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Buffy V. The Avengers

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Summary: Buffy is approached by Fury to help to Avengers with their god problems.

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Chapter 6

Joss Whedon owns Buffy, and Marvel owns all the Marvel characters, and thanks for all the reviews!

“Will, we need to have a council meeting.”

“Ok Buff, do you want me to send out the signal? Where should I tell them to meet?”

“No I already sent out the text, everyone will be here within a week.”

“Ok, well good, so what’s the what?”

“Fury wants to recruit slayers, and I told him no, well I told him the council had to make a decision and I’m afraid that the slayers will go all mutiny on the council because of the cool superhero thing.”

“Oh, well, would it be so bad? There are more slayers than are strictly needed to keep demons in check now, and we already know some of them are joining the local police force, and, and that one girl in China is in the Army.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of Will. What if they start joining the army and political relations start to deteriorate and wars start and look how hard it was to deal with Faith? What if more girls start choosing to kill humans and we lose control!?”

“Buffy, we don’t have control of the slayers. We can’t have control of them. A certain percentage are going to let the power go to their head. You know that, and we have dealt with them as they come up, but we will never have control of them.” This only made Buffy more agitated and she started to pace.

“It’s gona be ok Buffy.”

“What if they hurt people? It would be my fault, I gave them this power and now they join the army and the world goes to war and they kill people?! What if they kill a lot of people Will?”

“Do you really think most slayers would do that? Have you ever wanted to do that? The potentials all had something. These girls are supposed to be inherently good and want to help people. I think that’s why Mei joined the army in China, she wants to help, and hey, I’m the one that performed the spell, so my fault too.”

“I know their intentions are good or they start out that way, but what if they are corrupted? Look how easy it was for Loki to control them!”

“You can’t worry about that, you can keep yourself and the council very connected to the slayers, and if you notice a problem, or a watcher sees a pattern then we can intervene, but you can’t spend your days worrying about what might happen. You can only train them and hope they use their powers for good. You know why I trust them? Because they are like you. Because they come from the same line and stock as you. They are not rich billionaires or radiation enhanced, but were born heroines. Buffy, I have never met anyone as willing to do the right thing. You died for us, and these girls would do the same.”

“Thanks Will.”

“No problem and you know if we decide to start officially making policy about this, we can make sure there are special required classes. You know, like on how delicate international relations can be, and what the slayers responsibility is to the world, and ooh, we could be all official with our dealing with the government, with special monogramed paper and we could have secret meetings in dark alleys and board rooms. That could be fun, right Buff?”

Buffy laughed. “Let’s talk to the council and see what they have to say. I don’t want to sell it as a positive thing, or a negative, but if I am overruled, I won’t stand in the way. I already know what Xander will want. I’m not exactly sure about Faith. She kept her identity a secret, even though Fury already knew about slayers, she may want to keep them separate, or as much as we can.”

“I don’t know, but I think Giles won’t like it, and Kennedy, she doesn’t like the authority of the Council, and I doubt she would be ok with working with governments.”

“Yeah, but I think we should look into SHIELD more before we have the meeting. Can you hack their files? See what they have hidden in there?”

“Already done, but there isn’t as much as you’d think. They probably have some secret underground facility with all their information stored in files, so they can’t be hacked, or if they are digital, I bet they have some nifty defenses. I’ll see what I can find, and Dawn has all the stuff I already borrowed.”

“Dawn’s another problem I have to figure out. I don’t understand what she wants. One minute she says she wants to go as far away from me as possible for college, and the next day she is angry I won’t let her be a watcher! I want her to go to school, and if she wants to be a watcher I’d support her, but she keeps throwing around wild accusations about what I will and won’t let her do.”

“She’s seventeen, and she doesn’t have close friends like me and Xander to help her through it. Her hometown is gone, her friends are gone, and she’s the head slayers kid sister. The girls are weary of telling her secrets or you know, it’s like she has a cop for a dad.”

“So they see me as a cop?”

“Well no, that wasn’t right, but like the boss, and if they say the wrong thing they could get fired or written up.”

“So it’s my fault she doesn’t have any friends?”

“That’s not what I’m saying Buffy, and it seems like you are willfully ignoring my point or maybe I’m not explaining it right. Dawn wants to be a part of the council, but she’s never going to be a slayer, and she wants to be respected in her own right. She wants to have friends that she can trust, and that rely on her, and not her big sister, but she knows she can’t tell anyone at college about us, so she wants to be far away, and maybe keep her normal college friends separate from the supernatural. I don’t know everything she wants, but I know she wants to be respected for being more than your little sister.”

“Do you think I’m doing something to make her feel that way, I mean more than a parent or a sister would normally?” She didn’t ask in a defensive tone and Willow relaxed.

“Yes and no. Our line of work puts her in danger all the time, you have to be cautious with her, but she is much more than you give her credit for. She trains young witches and teaches slayer basics. She can research with Giles and her demon language knowledge is extensive. I’ve even seen her take out vampires when she goes out with the new slayers on their first patrols. She’s amazing Buffy.”

“I know.”

“You know?”

“Of course, but she’s still pretty young, and she’s always going to be my little sister, no matter how tall and pretty and smart she gets.”

“Maybe you should be having this conversation with her.”

“She gets defensive before we can even talk about it. I’ve tried asking her what she wants to do, and she storms off screaming and slamming doors. It doesn’t really make me think I can send her away to college when she acts like that.”

“You’re the adult Buffy. I’ve seen you take on fifteen vampires at once, train hundreds of teenage girls, and stop all the major apocalypses, you can do this.”

“Yeah, but those things weren’t as scary as Dawn.”

“I called this council meeting because General Fury wants permission to recruit slayers to SHIELD and possibly the Avengers.”

“You can’t be serious Buffy. We must remain neutral in matters of the state.”

“Giles, we don’t make unilateral decisions anymore, no matter how much I agree with you, we have to be able to consider these requests. We live in a different world now, and there are already slayers with military and local police connections. We have to consider it.”

“Have you considered the global consequences of this? This could be disastrous!”

“Of course I have! That is why I told Fury no, but I think we should start talking about it more. He’s not the first offer I’ve had, and he won’t be the last. We have to make policy, and you know as well as anyone that the supernatural is happening more and more in the open. The world knows about the Avengers and Loki. We may be able to keep slayers from the general public, but Fury knew how to find me, and the government knows what we are. There are slayers in every country, and they will want to protect their people. We can’t ignore this Giles.”

“We cannot decide the fate of slayers today. We need more time to talk about this.”

“It’s the whole reason I called this council, and we need to discuss what will happen with Fairchild.” She looked to Faith. “Faith is going to take over North America and she is going to be in charge of at least Fairchild, and if that goes well, I want her to head that division.”

The council erupted into argument, and Buffy smiled at Faith.

“Looks like they don’t agree with you B.” She stood upright and looked at the door.

“Nah, you know how slayers are, each and every one of them feels like the chosen one. Give it time, you’ve been gone for two years, but people remember what you did to close the hellmouth with us, and most importantly you’re one of the original slayers. I hear the girls talking about you all the time. They practically worship you.”

“No shit?”

“Well I tell them about you, and not just your mistakes, but we talk mostly about all the good things you and I did together, and what you did alone. You know there were records all over the world when the council blew up. We didn’t lose everything. When I tell them of our mistakes, I make sure I don’t gloss over mine, and focus on yours. They need to know that slayers make mistakes, and the only way to move on is to learn from them. It’s been really important as we move forward with a bunch of women who feel like the chosen one to have an example of how things work out and don’t work out when they work with other slayers. It makes them feel like they aren’t the only ones feeling those things.”

“Everybody shut up!” Dawn screamed and the council stoped. “I think we should take a vote, since that is what the point of the council is. All those in favor of Faith taking over North America and rehabilitating Fairchild, raise your hand.”

“Wait, don’t I get to make my case?”

“No, we all know your strengths and weaknesses.”

“All those in favor?” Most of the room raised their hands.

“Good, that’s settled. Faith I want to talk to you about Fairchild, some of the New York slayers have been giving me a lot of information about her. Buffy I think we should talk about Fury’s offer. What exactly did he want?”

“Damn B, kid sister’s running the show.”

“She is pretty cool isn’t she?”

“Yeah, hey thanks kid, I’ll talk to you after the meeting.” Dawn rolled her eyes, but she smiled and looked at Buffy.

“Fury thought I might not be fair in my pitch, so I asked him to do the spiel. That way he can’t claim I talked only about the negatives. I want to warn you though, I will have my say, we will not be taking a vote today, and we’ll all have our chance to be heard.”

She looked at the door and nodded her head. Sarah, one of the New York slayers opened the door, and gestured to General Fury.

“Alright Fury, make your case. Everyone else, let him talk, and after he’s done we can have our question and answer session.”

“Damn B, she really is in charge.”

“I’m hoping she’ll take over for Giles, since he’s so old, he’ll probably be senile soon, and she knows the library almost as well as he does.”

“Thank you very much ladies!” Giles began to clean his glasses amid the laughter, and Xander said, “Don’t worry about it G man, you have two or three years left in you at least.”

Dawn glared at the group, and nodded at Fury to begin.

“I know there are a lot of you that don’t trust the government, and frankly, I agree with you, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past few years, it’s that government agencies need to work together, share information and help each other. I know you’re not government, and I don’t expect you to tell me anything about your organization, but I believe some of your girls might be able to help us with our more supernatural cases in exchange for training. I know you already have comprehensive training, and you do not allow guns, but that doesn’t mean the enemy won’t use them. Having a few girls working with us mostly as a liaison between organizations and helping us with our weirder cases isn’t asking too much. I ask for two or three at a time, with more permanent situations set up if one or more of the slayers fit in well with our work.”

“How long would you want them to commit too?”

“Commitment isn’t necessary per se.”

“I would want them to commit. These girls are young, and I wouldn’t allow anyone under 18 or maybe even 21 to do this, but they have to commit to a time frame. Responsibility is important.”

“What I mean is I’m flexible. I haven’t got a lot of strict rules for the Avengers, and I would not expect slayers to be available all the time. I know they have responsibilities to the council.”

“How would you compensate them?”

“As any soldier. They would be housed and fed, and given a food and recreation allowance while they train, and if they are hired on they would have the same benefits as any agent. Health and dental of course, and a pension and they would be well paid.”

Giles had been silent listening intently, but now he had questions. “And how would you account for their presence? Slayers may be known by the United States government, but we are attempting to remain anonymous as much as is possible.”

“While your illustrious leader already mentioned slayers to the Avengers, SHIELD agents do not know about slayers. They do know about mutants and are used to dealing with super human agents. They would not be questioned, and if they are, you are free to come up with whatever explanation you prefer.”

“Why should we trust you?”

“You probably shouldn’t trust anything the American government says, but while I’m in charge of SHIELD and the Avengers initiative you can trust that I will not harm or exploit your slayers.”

The group stared at him. He did not know that the word, “initiative,“ was almost a dirty word in this circle, and he looked back and forth between the people waiting for the next question.

“What kind of guarantee can you offer for the safety of our slayers?”

“I can’t, but neither can you. Slayers are in danger every day. I only offer them a chance to learn and possibly work with our team.”

“What kind of work would they do? You mentioned weirder cases, what does that mean?”

“Loki is a good example. We have a lot of experience with science experiments gone wrong and we know a lot about mutants and even some aliens, but we are basically flying blind when it comes to magic and the supernatural. Last year there was a vampire surge in Jersey and we had no idea what was happening, and we were just as stumped when they were suddenly taken care of. The government has turned a blind eye to magic and we are caught with our pants down.”

“So you really just want a slayer so she can slay on command?”

“Isn’t that what you have them for?”

“Hey now, let’s not argue.” Willow held up her hand, and Buffy smiled.

“Willow, do you have a question?”

“Well I was thinking, since slayers are good with the slaying and witches are good with the witchy, shouldn’t you have one of each, and maybe even a watcher? Like a trio, but not the bad kind.” She looked at Andrew and shook her head. “What I mean is, Slayers are very smart, but they don’t get a lot of training in witch stuff, so having a witch paired with them has worked well for us, and having a watcher to help, has always been good. Giles saved us all kinds of times, and he knows books and ancient prophecies and stuff, so if you are looking for help with the supernatural, you really need more than just a couple of slayers.”

“She has a point Fury.”

“Do you have extra witches and watchers to spare?”

“We have trained a lot of both in the last few years, and if you agreed to further their training and allow ours to continue on a limited basis, we could possibly spare one of each, but we still have a lot to discuss. Will you be available if we have more questions?”

“Yes, you have my number. When do you think you will have a decision made?”

“By the end of the week we will have something figured out.”

“Will you be staying in New York until then?”

“Yeah, we have to figure out what went wrong with the New York branch before we can go anywhere anyway.”

“Stark has invited Dr. Rosenberg to “come and play,” whenever she wants to, and I know the rest of you would be welcome here or at the Baxter building.”

“Thanks, we have a lot to do, but I will be in contact with you soon.” Fury nodded to Buffy and Faith and walked out of the room.

Dawn was looking at Buffy like she wanted to say something, but not in front of everyone. “We can talk in a few minutes Dawn, let’s finish up the meeting.”

“Ok, so does anyone have anything to say?” Dawn took over the meeting again and everyone looked at her.

“Can I be the watcher?”


“But I know a lot more about this world than Xander!”

“Andrew we haven’t even decided if we should do this, and I imagine they will have some sort of criteria if we agree to it.”

“You do not know more about superheros than I do!”

“Enough! I think we should reconvene tomorrow and discuss it then.”


When everyone was gone Dawn approached Buffy. “I think you should let me be in charge of this.”

To Buffy’s credit, she didn’t immediately turn her down. “What exactly do you mean?”

“Before you say no, I don’t want to be an intern or a watcher or whatever, but I was thinking about majoring in either law or international relations, maybe both, and I have been in charge of the council meetings, and I organize the educational training and schedules for at least three of the schools, and we need people to be the go between for these kinds of institutions and I’m a better manager than I am a witch, and then I can help and go to school-“

“Dawn, you’re rambling. Take a breath.” Buffy smiled at her. “Ok, let’s say that the council approves of this alliance-“

“They will.”

“Ok, let’s say that they do, I want college to be your first priority, no matter what your connections to slayers or the council or even the Avengers. If you can keep your grades up, and you don’t start falling behind, I think it might be a possibility, but I want someone to oversee it. You are smart and good at managing things, but I want someone to make sure you don’t lead us into world war three on accident. At least until you graduate.”

Dawn was already jumping up and down, thanking Buffy by the time she got to the end of her speech. “And you know you can’t jump up and down in a board room full of people.” She laughed and hugged her sister. “So you should probably figure out where you want to go to college. I guess it will have to be close to wherever the interns end up, or wherever home base is.”

“We can video chat Buffy, I don’t even need to be in the same city, but I can try to be close. New York would be awesome!”

“There would be an ocean between us.”

“You could come visit the New York slayers more. They need it, Vi has been saying she doesn’t want to be in charge of North America anymore, and Faith will need some training, you could spend some time over here, and besides, you said last week you were tired of Scotland.”

“School first, find a school, and by then we can figure out your part in all this superhero stuff.”

“Buffy, you know this will be a two way investigation. They will get to find out what slayers and witches are, but we will get to investigate mutants and aliens and even the government.”

“Yeah, I know. I’m just afraid of them trying to play Frankenstein with our people, or what happens if they turn against us, and then they know who all the slayers are?”

“Yeah, I don’t think we should work that closely with them or anyone else. I think they shouldn’t get to know that stuff, except with the interns, and even then, they could have code names or something, but we have to at least give them enough to trust us.”

“When did you grow up?”

“Last night, it was a spell, Willow said it would make me taller too, but I don’t think that part worked.”

Buffy glared.

“I’m kidding!”
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