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Ship of the Line: Hunting Snakes

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Summary: During Halloween the Chaos Spell pulled in more then just the costumes and personilities but a complete ship of the line to go with it, and this Hunter is ready to hunt some snakes...Completed for Now!

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Star Wars > General
Stargate > Xander-Centered
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Part 01: The Chaos Begins

Disclaimer: I do not in any way own Stargate SG-1, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Star Wars: The Clone Wars. They are owned by their respective owners. Thank you.

Ship of the Line: Hunting Snakes

An Star Wars Clone Wars/Stargate SG-1/Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crossover

Written by,

William R. Woods

Brief Foreword:

Well since more then a few people liked some of my other YAHF stories up on Twisting the Hellmouth figured I should put another together after reading and enjoying the Ship of the Line stories. Therefore this story is basically my own response to the Ship of the Line Challenge, as well as a kinda-of response to the An Unlikely Hope story by Oxnate one of the other Ships of the Line responses.

Now the Ship of the Line I chose for this is the Venator Class Star Destroyer Resolute from the Clone Wars Cartoon, therefore making Xander dressing up as Anakin Skywalker. The third universe is the fan-popular Stargate SG-1 universe which makes this story the fourth of the Ship of the Line stories to sport SG-1 as the Challenge’s third universe.

Time wise this story has been moved up several years thanks to the Clone Wars cartoon coming out only in the last few years. As for canon timewise for Clone Wars, well that is bit difficult thanks to the sheer mess that is the timeline for the series, since the cartoon bounces around a lot. Therefore the story shall be based around the time between the Battle of Ryloth and Skytop Station. Meanwhile the Stargate SG-1 canon is going to be something very different from you all are used too. For I decided to something that is rarely used basically that this story will be based in one of the numerous alternate realities which we know from canon are around but never really see beyond a few looks we get in the series. I know there are plenty of Stargate AU stories out there, but only a handful are purposely based in an alternate reality from the regular or canon reality. What this means is that the story and timeline will be a bit different. /evil smile/

That said I leave you all to enjoy the story.

Part 01: The Chaos Begins

That Halloween night saw something new introduced to the world at large and to this day we don’t know how the spell from the Chaos Mage Ethan Rayne was able to create the Resolute along with its support craft. Even then the Resolute became one of the more powerful ships in the Milky-Way Galaxy with only the Goa’uld Super-Ha’Tak Motherships more powerful. It also saw me leaving my old life behind and starting completely over…

- Taken from a statement by General Alexander Skywalker, CO of the Independent Starship Resolute

Wisteria Parkway
Sunnydale, California
October 31, 2011AD

In the middle of the craziness and chaos from a certain Janus-Worshipping, Chaos Mage known as Ethan Rayne the tall figure of General Anakin Skywalker blinked as he suddenly found himself not on a ship cruising through hyperspace heading towards yet another battle but on some sort of planet. Looking around in confusion the young Jedi Knight saw various alien creatures of various sorts running around the area making chaos in their wake. With a shake of his head raised his hand and activated the small comlink built into the back of his glove.

“This is General Anakin Skywalker to any Republic forces, come in please,” he said as he started to eye several of the nearby unknown aliens surrounding him.

“General Skywalker, Captain Rex and elements of Torrent Company reporting sir,” the familiar voice of a Republic Clone Trooper, one that Anakin was quite familiar with, came a few moments later from the comlink. Anakin smiled at the reply knowing he could count on Rex and Torrent Company to back him up on this strange and unknown world. Torrent Company had been a unit of the Clone Troopers that he commanded since the start of the Clone Wars after the Battle of Genosis. After being Knighted the company would be integrated into the new 501st Battalion which would become his new command as a full Jedi General.

“Very well Rex do you have any idea were we are and what happen?” he asked the Clone Captain as he calmly stepped aside before one of the aliens could attack him letting the small beings simply fly past him.

“No sir, the last thing we all remember is that we were on our way to Ryloth,” the Clone reported making the Jedi Knight frown in confusion for that was the same thing he last remembered.

“Very well then Rex, then I guess we need to find out which planet this is and see about getting some transportation off this rock. How many troops do you have?” he mentioned before asking a question of his loyal Captain and friend.

“Well sir I have Deric, Fives, Echo, Denal, Hardcase, and Kix with me currently, but I believe there maybe more troops out there I have been getting some scattered Republican communications,” Rex reported a moment later making Anakin frown in confusion and worry.

“Ashoka isn’t with you Rex?” he asked with a worried tone mentioned his Padawan the Jedi Commander Ashoka Tano.

“No sir she isn’t with us, but I am sure she would be another group of troops somewhere on this planet,” Rex replied with an equally worried tone for Anakin knew that the two had started to become closer ever since the mission to Naboo and a few minor missions afterwards. With a nod of his head hoping the younger Jedi was indeed somewhere else on the planet, before he turned to inspect his surroundings trying to find a suitable landmark. Finally he spotted a towering building not far from his position a few streets over.

“I hope so too Rex, but anyways back to business. You see that towering building with the red cross on it?” he asked eying the mentioned building as he jumped away from the group of nearby aliens that have finally stopped rushing around and started to head towards him.

“Yes sir it’s not far from my position,” the other man replied making Anakin nod in understanding.

“Very well then I shall meet you there and then we shall see about either organizing any Republic Forces around to defend ourselves from these attackers, or finding a transport off this damn rock,” he replied as he started to rush toward the building.

“Understood sir,” Rex said as with a click he signed off the communication to relay his orders to the other Clone Troopers. With a nod of his head the young Jedi jumped over a small building in his way before continuing to head towards the rendezvous point.


Command Bridge
Republic Ship Resolute
Geo-synchronous Orbit

In the large open and very empty bridge of the Venator Class Star Destroyer Resolute a beeping started to come from the squat form of a R2-series Astromech Droid as it powered up from standby mode. The small droid briefly inspected his surroundings for a moment before rolling over to a nearby computer port and extended his probe into the slot. After a few moments further lights started to turn on around the bridge as the droid started to power up the ship as well. With a confused beep the droid rotated its head around its body looking at the empty bridge and let out a mournful whistle before suddenly letting out a gleeful beep as it found something interesting on the ship’s communication logs. Another few beeps later and it managed to connect to the ship’s powerful communication array and with that done he sent off a message to his master that somehow as on the planet bellow the ship.

Main Street
Sunnydale, California

As he landed in a crouch in the street nearest the tall building and in sight of the approaching Torrent Company Troops, Anakin Skywalker blinked as his comlink beeped at him. Raising an eyebrow in confusion he answered it and was in turn surprised by a series of beeps and whistles issued from the device.

“Artoo! I am really glad to hear you,” the Jedi replied with a smile as he nodded to the approaching troops all decked out in the brand-new Phase-II armor with the blue markings of Torrent Company and the rest of the 501st.

“You know this is the first time that I am glad to hear from that tin-bucket,” Sergeant CT-7554 “Denal” mentioned with a chuckle making Captain Rex snort in understanding while Private CT-27/5555 “Fives” chuckled lightly but stopped at the glare from Rex himself before he turned to look at their commander.

“Well General what does Artoo have to say?” he asked the Jedi who was frowning as he listened to the droidspeak from his faithful droid companion as he reported on something or another.

“It appears that the Resolute is in orbit above us, but sports no crew at all only some droids. That said Rex change of plans, for something is fishy here and I really want to know what happened to the rest of the 501st along with the crew of the Resolute so we are going up to ship to find that out,” Anakin mentioned with a scowl before looking back down at his comlink.

“Alright Artoo I want you to get the Twilight and come down here to pick us up so we can find out what is going on here,” he ordered the droid after a moment of thought. A few beeps sounded from the comlink before it clicked off making the Jedi nod in understanding before turning to look over at his men.

However before he could say anything to them a pair of figures jogged up to the group making them tense which soon abated when they saw the white armor of two more Clones. Anakin smiled in relief to see that one of them was the Clone Pilot Broadside, a longtime wingmate and friend while the other happened to be the Scout Trooper Boomer an old friend of Rex’s.

“Yeah wait for us sir! Sorry we didn’t respond to you earlier General but our comlinks appear to be damaged somehow,” the Clone Pilot mentioned with a huff making the Jedi General nod in understanding.

“No worries Broadside, let’s just get out of here before something happens,” he mentioned waving his troops over to the building and a nearby group of buildings heading for a good place for the Twilight to land in.

Main Hanger
Republic Ship Resolute
Geo-synchronous Orbit

Over an hour later found the group unloading from the banged up transport known as the Twilight which had been used so successfully in many missions. However before they could do anything else the ten humans suddenly fell down to the floor of the hanger with a cry of shock as a wave of blue energy pass through them from the planet. The spell that had turned them into fictional characters was now done leaving them back to their usual selves. With a confused beep R2-D2 looked at the now knocked out figures of his master and the Clone Troops before turning to finding the Medical droids to help him take the group to the med bay. With another mournful whistle the small droid gave a final look at the silent and darkened hanger of the ship before making his way out of the hanger.

O’Neill’s Residence
Colorado Springs, Colorado
United States, Earth

In a large bedroom on the planet a sheer ringing started waking up the two figures sleeping in the bed making one of them grumble before reaching over and turning on a light on the small table next to his side of the bed. That done he quickly swung his legs off the bed and onto the floor before reaching over to answer the still ringing phone.

“O’Neill here, this better be good,” he growled into the receiver as he felt his wife get up behind him before leaning against his back.

“General O’Neill sorry to disturb you at home but we have a very weird situation here at the base. I think you and Doctor Carter better get down here sir,” a voice replied meekly making General Jack O’Neill, commander of the clandestine operation known as Stargate Command sighed before looking over his shoulder at the still tired face of his wife Doctor Samantha Carter-O’Neill.

“Understood we shall be there soon as possible,” he said back before hanging the phone down onto its cradle before turning to his wife who sighed at the look on his face before starting to get up. With his own sigh O’Neill got up from the bed and stretched before starting to get ready. About twenty minutes later found the two on the road heading towards the base wondering what in the world was going on.

-o-Chapter End-o-

Post Chapter Notes:

Well this is the first chapter of the story, and I hope every enjoyed it. Basically the tall building with the Red Cross is of course the Sunnydale Hospital which I believe is one of the tallest buildings in Sunnydale making it the tallest building in the city. Also all of the Clone nicknames are of course taken right from the series, and make up some of the more well-known of the Clones. I don’t know about Boomer but decided to throw him in there just because, while Fives and Echo are still only privates and newly introduced to the 501st therefore not yet ARC Troopers which they didn’t get trained for that till the Battle of Kamino. As for the 501st I believed it was a unit that had been trained especially under the strict supervision of Chancellor Palpatine according to some sources. Parts of this unit were deployed by themselves for various purposes, and one of these parts would be Torrent Company which here I have placed under the direct command of Anakin during the early days of the war when he is still a Padawan and into the early days of being a Jedi Knight. It’s only after the Battle of Teth and Battle of Ryloth that Anakin was given command of the larger 501st Brigade alongside the 211th Assault Brigade which is Obi-Wan’s unit. I hope that makes some sort of sense since much of the data and such introduced for the new cartoon is kind of a mess.

That done I would like to mention that yes this story is a Jack/Sam story so please no reviews mentioned that you don’t like that or whatever. I really don’t care for I am not really into the Shipping Wars and such since I like many different ships so please no flames about this.

Now I would like to mention that this is only the first chapter and am really not sure where to take this. I have another chapter about half finished and I am not really liking where it is going therefore this story may not get updated anytime soon thanks this. It all depends on the response to the story. Thank you in Advance.
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