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Ship of the Line: Hunting Snakes

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Summary: During Halloween the Chaos Spell pulled in more then just the costumes and personilities but a complete ship of the line to go with it, and this Hunter is ready to hunt some snakes...Completed for Now!

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Star Wars > General
Stargate > Xander-Centered
deathzealotzeroFR15312,04946722,15516 Dec 1213 Jul 13No

Part 03: First Contact

Disclaimer: I do not in any way own Stargate SG-1, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Star Wars: The Clone Wars. They are owned by their respective owners. Thank you.

Part 03: First Contact

The Aerospace Defense Forces, or just called the Aerospace Forces, was originally an idea developed by the Stargate Program during the first two years of its operation. It was to be in charge of everything space bound while the SGC would remain on the ground and go through the Stargate. However it was stalled several times thanks to funding, and various political reasons. Finally when the Earth Defense Council was formed the Aerospace Force would be organized as a Space Defense Force to prevent the Goa'uld from attacking the planet from space. However what it would need where ships capable of this, thus the SGC/United States Air Force Project Prometheus would be transferred to the control of the new Aerospace Forces along with all of the captured Goa'uld craft. It would these captured craft that would be refitted and become the first ships of the Aerospace Forces. However it won't be till the completion of Project Prometheus that the Aerospace Forces would get their first true human-built capital ships.

- Taken from a Briefing File on the Aerospace Defense Force


AS Laborer
Earth Orbit

In the tiny cockpit of the Laborer SG-1 watched from behind the pilot's seat as the two transports approached the large dagger-shaped Venator Class Star Destroyer. As they continued to approach the ship they started to notice a few details on the ship. One particular detail made the group blink in surprise as they came around the side of the ship.

“A second ship?” Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell commented eying the ship docked to the side of the larger form of the Star Destroyer.

“Anyone know what it is?” his second in command, Captain Jennifer Hailey asked looking around at the group including the pilot and commander of the transport sitting in front of them.

“Yes its a Pelta Class Frigate, usually used as a medical ship or transport depending on its assigned mission,” the voice of Rya'c of Chulak, son of Teal'c and third member of SG-1 replied with a frown eying the ship as the Laborer continued its approach. The others in the group could only nod at this for like his father, the young Jaffa was a big-time Star Wars fan.

“Looks like the hanger doors are open, wonder why?” the commander of the Laborer the young Lieutenant James Ford, formerly of the US Air Force and die hard Star Wars fan wondered as the tiny transport came around to face the front of the ship. Sure enough the large dorsal hanger doors where wide-open as if waiting for them.

“Alright then Lieutenant let the Mustang know they are up,” Colonel Mitchell ordered making the younger man nod before relaying the orders to the other transport. A moment later the form of the Mustang surged ahead as it disengaged its cloaking device and proceeded to land in the ship's hanger.

“Colonel the Mustang reports landing site secured,” Lieutenant Ford replied a few minutes later making the older man nod in understanding before patting the young Lieutenant on his shoulder.

“Very well then bring us in Ford,” he ordered and watched as the young ship commander and his pilot expertly brought the ship in for a landing.


Conference Room 7
Republic Ship Resolute
Geo-synchronous Orbit

Onboard the orbiting ship the group gathered in the small conference room started to come back around after several minutes shocked literally out of their minds with this information they just received. The figure of Xander Harris, or now known as Alexander Skywalker, shook his head at the sheer power he now had. Using the clone facility he could easily build up an army if he needed too. That thought alone shocked him so much, and wondering what he could with that power.

“Well that takes care of our crewing problem,” Rex mentioned with a whistle as he stared once more at the data-pad now sitting innocently on the table once more.

“Not really since Cloning takes time to grow a clone to maturity and then train it in a reasonable fashion,” Emma Granger mentioned looking around the group, making Xander chuckle lightly before leaning forward and pushing the data-pad towards her.

“Yes that is true for Kaminoan cloning which takes somewhere between seven to ten years to grow and fully train a single one of their clones. However according to this information, this cloning facility is not a Kaminoan facility nor is it a even faster but flawed Spaarti Cloning Facility. No this facility is quite different which will allow us to create an army in the matter of several months upwards to a year depending on how much training the clones would need for their assigned purpose. So give us two to three years we would have plenty of personal to man these ships,” Xander explained much to the shock of the former Orphans turned Clone Troopers sitting around the conference table. Emma coughed silently in shock before leaning forward to read the data-pad before nodding with a sigh as she leaned back away from the ‘pad.

“Well that is a shock,” she replied with a snort making the others chuckle lightly.

“What I am wondering though sir…sorry Xander…is the reason behind all of this. There had to be a reason for us getting this ship,” Jason Starr mentioned thoughtfully making the others nod in agreement with him.

“First of all everyone if you need to call me sir, or General that is fine, for you shouldn’t fight it,” he replied with a small smile at the little slip by Jason making them nod in understanding with relieved looks on their faces. They all knew about the conditioning they now had due to them being Clone Troopers therefore it was hard to call Xander by his name. That done Xander only sighed before leaning back in his seat staring at the opposite wall of the conference deep in thought over the earlier comment from Jason.

“That is what’s on my mind as well, and I have a few very minor ideas on what we can do with this force we now have,” Xander mentioned with a thoughtful look on his face however before anyone could say anything else the droid R2-D2 started beeping and whistling drawing the attention of everyone to the small droid. Xander looked down at the droid in surprise before growling anger and looked over at the now tense group.

“Looks like we have intruders on board,” he reported vocally translating for Artoo making the others look at him in shock before they all almost as one exploded out of their seats.

“What! How?” Rex asked angrily and confused for he knew that it was impossible for someone from the planet to be able to land on the ship thanks to recent retirement of the NASA Orbiters, and anything else the planet had couldn’t reach them this high up.

“I don’t know how. According to Artoo they just simply landed in the hanger bay and started to unload,” Xander replied as he rounded the table and stood by the small Droid with a frown.

“And our guests never closed the hanger doors for some reason,” Rex said with a groan making the younger man nod in understanding.

“Anyways I am not about to let anyone steal this ship from us for whatever reason, for whatever purpose they want it for. So let’s head for the bridge where we can more easily coordinate a response to this invasion,” Xander ordered with a frown tilting his head towards the door. He then looked over the armor still worn by the others, and looked thoughtful.

“Well after I find some armor for myself, never understood the reasoning for the Jedi to go without armor,” Xander commented thinking about some of his thoughts when he not only watched the Clone Wars Cartoon but saw the movies. This comment made the others chuckle in agreement with him, for they all where fans of the series as well or they wouldn’t have gone as Clone Troopers.

“And some blasters for I think we left ours in the hanger or in the medical bay,” Rex added with a pat to his empty hostlers while the former Clone Troopers only nodded nervously as the thought of being without blaster made them somewhat nervous.

“Alright then let’s move out,” Xander ordered heading for the door.

“Sir!” the former Clone Troopers said as one before filing out the room neatly behind their commander leaving the room empty once more.


Unknown Location

In one of the numerous higher planes a figure, being of unimaginative power stood observing a small ball of light as it displayed what was now happening on board the Resolute. The figure nodded as things progressed as he had foreseen. This ‘White Knight’ of the former so-called Powers That Be was truly a gem, and the perfect person the figure needed for his future plans to be completed. Truly the figure and his fellows had been away from this dimension for far too long and let it become what it is today. With these plans this dimension will once again be on the right track.


Main Armory
Republic Ship Resolute

It didn't take long for the group to arrive at one of the ship's numerous armories. The troopers quickly procured themselves DC-15S Blaster Carbines, instead of the larger and heavier DC-15A Blaster Rifles. Rex meanwhile found a pair of beautiful chrome-plated DC-17 Blaster Pistols, which had been set aside from the others of similar make. He knew that many other clone or non-clone officers had similar blasters made for them, but Captain Rex never did for several reasons.

Elsewhere in the armory Xander found a set of modified Phase-II Clone Armor that had been set aside from the other sets. Once more looking something or someone had made everything prepared for him and the clones, just like the data-pad earlier in the briefing room. However Xander set that thought aside to quickly donning the modified armor pleased to see that it fit him perfectly and that it was quite different from the regular armor. Once finished he clipped his lightsaber, that he had retrieved from the medical bay earlier, before turning to accept a DC-15S Carbine from Jason with a nod of his head.

“Alright let's go,” he ordered the group and set off towards the bridge at a quick place with the troopers following behind him.


Main Hanger
Republic Ship Resolute
Earth Orbit

With a loud thunk the transport Laborer landed besides its near sister the Mustang in the darkened hanger of the large ship. A few moments later found the ship's passengers exiting the ship to look around the darkened hanger of the ship they found themselves in. They could already see the kneeling figures of several of the Marines of SG-3 and -5 in the gloom in a loose perimeter around the two transports.

“Sir, area is secured,” the voice of Major Carl Warren reported from the gloom as SG-1 and SG-12 disembarked from the Laborer. Colonel Mitchell nodded at this as he looked around the hanger to see the various bulkhead doors closed on what he remembered from his readings about the Venator Class as the main fighter facilities of the ship.

“Colonel it looks like there is really no one home after all and easy pickings,” the figure of Captain Dean Newman, commander of SG-5 mentioned with a chuckle earning him a glare from the Colonel.

“Stow that talk Captain,” Mitchell ordered with a growl before turning his attention back to Major Warren.

“What about that transport?” he asked the other man nodding to the darkened form of the G9 Rigger Freighter that was landed further into the hanger from their own transports.

“She is buttoned up tight sir, we couldn't get in even if we want too Colonel,” the Marine reported a moment later making the commander of SG-1 nod in understanding before looking around at the hanger before nodding seeing one of the hatches leading to the rest of the ship was opened as if waiting for them.

“Alright then let's move, Hailey you shall take SG-3 and Lieutenant Kershaw towards engineering, while the rest of us shall head for the bridge,” he ordered looking over at his young XO mentioning the engineer attached to the Mustang before looking over the rest of the group.

“Understood sir,” Captain Hailey replied before nodding to Major Warren to lead the way before following behind him. Mitchell waited a few moments before leading the rest of the group out of the hanger heading towards the bridge.


Republic Ship Resolute

On the bridge of the ship Xander watched all of this thanks to the interior security system and displayed in a lifelike hologram from the large situation table. The Scooby-turned General frowned at the hologram as he watched the group of what looked to be US soldiers breaking up into two groups, one heading for engineering and the other heading for the bridge.

“Artoo you think you can deal with the group heading for engineering?” he asked the tiny astromech now connected to a nearby dataport. The droid whistled back excitedly making Xander grin evilly and nodded.

“Alright we shall then intercept the group heading for the bridge,” he mentioned looking over at the helmeted forms of Rex and the Troopers.

‘His Troops,’ Xander thought some pride as he retrieved his helmet from the table and stood up.

“Yes sir,” Rex replied with a nod of his head. Xander then led the group out of the bridge heading for the group of soldiers now heading for their position.


Engineering Section
Republic Ship Resolute

In a corridor not far from the ship's engineering section Captain Jennifer Hailey continued to lead the Marines of SG-3 towards engineering. As they did so, the group could only stare around in awe at their current surroundings.

“Alright, we should be almost there…hopefully,” the young Captain mentioned, whispering the last part of her comment to herself, as they came around a bend in the corridor and saw a large armored hatch at the end of the corridor waiting for them. However before they could advance any further towards the hatch a pair of emergency bulkheads slammed down on either side of them trapping them a small portion of the corridor.

“Oh crap!” Major Warren said with a curse eying the twin bulkhead with a frown, while Captain Hailey could only stare at the huge bulkheads in disbelief and some shock.

“This means someone is control of the ship and knows we are here,” she mentioned looking around the tiny portion of the ship they were now trapped in. However before anyone else in the group could say anything in response, a series of hisses started making them look around in confusion.

“Gas!” one of the Marines mentioned with a curse but before they could do anything in response the group started to cough before starting to fall down as the gas sent them into sweet oblivion. A few moments later the bulkheads rose back up letting in several droids along with a few repulsorbeds. The Droids quickly loaded the now sleeping Earth soldiers onto the beds before pushing them away from their objective.

Republic Ship Resolute

Elsewhere the other group of Earth personal slowly made their own way through the ship heading towards the bridge. Like their fellows in the engineering section the group couldn't but help looking around the ship in sheer awe at the ship they found themselves in which for most them had thought was only a piece of fiction. In the lead position of the group Colonel Mitchell wasn't affected like the others and kept his attention forward as he came around a sharp corner leading with his P-90. He was soon shocked as blue beam of light suddenly came out of nowhere to slice through his weapon destroying it, before the same beam of light came up to point at his now shocked face. The Colonel gulped when he realized that it was a lightsaber, and was held by a light blue armored figure flanked by pair of white armored figures. From behind him he heard a few cries of shock and surprise as something happened back there as well.

“Drop those weapons,” a harsh voice called out from behind him. Mitchell could only assume that they where now surrounded and turned his attention to the figure holding the lightsaber to his face.

“Ah hi,” he managed to say before flinching at the lame first words said to these people. The blue figure leaned forward slightly to look at him before deactivating his lightsaber.

“Yes hi…Why don't you explain why you people decided to board my ship?” the armored man asked the rest of the Earth group came around the corner with seven other white armored troopers escorting them.

“Ah! Well we thought this ship was abandoned and since it just appeared in the orbit of our planet we thought we should see if it posed a threat to our world,” Mitchell replied after a moment of thought looking slightly to the side the furious head-shaking of Daniel Jackson, and Charlie O’Neill but ignored the two. He was still kind of sore at the older man for not joining his team when he had first asked. He suddenly looked directly back at the blue armored figure in time to hear him snort before leaning forward once more in a threatening nature.

“Nice try Lieutenant Colonel Mitchell, your thoughts are an open book. Do want to try that again,” the figure responded with an icy tone of voice. Mitchell blanched in disbelieve at this before cursing himself for he should of known lying to an honest-to-god Jedi was not a good idea. After another moment he sighed and shook his head.

“Fine, we were ordered to come up here to either ask you to help us against our enemies, or in case you refuse to take the ship by force. On a personal note I like to mention that neither myself nor my direct superiors where comfortable with these orders,” he replied making the armored figure with the Lightsaber nod.

“You spoke truthfully Colonel, therefore I will let your people go back to your planet, but know this I will not help the United States nor its allies against your enemies. I have my own battles to fight right now,” the figure responded after staring down at the kneeling forms of Colonel Mitchell and his team for a few moments, which made the majority of the group sigh in relief at this response. However Captain Newman growled in anger at this and surged up making the Clone Trooper standing behind him to grab him.

“You can’t do this! We need this ship along with its technology or Earth is doomed to be destroyed by the Goa’uld! Besides I don’t think ten people can crew this ship nor the ship docked with it, so you need our help!” the young Captain spat out in anger not noticing the trooper holding his shoulder and another pointing its weapon at him. The others in the SGC group looked at him in shock. The blue armored figure growled in anger himself before advancing towards the man and getting right in his face.

“You sir have no rights to tell me or my men what to do, Captain…Newman,” the figure said angrily in response making the soldier grit his teeth letting the trooper to make him kneel back down once more, as the figure turned to walk away but not before shoot one last remark to the man, “there are currently only ten of us now, but give us several months and we will have many more of us around Captain.”

This comment made the group look in confusion before Rya’c blinked as he got what the man was going to do or rather have the equipment to do. The figure stopped with a sigh before looking back over at them before shaking his head at something or another.

“However I am not about to let some defenseless planet to be attacked by some sort of enemy they can not face, therefore I am willing to give you chance. Colonel Mitchell I will allow two of your number to stay on board to start talks between our two parties. The rest of you will be sent back to the planet,” the figure mentioned making the group look at him in shock before a few of them sighed in relief.

“Very well sir. Rya’c and Charlie you will remain behind to start the talks,” Mitchell responded after recovering from his shock choosing Charlie and one of the more driven Star Wars fans as the representatives. Not to mention Rya’c would be a good bodyguard for the younger O’Neill. The figure nodded at this choice before looking over at one of the troopers that had flanked him earlier.

“Sergeant Starr take our guests to one of the VIP Quarters, and stand guard there till I send someone to relieve you,” he ordered making the faceless trooper snap to attention.

“Yes sir!” the trooper replied before waving the two chosen representatives to come with him. The two looked over Colonel Mitchell before getting up and following behind the trooper. The rest of the group turned their attention back to the blue armored figure which stood with his remaining flanking trooper at his back.

“As for the rest of you, Lieutenant Granger and her team will escort you back to the hanger,” the figure said nodding to one of the troopers behind the group before turning around heading back to the bridge with the remaining trooper guarding his back. None of the Americans noticed the surprise coming from the slightly shorter figure but the lead figure only nodded slightly.

“Oh and Lieutenant, make sure to pick up their lost sheep on the way,” the figure mentioned after pausing a moment making a few of the armored troopers snicker as they started to lead the group away towards the hanger. Only another blue-painted trooper and a single regular trooper remained with the armored Jedi. As they left these three behind Colonel Mitchell wondered what the Jedi meant with that but soon figured it would answered soon enough.

Captain’s Stateroom
Republic Ship Resolute

In the small office attached to the Captain’s Stateroom on the Resolute Xander sighed as he took a seat at the desk of the office while Rex sat down on the small couch that was built into one of the office’s bulkheads. Both men had doffed their helmets before they even entered the office which had been placed on the desk before they sat down. The two where looked a bit weary both physical and mentally thanks to this new variable that entered their plans.

“Xander are you sure about making Emma a Lieutenant?” Rex asked breaking the silence with a frown. Xander blinked at this before chuckling as he leaned back in the office chair and rubbed his face before turning his attention back to Rex.

“Yes that’s true but have you forgotten that she is a bit more mature for her age Rex, not to mention if my memories of Kix are right he was being groomed by Cody for a Lieutenant position so I believe she can handle it,” Xander replied making Rex blinked before he nodded as he remembered the same thing.

“Yeah now that you mention it I do remember that,” Rex stated shaking his head before continuing his statement, “but I do think we need to keep an eye on here then.”

Xander nodded to him before sighing again as he stared out the office’s small view-port at Earth rotating bellow the ship.

“No what I am really worried about Rex is this enemy that was mentioned, for combined with everything else that has happened to us I think there is someone or something setting us up. First we got this ship plus the two support ships, and then we have the needed equipment to keep us supplied, next we found out about the cloning facility on board allowing us to crew the ships, and now being told about this enemy. I don’t know about you Rex but I think something stinks with all this,” Xander mentioned with a frown which made Rex nod in agreement with him, who started to say something in return but was stopped when someone else cut in before he could say anything.

“I do believe I can explain everything Alexander if you allow me?” a voice said as a darkened figure suddenly appeared out of no where in the office shocking the two.


Post Chapter Notes:

First I do apologize for the very long wait for this chapter, I did have the majority of the chapter already written but this last scene was giving me all sorts of trouble. Also I do apologize for the cliffhanger, but it was one of the more major areas I was working on for the longest time. I just couldn’t get it where I wanted, before I finally just used the ending that I liked the best of the lot.

That said we get the SGC boarding operation in this chapter which is easily countered by Xander and his troopers. One section gets hit with knock out gas while the other section gets ambushed by Xander and his men. Also I am sure someone is going to ask me what the compensation of this version of SG-1 happens to be, therefore I like to answer that right now:
• Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell, commander of SG-1
• Captain Jennifer Hailey, second in command and scientist of SG-1
• Rya’c of Chulak, Jaffa Warrior and Guide for SG-1
• Doctor Charlie O’Neill, Diplomat of SG-1
• Lieutenant Cassandra Frasier, Medic of SG-1, currently not on mission
• Doctor Daniel Jackson, sometimes attached to SG-1 for different missions like this one
Yes yes I know five members of SG-1, but I never understood why any of the exploration and first contact teams like SG-1 never got a medic on their team. (Especially SG-1!) As for Charlie, this version of him is a bit older then the one in the regular reality and happens to hold a Doctorate in Political Science when he only recently received but he has been running missions for the SGC since he was nineteen much to the displeasure of his father and step-mother. I really should come up with some quick bios for the main figures of this SGC, but that’s later since I don’t know where I could post them.

Now I hope everyone enjoyed this chapter I know I am not happy with it but half the time the readers still enjoy a chapter that an author is having issues with. So I really do hope some people like it. Now the next chapter we shall see who this mystery figure is, and a glance at the cloning facility. I hope to see all soon!


The End?

You have reached the end of "Ship of the Line: Hunting Snakes" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Jul 13.

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