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Ship of the Line: Hunting Snakes

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Summary: During Halloween the Chaos Spell pulled in more then just the costumes and personilities but a complete ship of the line to go with it, and this Hunter is ready to hunt some snakes...Completed for Now!

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Star Wars > General
Stargate > Xander-Centered
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Part 02: Through the Gate

Disclaimer: I do not in any way own Stargate SG-1, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Star Wars: The Clone Wars. They are owned by their respective owners. Thank you.

Part 02: Through the Gate

The Earth Defense Council or better known simply just as the Council is an international body organized to oversee and command the Stargate Program, and the new Aerospace Defense Force. The Council is made up of a single representative from several different Earthbound nations, and are tasked to be the higher authority to the defense of the planet.

The Council was first formed when American President Jack Ryan made the decision to reveal the Stargate program to several nations in secret after first contact with the Tok’ra believing that the United States couldn’t make a treaty with them without the support of other nations. This would end up being an unpopular decision along the higher-end staff of the United States Military who wanted to keep the program in house. However thanks to the funding and support of the other nations in council the Stargate Program is able to be a lot more efficient and larger then the US-sponsored program could ever hope to be.

Even though the Stargate Program could now draw personal from several other countries thanks to this, the SGC remains staff mostly with Americans with a few representatives from the other Council Nations. The ADF on the other hand is really a full multi-national program and sports staff from around the world.

- Briefing File on the Earth Defense Council


Briefing Room
Stargate Command
Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado
Earth, Sol System

In a large briefing room the senior officers, and staff of the clandestine secret organization known as Stargate Command gathered to find out why they where being gathered this late at night. Especially after many had finally been let to go home and rest after a long and drawn out week. The Goa'uld attack earlier that week had taken a lot out of them. Finally after several moments waiting a man walked into the briefing room putting away a cell phone as he went. He came to a stop at the head of the large table in the center of the room before looking over at the various people gathered around the table waiting for him.

“I do apologize for calling all of you back to the base soon after the attack but something has come up that has the many in Washington and in the Council running around scared,” Lieutenant Colonel Paul Davis, the Pentagon attaché and technically third in command of the facility mentioned with a sigh as he took a seat looking them all over. He mentioned the Earth Defense Council, the International body in overall charge of the SGC.

“Is it another attack then Colonel?” General Jack O’Neill asked tiredly looking over at the younger man with a frown. The Lieutenant Colonel sighed at this before passing around a series of briefing folders to the others around the table.

“That is problem sir, we don’t know,” he replied with a shake of his head. He waited a moment for them to open the folders before continuing on.

“Basically about five hours ago a large ship appeared in Geo-synchronous Orbit over Southern California. It was first spotted by a few government owned telescopes in the area and reported to higher authority. It was at first thought to be some sort of Halloween prank after the images started to come in,” Davis said starting the briefing noticing the shocked looks emerging on the faces of the gathered personal at the images shown in the folders. Nevertheless he continued his briefing before anyone could say anything about those mentioned images.

“Therefore I passed on the orders for the AS Laborer to be rerouted to get a better look at the ship and verify its existence. A few minutes later the Laborer reported in that it was quite real much to the shock of its commander,” he said continuing the briefing as he clicked on a remote to display new images taken by the Laborer. The Laborer was one of several Mule Class Light Transports, a class of spaceships that were basically refitted Tel’tak Cargo Transports originally developed by the Goa’uld and recovered from the wreckage of a Ha’tak Mothership that had crashed onto a planet typically visited by Stargate Teams. Currently the Laborer and its sister ships were flying about recovering the wreckage from three other Ha’tak motherships that had tried to attack the planet a few days before. Only the intervention of an automated defense platform on the moon saw Earth untouched. Therefore the idea of yet another ship just suddenly appearing made many on the planet a little bit nervous.

“As you can see from these images in the briefing folders and the images taken from the Laborer this ship happens to look exactly like a Venator Class Star Destroyer from the new Star Wars movie and the following cartoon series. We have no idea how it got there for we never detected it arriving, nor did any our ships see it arriving in orbit. It is quite a mystery,” the briefing continued on as the various people surrounding the table listened with shock and surprise clearly on their faces.

“Now we showed some of these images to some experts from both the SGC and the new Aerospace Forces. Thanks to their input we have figured out that this ship happens to the Resolute or the Spirit of the Republic, depending on who you ask, the flagship of Anakin Skywalker from the Clone Wars movie,” Davis continued on coughing at the idea of experts mentioned being fans of the Star Wars series itself and the Clone Wars movie. A few chuckled lightly at this before letting the Colonel to finish up the briefing.

“Therefore the bigwigs in Washington and the Council believe we should see about sending up a team to see if this is really a complete Venator Class ship and if we can recover it for our own use against the war with the Goa’uld. That said any questions?” he asked finishing up with briefing before taking a quick sip of water.

“Yeah, Colonel if I am reading this right the Laborer detected a small ship leaving the Venator or whatever we need to call it, and landed somewhere in southern California before returning a few minutes later. Therefore my question is what if we meet up with the ship’s crew?” Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell, commander of the SGC’s lead team SG-1 asked with a frown looking back down at the folder he had opened in his hands before looking back up at the Lieutenant Colonel who only sighed at this.

“It is the opinion of the Pentagon and the Council that the Resolute only has a small crew thanks to the lifesigns detector built into the sensor package of the Laborer detecting no lifesigns and the ship that launched only carrying a very small amount of people during its return trip. Therefore if our team does end up meeting up with the crew we will need to see about convincing them to let us access to the ship for it would allow us to defend the planet the next time Apohis or some other Goa’uld comes calling. If they won’t then our orders are to take the ship by force if necessary,” Davis replied with a shake of his head making the others in the room to look shocked at this.

“What! I know the higher-ups are a bit concerned over the attack from Klorel and his fleet but we don’t need to steal someone’s ship especially if these people are somehow stranded in our…dimension. We could help them and maybe they will lend us some tech for the help. We don’t need to steal their ship for that!” General Jack O’Neill growled out in anger while his wife and friends surrounding him looked just as upset over these orders.

“I agree completely General, but we have our orders sir and we do need some sort of defense thanks to Klorel’s ship blasting the Ancient defense platform like that,” Davis replied looking upset as well. General O’Neill sighed at this before turning to look to another of the officers gathered around the table.

“So William you think one of your transports can carry a team up to that ship?” General O'Neill asked turning his attention from Davis and to General William Ronson the British commander of the small infant Aerospace Defense Force. Currently the Aerospace Force only sported the eight Mule Class Transports, three Charger Class System Patrol Ships which two of them were destroyed by Klorel’s fleet when it arrived, and the still under construction Prometheus. The Charger Class happened to be a similar refit to the Tel’tak just turning it into a small gunship for patrolling around the Solar System. They were the only ships able to defend the planet from anymore attacks from the Goa’uld, and with two destroyed leaving only one behind.

“Yeah I can have either the Laborer or the Mustang down here in the matter of a few minutes,” the other General replied with a grunt making Jack nod in understanding at this for the SGC no longer needed to have teams head for a nearby airbase to transfer to a transport craft since they had built four small hidden hangers around the mountain with help from the Tok’ra.

“Alright see if you can have both of them down here Will. Meanwhile Cameron I want you to have SG-1, SG-3, SG-5, and SG-19 prepped for the mission ahead of us. Hopefully that shall be enough manpower to take over the ship if we need to while still giving you some good people to talk to them up there,” Jack ordered with a sigh mentioning his best three front-line teams, along with the best first contact team. General Ronson only nodded before getting up from his seat before starting for the control room to order the two transports to head for the SGC for the mission ahead of them. Colonel Mitchell only nodded at this before getting up with the rest of his team and heading out as well after saluting the rest of the group on his way out of the room to start the preparations for the mission. That done the group of officers broke up and left to start their own preparations leaving behind the General with his wife who grabbed Jack’s hand with a sigh of her own and Davis. Colonel Davis however simply smiled at the two others as he quickly gathered up the folders before quickly departing the briefing room leaving the two of them alone.

“You don’t want to do this don’t you Jack?” Doctor Samantha Carter-O’Neill asked with a frown on her face.

“No I don’t like this at all for this is not why we fight against the Goa’uld. Hell! This sounds like something the snakes would gladly do just to get more power. I know the reason for it and I kind of almost agree with them but this isn’t the way we should be doing it. It could back fire on us and give us another enemy not an ally that we desperately need,” Jack started with an angry rant as he squeezed her hand as he stared off into nothing but the wall that proudly displayed the emblem of the SGC and the newly designed crest of the Aerospace Defense Forces.

“I know Jack, but both Daniel and Charlie are going up there. They are the best honest to god diplomats we have. If they can’t talk these people into helping us, no one will,” she replied with a calm smile on her face patting their joined hands. Jack smiled at this for his oldest child and son Charles O’Neill was only twenty-four but he was personally trained by the best, one of which happened to his honorary Uncle Doctor Daniel Jackson, to be one of the premier first contact specialist for the Stargate Program. While Jack freely admitted he was kind if disappointed that he never went into the military, he was quite proud of what he has done.

“Yeah those two will be the best people for this job. I just hope there are no alien woman up there since Charlie is almost as bad as his Uncle Sheppard,” Jack mentioned with a coy smile and laugh making his wife slap his shoulder with a glare but soon laughed as well. That said the two of them got up to see about seeing off Charlie and his team.


Medical Bay
Republic Ship Resolute
Geo-synchronous Orbit
One Hour Later

With a groan the young man known as Alexander Harris, or better known as Xander to his friends blinked his eyes before staring up at the metal face of a medical droid that made Xander groan again as his memories started to return to him from his possession earlier in the evening.

“Damn! I really didn’t dream that,” Xander mentioned with a sigh as with the help from the droid started to sit up on the medical bed. It was then he noticed that he had cut across his forehead from something.

“General please stand still why I complete my work on this cut,” the 2-1B medical droid mentioned with its usual emotionless voice. Xander flinched at this before letting the droid to do its work while he looked around the med-bay to see the nine that had dressed up as Clone Troopers. He winced to see the eight former young children and young teenagers now fully grown as Clone Troopers. Also they where all Orphans from Sunnydale’s very sole small Orphanage, meaning no one would notice them gone for a long while especially thanks to the corrupt officials at the place. Only one man at the Orphanage cared for the kids there, the ninth man who had dressed up as Captain Rex, who had taken the majority of the kids out from the Orphanage to have a night of fun to chase away everything bad about the orphanage.

Suddenly several beeps and whistles sounded from one of the walls of the medical bay making Xander look over to see R2-D2 hopping from one leg to another making him smile a bit at the familiar action. He knew that even though the ten of them where all alone on the ship, they still had Artoo to help them adjust.

“Yes Artoo I am fine but I don’t think I am really Anakin anymore,” he answered after mentally translating the beeps and whistles of the tiny astromech. A mournful hoot and several further whistles was his answer making him sigh and nod.

“That is correct whatever changed us to our costumes has left us though it looks like it left plenty stuff behind. For example I still have Anakin’s cybernetic arm and all of his memories. It looks like I am no longer Xander Harris but Alexander Skywalker. Also those Clones where once kids and now fully adults,” he explained with a sigh before with a new resolve looked up at the tiny droid with a smile on his face. Artoo whistled a bit more making Xander laugh lightly but before he could answer anything a sea of groans let the two of them know that the others were now waking up. The first to come too fully was the man who had dressed up as Captain Rex who was actually named Rex funny enough.

“You alright Rex,” Xander asked as he got from his own bed after nodding to the medical droid as it started to make its way over to the other beds.

“Did we actually get turned into our costumes or was that all a dream?” Rex’s gravely voice asked as he started to get up from the bed. Rex Logan is a tall young man with a bald head similar to that of the character Rex and light blue eyes that shined with intelligence. Rex happened to be a student at the University of California Sunnydale and during his off time volunteered at the Sunnydale Orphanage due to him being raised there for a time before he was adopted. He also had short stint with the Los Angeles Garrison of the Star Wars 501st Legion, which was where he managed to get all of the costumes for the kids for Halloween

“Yes we all got turned in our costumes for a night and we are now currently on board an honest to god Venator Class Star Destroyer,” Xander mentioned with a small smile on his face. Rex nodded at this with a small grin on his face before closing his eyes with a small cry as memories started to rush through his awareness.

“We also got the memories of our characters too,” Rex mentioned with a sigh before turning to look over at the others as they started to come to as well. He was shocked to see all of the kids grown up and everything. His eyes found what he knew to be the closest of the kids, Jason Star who at thirteen almost fourteen was the oldest of the lot. He also became the Clone Sergeant Denal for the night.

“Jason you alright there?” Rex asked with a frown looking over at the now adult boy.

“I am just fine Captain…” he started to say but flinched before shaking his head and continuing on, “Sorry it appears that I now both Jason and Denal if that makes any sense at all.”

“Yeah that makes sense for I really wouldn’t want to be a boy in a man’s body therefore you had to have more of Denal in you just like the rest of us,” the older feminine voice of the former twelve-year old Emma Granger who was the next oldest of the kids and had dressed up as the Clone Medic Kix. Xander didn’t know why Anakin and the other Clones heard her or her nine-year old younger sister Alice Granger speaking with a male voices earlier but the former young girls now was a fully grown woman making him flinch once more.

“Anyways everyone once the Doc here clears you let’s see about how functional this ship happens to be and go over what we are going to do now,” Anakin mentioned waving at the 2-1B Medical Droid who only sighed before waving one of his skeletal hands at them. The other six kids turned Clone Troopers nodded and started to get up from their bunks picking up their discarded helmets along the way. That done the entire group started to head for one of the nearby conference rooms.


AS Laborer
Spacecraft Dock Two
Stargate Command

In one of the relatively small underground spacecraft hangers of the SGC the gathered Stargate teams watched as the form of the Mule Class Light Transport Mustang landed next to its sister the Laborer. Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell nodded at this before turning his attention to the leaders of the other Stargate Teams gathered around him.

“I will take both SG-1 and SG-12 onboard the Laborer, while SG-3 and SG-5 well go on the Mustang. This means that the Mustang will be the first to dock allowing the Marines to secure the area before the Laborer docks. Understood?” he said briefing the group, before looking around to see if any of the commanders had anything to say, nodding when he noticed no one did.

“Alright you have your orders let’s move out,” he ordered before turning to his team and quickly led them to board the Laborer with the four members of SG-12, including the young Charlie O’Neill, following behind him. A few moments later the two transports started to move and exit the camouflaged hanger entrance before the two shimmered as their cloaks engaged allowing them to remain undetected by conventional means. Before long the two tiny transport where on a course heading for the large form orbiting the planet.


Conference Room 7
Republic Ship Resolute
Geo-synchronous Orbit

As the group entered the Conference Room along with R2-D2 Xander was surprised to see a datapad laying at the head of the table as if waiting for him. Xander only frowned at this as he came around the conference table and looked down at the pad before picking it up with a sigh. As he did so he started to read what was displayed on the tiny screen of the datapad before blinking in shock. The Troopers, former young Orphans, looked at one another in confusion while the older figure of Rex came up alongside Xander with a frown. Meanwhile the domed figured of Artoo moved up to a one of the computer ports and connected to it.

“Sir….sorry Xander what is it?” the older man asked with eying the datapad.

“Well basically Rex this datapad sports a report on the complete load-out and such of the Resolute,” he explained as took a seat with an awed whistle. Rex did so as well before waving the Troopers to do same.

“Anyways it appears this ship sports a full fighter compliment of one hundred ninety two Z-95H Headhunters, seventy-two BTL-B Y-Wings, forty-eight V-19 Torrents, twenty-four Delta-Sevens and thirty-six ARC-170s. However that is not all for apparently this ship is configured for deep-space operations and sports six I-C2 Construction Droids, and twenty-four RB-I3 Zero-Gee Repair and Worker Droids to help keep the ship in operation for a long time. There is also twelve I-M3 Mining Droids which paired with the docked Factory Ship configured Pelta Class Frigate docked to the port docking bay and the forty or so WP-I3 Zero-Gee Worker Pods we can pretty much be self-sufficient,” Xander mentioned with a chuckle surprising the others with how prepared this ship is for something like this away from anything that resembles a spacedock.

“I wonder why our guests never noticed that Pelta docked to the ship,” Rex wondered as he leaned back in the chair. Xander could only shrug at this as he eyed the datapad with a smile.

“Well that is not all we have for there is a Charger c75 configured Consular Class docked in the ventral bay,” Xander continued with a large grin on his face while the others once more looked over at him in shock for the c75 configuration was a far-more powerful variant of the normal Charger c70 configured ships. Basically they sported a pair of heavy torpedo launchers, four duel small point-defense laser cannons, and four medium turbolaser cannons. The shields of these new refits was just about twice the strength of the earlier c70 refit. Overall it was a superior ship over the original Charger c70 variant, though the c70 was still more common.

“This is weird for if my memories from Captain Rex are correct, the Resolute was never configured for Deep Space Operations like the Spirit of Republic had, so did we get the Resolute instead of the Spirit,” Rex mentioned as he leaned back in his seat with a frown.

“Yes Rex that is quite correct but I figure this ship isn't really the Resolute from our inherited memories especially since thanks to our local knowledge of the Clone War series we know the Resolute was destroyed. Therefore I believe this ship is a copy of some sort of the ship we know as the Resolute including everything we see on board the ship. It looks like it was prepared for our use for some reason, but right now I am drawing a blank for a reason why,” Xander replied with a thoughtful look on his face as he eyed the datapad that he had placed once more on the table. Rex only nodded at this for it did make sense.

“That is quite true Xander, but if we are supposed to use this ship for something I am wondering about crew for the ten of us are not enough to keep this ship running,” he replied with looking around at the small group making Xander nod in understanding before turning his attention back to the datapad when Artoo whistled out something from his station. Xander looked at down at the droid in shock before turning his attention to the datapad and found something else at the end of the entry. He could only stare at the words displayed before silently handing it over to Rex who glanced at it in confusion before nearly jumping in shock as he read what made Xander so shocked. The others could only look at them in confusion before Jason Star exchanged looks with the Granger sisters before sighing and leaning forward.

“Ummm...Mister Xander, Rex what is it?” he asked mentally suppressing the urge to call them Captain and General. Of the two Xander recovered first before leaning all the way back in the seat and stared off at the ceiling of the room.

“Well it appears that the largest cargo bay on the ship, the one usually set aside to store a Type III Prefabricated Base has been turned into a full cloning facility, that is enough to give us plenty of personal to not only man this ship but both the Pelta and Consular,” he replied shocking the group entirely.

-o-Chapter End-o-

Post Chapter Notes:

Well there is the next chapter of this little project of mine. Maybe with this done I can get to some of my other projects.

First of all I would like to mention the stuff about the Earth Defense Council you can blame on myself playing and enjoying the NuXCOM game and believing it would be better then some stupid IOA clone. For I wanted the SGC to have some sort of a international body overseeing them in some way. Also the Aerospace Forces is an old idea I introduced in this story though in the original idea it was the United States Aerospace Forces, but here they are international more so then the SGC itself. This is along with the Charger and Mule Class ships which are basically human-refitted versions of the Tel'tak.

That said I would like to mention some of the stuff I mentioned in this chapter I have created for the purpose of this story. Like the Charger c75 refit, and new Pelta Class Frigate configuration which according to my sources is very modular able to be configured for Medical duties or as a Cargo Transport. Therefore I made the decision to create a new configuration for a light factory ship able to help support the Resolute. Meanwhile the RB-I3 Droids are basically larger versions of R-Series Astromechs able to be used to repair a ship's exterior. Don't get me wrong there are also other R-Series Droids on the ship not including Artoo to help the RB-I3 Droids, but figured there should a dedicated repair droid. I also took a suggestion from one of the reviewers and included the I-C2 Construction Droid in the compliment of the Resolute. These along with the Factory Ship, and the mining droids would be vital in the chapters ahead.

As for the fighter compliment of the ship, that is something I am sure I am going to get a few reviews about. I would like to state that I am a big fan of the new Clone Z-95s featured in the series. For they look really bad-ass, and far better then the older Z-95s. Not to mention how much I love the X-Wing design and beside the ARC-170 the Headhunters are the closest thing to them. /shrug/ While the rest I just went with the flow basically and added the bombers, and heavy fighters in the form of the Y-Wings and ARC-170s. As for the Delta-7s that is something I threw in just for the fun of it. I was going to throw in some N-1s just to see the reactions I would get but I decided not too.

We also get to see the Clone Troopers we see in the last chapter, are actually Orphans which I am sure in good'old Sunnydale are tasty treats for Vampires thanks to the influence of the Mayor. Therefore these Orphans have a similar history to Xander in that they are treated like crap in the Orphanage. Only Rex a volunteer cares for them, and perhaps the Scoobies. They also have been aged to adults, which I promise you will come back and bite them in the ass later on. However thanks to the memories of the Clone Troopers they became shall temper some the crap they go through later on.

With all that said, its time to get to the last big reveal, and that is the cloning facility included on the ship. This is something I had planned from the beginning, for I needed some way to crew the ship after all. However this cloning facility is not like anything else in Star Wars for right now since it will take too darn long to produce good able-bodied clones in a reasonable timeframe. Don't get me wrong they won't be pumping out clones like Battle Droids or fast as Thrawn did but they still be producing Clones in a reasonable pace.

I do believe that is it I shall get the next chapter up when I can but don't hold your breath like I mentioned I have other projects that need my attention. Till then enjoy this chapter.
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