She said as she pulled back the slide. She pointed the pistol at Wyndham-Pryce and fired. The man buckled and screamed in pain as if she'd shot him in a knee. “I believe Mister Harris would make a James Bond joke.”

“You're from Sunnydale.” He said to her.

“I see your doctorate from Oxford hasn't gone to waste. But I do have an excellent offer for you, Quentin.” She told him. “I found files that suggest that this man” An orange gauntlet that appeared to be made out of light appeared over her right arm and an image of a dark skinned man appeared in front of her. “appeared somewhere in London babbling about Reapers. You used your pull with the British government to have the man placed in the custody of the Watchters' Council and you then had him moved to a mental institution somewhere in the United States.”

“What are you getting at?” Quentin asked.

“It's quite simple, Quentin. You tell me where the man is” The woman said as she produced the key for the handcuffs. “and I'll let you go. I should inform you that the device is armed.”

“West Plains Sanctuary.” He said quickly.

“Good, you are capable of learning.” She replied as she unlocked the cuffs.

He tried to make a hasty getaway but only got a scant few feet away before two shots rang out and he fell to the ground. He saw her put the PPK back onto the table as she walked towards the council room's doors.

“I never said you'd have your knees, Quentin.” She informed him.

To say that Joyce Summers was distressed would have been an understatement. She had just finished putting her youngest daughter to bed and she had referred to her by a name that was completely foreign to her. The name invoked feelings that she couldn't understand. They were strong feelings that seemed to have memories behind them but she couldn't remember what they were. She was brought out of her thoughts as she heard a knocking sound on her front door. Joyce went to the front door and opened it to find a brunette girl about her daughter's age standing there.

“Hello, Miss Summers.” She said. “My name is Cordelia.”

“I'm sorry, Cordelia.” Joyce replied as she assumed that Cordelia was one of her daughter's friends. “Buffy is still out.”

“That's part of the reason why I chose now to come.” Cordelia said. “It's about Little Wing.”

“How do you know that name?” Joyce asked her.

“You called your daughter that just before you put her to bed, didn't you?” Cordelia asked.

“I think you should leave.” Joyce informed her sternly.

“I think you need to know about Benezia---”

As soon as the name crossed her lips, Joyce glowed a dark blue before she flung a warp at Cordelia. The ball of biotic energy struck Cordelia in her chest and flung her off the porch and onto the sidewalk. She let out a cry of pain when she hit the ground but she noticed that Joyce had went to one knee as she clutched her head.

Colonel Jack O'Neill looked out over the frozen world that had been one of hundreds of worlds that had been mysteriously added to the dialing computer of the SGC. Ordinarily, the mystery might have intrigued him but with the death of his sister and her family made his thoughts go elsewhere. The icy world's thin atmosphere required them to wear spacesuits. Samantha Carter was investigating the wreckage of a spacecraft that had come down on the planet. They wouldn't be able to stay long with the limited air supply of the suits. Daniel had found some sort of datapad that he thought might contain log entries from a member of the unfortunate vessel's crew.

“O'Neill.” Teal'c said loudly.

He walked over to where his best alien friend was to see that the Jaffa had discovered two things that made him want to leave the planet even more. A large section of the ship's outer hull could be seen as well as a name had still been visible.

“Normandy.” O'Neill read out loud as he noticed the obvious memorial that had been placed in front of the section of the hull. “Carter, Jackson, we're leaving now.”

“Sir, there's still more of this ship to look through.” Carter replied as she tried to convince him to allow the team to stay here longer.

“Carter, we wouldn't want anyone trying to salvage the Arizona.” He said to her. “We shouldn't be here trying to salvage this ship.”

Hours later, O'Neill walked into Carter's lab to see her working on her laptop. She had called him down here because of data she had managed to pull from the ship's computer. Images from what might have been surveillance cameras inside the ship that had captured the ship's final moments. Some unknown ship had attacked the Normandy and the ship's commander had given the order to abandon ship. The jumbled images froze on the screen as he saw the face of the ship's commander just before she put her suit's helmet on.. It was like looking at a ghost as he saw the face of his niece on the screen. It hurt even more when he heard her voice.

“Distress beacon is away.” Willow said to the alien on the screen with her.

“Will the Alliance get here in time?” The alien asked.

Static filled the screen but the video resumed with his 'niece' looking back at the alien.

“Liara, go” Willow said to her. “now.”

“Aye, aye.” Liara replied before she ran off.

The video ended and Carter looked back at her commanding officer.

“I thought you needed to see it, Colonel.” She said.
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