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Buffy V. The Avengers

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Summary: Buffy is approached by Fury to help to Avengers with their god problems.

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Buffy-CenteredSSanchezFR18819,64024331,20115 Dec 1228 Apr 13No

Chapter One

Joss owns Buffy, and I think Disney owns Marvel, or Stan Lee. The important thing is that I own none of it. It's based on the movie more than the comic books, so Joss Whedon all the way.

“Wait, who are you again?”

“Buffy, he said it like three times, it’s General Nick Fury, director of SHIELD, you should know who he is, I’ve only been talking about him since we met. I can’t believe he’s here!”

“Hey, just because you’re heroes are pirates doesn’t mean I keep track of every eye patched man to walk the earth.”
“He was my hero long before the evil preacher popped out my eye.”

“Will you please stop this nonsense, Mr. Fury is clearly here for a purpose.” Giles furiously started cleaning his glasses and making a strange clicking sound, and Buffy sighed.

“He’s not wrong, so Mr. Furry, what can I do for you.”

“Fury, Buffy, Fury, not Furry.”

“Ms. Summers we-“

“Call me Buffy, please, Ms. Summers is my mom.”

“I want you to be a part or our Avengers team.”

“The what?”

“My god Buffy, haven’t you been listening to anything I’ve said in the last ten years? The Avengers! And yes she does want to be part of the team. Ooh, and a costume! Please be tight and red leather.”

“I can’t be part of some military team Xander, don’t you remember the initiative? Plus, I have a job here, training the girls and gross, I would never wear red leather.”
“We are aware of the trouble that group of idiots caused you in Sunnydale, and we have no interest in your monsters, or trying to control them, and this would be a temporary arrangement. We need all the help we can get, and you are the only one outside our Avengers, that have any experience with an angry God.”

“Wait what?”

“Loki, has been banished from Asgard, and even with Thor helping us it’s not enough this time. He’s got a secret weapon.”

“They always have a secret weapon. So what do you want me to do about it? Last time I faced a god, I didn’t exactly win. There was this whole part where I died, and much badness ensued.”

“You stopped the God, that’s what matters.”

“We stopped the God, I didn’t even kill her, Giles did, and the rest of my team is equally responsible, so what’s this secret weapon?”

“Slayers.” Silence, and eventually the team started to groan.

“Why would slayers be helping him?”

“Last time Loki tried to take over the planet, he was able to utilize mind control, and we think there are some slayers that may have joined him willingly.”
Buffy sighed. “That makes this our business, mind control or not, the slayers are our responsibility. Will, do you think you can try and figure out a way to break the mind control, and maybe a locator spell?”

“On it.”

“Xander, see if any of the girls in have been approached. Dawn-“

“I know I know, research girl, you know you can’t keep me stuck in the library forever, I turn 18 next month.”

“I was going to say pack a bag, and come with me to meet the average dudes, but if you want to stick to the library I’m sure Giles could use your language skills.”

“Yah! This is so exciting!” Dawn squealed, and Buffy realized this was going to be a huge mistake.

“Giles, can you research this Poki God? And Ass-guard?”

“Yes of course, but I must ask Mr. Fury. Is he the one that I am remembering from my childhood stories?”

“Yes, but the government classifies them as aliens, they come from another world, but they seem themselves as Gods, as our ancestors did.” He handed Buffy a file, and began to walk with her down the hall of the old castle.

“So Furry, what’s this poki god like anyway?”
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