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Buffy V. The Avengers

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Summary: Buffy is approached by Fury to help to Avengers with their god problems.

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Chapter 7

As always, thanks for reading and reviewing. Joss Whedon and Marvel own these characters.

“Hey Summers, you patrolling tonight?”

“Faith’s taking the slayers out, why?”

“Are you gona let her get all the guts and glory?”

Buffy laughed at the man. “I’ve had enough guts on me for a lifetime of glory. If you want to go with them, I’m sure she would appreciate the company of someone of the male variety that doesn’t follow her around with a camera talking about Dr. Who.”

“Who says I won’t bring a camera? And anyway, I figured since Betty returned you’d need to blow off a little steam. Come on, we don’t have to go with all the youngsters, and I think I found a nest.”

“Youngsters? What are you like a hundred?”

“Nobody knows, and I can’t remember, so are you in or are you out?”

“So you have a taste for vampires now?”

“And you don’t?”

“Vampire slayer. It’s kind of my official taste, what’s your excuse?”

“I don’t like killing anything, but it’s what I’m good at, and with vampires I don’t feel bad afterward. Don’t you want to do what you’re good at?”

“That’s so, so-“

“Oh, come on, don’t tell me you don’t feel satisfied after you take out a couple of those fanged bastards. I’ve seen you kill them, I can smell the adrenaline in your veins and more importantly I’ve seen the self-righteous look on your pretty face after you’ve taken out a nest. You like it just as much as I do, probably more.”

“I thought we covered that, vampire slayer.” She said it slowly and glared at him. “I have thousands of years of dream memories in my head of slayers killing vampires, and vampires killing slayers, and some mystical demon energy that pre-programs me to want to kill them and yeah, I like knowing that even though I couldn’t save their lives, at least I can stop them from killing again. You’re supposed to be human, aren’t you?”

“I’m a mutant human, and when has humanity ever been peace loving?”

She sighed, “since never.”

“Come on, I want to see what you can do. Last time we went out, you let Faith do most of the work.”

“I could toss you around for a bit, and then you’d know.”

“Maybe I’ll let you, after we take out the nest.” He waggled his significantly hairy eye brows at her and she laughed. “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

She stood up, and grabbed her scythe. “Yeah, that’s all I need, a fluffy puppy following me around wanting to play.”

“I thought chicks liked puppies?”

She rolled her eyes at him. “You gona take a stake?”

“Nah,” his claws came out and he smiled. “I have my own weapons.”

“You are like the cheesiest man I have ever met.”

Buffy followed Logan into the sewers. “Home sweet home.” The walked for a few miles, and Buffy stopped. “There are a lot of them, maybe ten or twelve about a half mile down that tunnel.”

“How do you know that?”

“My spidey senses are tingling. Come on, let’s get them before they run.”

“Spidey senses? You’re gona have to explain that latter. So you think they will run from us?”

“Most of them know who I am now. The days of secret identity girl are over.” She paused for a minute and listened. “We have to move fast. They can sense me already.” She took off toward the nest, running through the tunnel, and just outside the makeshift door, she paused and waited for Logan to catch up before she kicked in the door.


“Vampire!” She looked at Logan, “you have to treat them like it’s the first day of school. First we introduce each other and then-“

“I’ve waited years for this, I’m going to kill you and then make you my bride! We will rule this world and drink the blood of virgins and slayers together!”

“And then they just tell you their evil plan. I mean come on, we’ve known each other for what, thirty seconds, and the mysteries already gone. What kind of marriage are we gona have?” She looked back to Logan, “and the plan is always the same. They want to kill me, and maim me, and there will be much pain, blah blah blah. You’d think they could come up with something new after centuries of failure. Almost makes it boring.”

“Uh, hey boss? That’s her, that’s The Slayer.”

“I know who she is. Take her! And kill her friend!”

The vampires moved to surround her, and she started hacking off limbs and heads when they were close enough. When they moved in as a team she jumped above the group and started staking them from behind as they attacked Logan. He was a formidable fighter and she took out a few more before she let him be and went after the leader and the two that followed him.

They were only about a quarter mile up the tunnel when she caught up with them. She took out his guard with barely more than a flick of her wrist, and the leader stopped. He was old, not as old as a master, but almost. His body was still mostly human looking, but his face had the look of the master she killed when she was sixteen. He smiled at her. She could hear Logan killing the last of the vampires, and running toward them, so she let herself focus only on the vampire.

“Come on Slayer, let’s see what you’ve got.” They circled around the tunnel junction, and when Buffy leapt, he slammed her down. “I’m not some week fledgling you can take out in one swing. I have more power than you can imagine.”

She stood up and wiped the blood off her lip. “I guess not, you’re the first vampire to draw blood in a long time. Wanna taste?” She held up her hand and the vampire started to get antsy. “An old friend of mine told me slayer blood is an aphrodisiac.”

“What are you doing?”

She looked back at Logan and smiled. “He said he was going to make me his bride, I’m just making sure our wedding night isn’t a total bust, since he’s like older than Giles, he probably needs a little extra help.” She turned back to the vampire. “Don’t you old man?”

She finally hit the nerve and the vampire roared. As he ran at her, she stepped out of the way, and kicked him over.

“Slowing down? Should I go easy on your old bones?” He lunged for her again and the fight was on. He was fast, but Buffy was faster. Every move he made she anticipated and blocked or used to her advantage. At first it seemed like she wanted to wail on the vampire for a while, and then she began to tire, and just as the vampire began to feel confident, and Logan was going to step in, she cut off his legs with the scythe and stood over him.

“They always fall for the tired old slayer act. Since we’re all about sharing our evil plans, I’m gona let you in on a little secret. That bed time story you’re all telling each other that the slayer is going to get old and tired, it’s a myth. I’m only getting stronger and faster.”

“You can’t live forever slayer, your time will come.”

“Been there done that, didn’t stick, but I bet it will for you.” She staked him and looked into the next tunnel. “Come on fluffy, there are a bunch more down here, let’s have some fun.”

“Well look who’s leading the charge. I thought you didn’t want to come?”

“What can I say, now that I’m down here covered in vampire dust and sewer slime I just feel a little nostalgic for the old days.”

“Knew you needed a good fight.”

“Too much time setting up the council makes Buffy a dull girl. Let’s go, they are already running away. Makes me miss the old days when they actually wanted to attack me.”

“You mean they didn’t always run from you?”

“Most slayers are killed by vampires, sooner than later, or they were. It only takes one small mistake and some low level demon gets lucky and kills the slayer. Most of the time it was the older vamps, but any vampire can kill you. That’s why they don’t patrol alone anymore.”

Logan nodded, but didn’t know what to say. He heard the story of how Buffy and the witch changed the slayer line, but he hadn’t thought about what it was like before there were hundreds of slayers. It made him angry, and as they ran through nest after nest, he felt a kind of righteous anger fuel his charges. He watched Buffy; sometimes she punned and teased them, and sometimes she ran through the nest like some kind of beautiful tiny blonde killing machine. She wasn’t perfect, and sometimes they were overwhelmed and she took a few hits and stabs, but she seemed to heal, almost as fast as he did.

“I knew you healed fast, but that is incredible.”

“Faith is healing faster too. I wasn’t kidding when I said that slayers get stronger and faster. It applies to all of our powers. I can sense vampires from much farther away, my dreams are becoming clearer, but unfortunately it doesn’t extend to my cooking abilities. Come on, let’s go top side and get something to eat.”

“I could eat.”

“Good, because the slayer metabolism is faster too. I’m starving.”

“I’ll buy dinner.”

“You’ll probably regret that. I can eat a lot.”

“I don’t doubt you can pack it in, but how much can you eat? You’re barely ninety pounds soaking wet.”

“Mystical demon powers remember? I can out eat most people. I want to change first. Vamps are good for not splashing acidic blood on my clothes, but the sewer isn’t as kind.”

“You do kinda stink.”

“I could kill you, fluffy.”

“No you can’t, and stop calling me fluffy!”

“You kind of look like the juice guy with those eyebrows. I could call you juice guy.”

“I do not look like the juice guy! Who’s the juice guy?”

“Infomercial superstar. I’ll show you when we get back to the hotel.”

Buffy and Logan were eating in when the earth quake hit. It wasn’t a big one, but it took New York by surprise, and Buffy started to panic.

“What’s going on? Why are you so worried, it’s just an earthquake?”

“It’s never just an earthquake, and this is New York, when are there earthquakes here? We need to talk to Giles, and I want to make sure everyone is ok.”

“You do have a point. I’ll call Professor Xavier, he may know something.”

“Yeah, that’s good, I’ll look into the mystical side of things, and you look into the mutant side. I really don’t know much about your world. I’ve been sheltered by vampires and demons, too busy trying to stay alive to worry about superheroes.”

“Well I don’t know much about the mutant world either, but the professor does.”

Buffy got out her phone and called Dawn and a car came by and picked them up.

“So is your professor like my Giles?”

“Yeah, sort of.”

“Where is he located?”

“He runs a school for mutants not far from here.”

“Let’s talk to Giles. If he doesn’t know what’s going on, we can go to this school, and talk to your professor.”

“Don’t you think you’re overreacting a little?”

“No, and it’s why I’m still alive, because I pay attention to the signals. There are no coincidences. If this was California, it might just be an earthquake, but it’s New York, and we have the whole superhero gang, and the two top slayers here. There’s no way that was random.”
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