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Code Ragnarok: Stand and Be Counted

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Code Ragnarok". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Demons have opened the Cleveland Hellmouth and it’s ‘call in the world’ time. *open to other authors*

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Call To Arms

Call to Arms

A/N: Many thanks to DarthTenebrus for the following addition to the Code Ragnarok universe. The following is the official communique that went out from the SGC to all associated organizations.

Even as the KOROLEV and ODYSSEY scooped up the slayer teams from their scattered postings across the globe, Stargate Command was fulfilling their initial commitment, transmitting the message by wire, airwave, courier, owl and even, in an isolated region of the Himilayas, by Passenger Pigeon.

Whether by design or default, those who crafted the message took into account that with the barriers between realities weakened by the open Hellmouth, signals would even cross into parallel realms.

Around the world and beyond people of importance were pulled from critical meetings, awakened from fitful slumber or otherwise interrupted to receive the communique.


FROM: Earth SGC, Earth, Sol System, Sector 001




1. Cleveland, USA Hellmouth opened by hostile extradimensional combat elements. Earth territory penetrated and ISWC alert teams on site overwhelmed.

2. Alert message transmitted in clear at 2019 hours from onsite OIC Dawn Summers -- SET CODE RAGNAROK. Extradimensional telemetry indicates HXD units tasked with establishing beachhead for follow-on forces. All subsequent contact lost. Efforts to re-establish so far unsuccessful.

3. QRF teams deploying on orders from ISWC and SGC IAW Article 9 of the IOA. However, anticipate QRF units to experience 90% + casualties upon contact.

4. Request any and all available craft and units be deployed by any and all means to Earth to assist with repelling hostile forces and evacuation of civilian populace as well should tactical situation and intelligence updates indicate such need.

5. RETRANS message to all available organizations and units as can receive and respond, to include interstellar and extradimensional entities capable of mobilizing a response.



A/EndNote: To all potential writers. This is what your team knows at the start regarding the situation. Your team could have relevant information due to prior contacts with the ISWC, individual slayers, etc or you can write them coming in blind and groping for intel. Either way, it all starts here.
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