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Code Ragnarok: Stand and Be Counted

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Code Ragnarok". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Demons have opened the Cleveland Hellmouth and it’s ‘call in the world’ time. *open to other authors*

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HMaxMarius + 29 othersFR186687,1156228103,62716 Dec 1230 Jun 14No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

The Wolf comes out to play! by Harry

Disclaimer: I don't own either Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Airwolf. Buffy is owned by Josh Whedon. Airwolf is owned by Bellasiurs Corporation. I'm just playing in the sandbox, and adding my own little part to the Code Ragnarok campaign.

Firm Headquarters Washington D.C.

Archangel, one of the Firm's top people in the area of technological development, was at his desk catching up on paperwork. These days, there wasn't much call for Black Ops work, so he was at headquarters most of the time these days. But that was about to change, when his aide, Marella, stepped in with a look on her face that made Michael -Cole Briggs III, Archangel, stop his work right then and there.

"What is it Marella?" he asked, as he moved toward her, his leg still acting up from when Airwolf had first debuted. When Doctor Moffat attacked the viewers, he had caused Archangel to loose an eye, and had shrapnel hit him in the leg. To this day, Michael still walked with a limp and had to wear a eye patch. The look he saw in her eyes, reminded him of the fear and horror from that day.

"This just came in from Star Gate Command on the priority line. Its marked ALCO and Immediate Response Required" she told her boss, knowing that something like this was NOT to be taken lightly!

Archangel took the paper and looked it over. What he saw on it, sent chills up and down his spine. "Marella, contact the Hawkes. Let them know that they are to get Airwolf ready for flight. I'll brief them on where they are to head for as soon as they are airborne. Tell them to head East" he told her, as he grabbed his cane and headed toward the office of Zeus, the head of the Firm.

Upon arriving at the office, Zeus's secretary tried to stop him, but failed. As he burst in the room, he could see Zeus on the phone talking to someone.

Zeus took one look at the fury in Archangel's face, and knew something was bothering him. "I'll have to call you back" he told the person on the phone, before turning to face Michael. "Now, Michael, what has you so upset?" he calmly asked, hoping to calm him down. His attempt had no effect on the look on the face of Archangel.

"This" he said, slapping the communique he had gotten from Marella "just came across my desk. If what I am reading is correct, the we have a SERIOUS situation brewing in Cleveland. Now, I want to know just WHAT THE HELL we are going to do about it!" Michael told his boss in no uncertain terms.

Zeus took the communique and started reading it. As he did, all color left his face. The reason why was on the document:


FROM: Earth SGC, Earth, Sol System, Sector 001




1. Cleveland USA Hellmouth opened by hostile extradimensional combat elements. Earth territory penetrated and ISWC alert teams on site overwhelmed.

2. Alert message transmitted in clear at 2019 hours from onsite OIC Dawn Summers - - SET CODE RAGNAROK. Extradimensional telemetry indicates HXD units tasked with establishing beachhead for follow-on forces. All subsequent contact lost. Efforts to re-establish so far unsuccessful.

3. QRF teams deploying on orders from ISWC and SGC IAW Article 9 of the IOA. However, anticipate QRF units to experience 90% + casualties upon contact.

4. Report any and all available craft and units to be deployed by any and all means to Earth to assist with repelling hostile forces and evacuation of civilian populace as well, should tactical situation and intelligence updates indicate such need.

5. RETRANS message to all available organizations and units as can receive and respond, to include interstellar and extradimensional entities capable of mobilizing a response.



Zeus just shook his head. "I was one of the signers of the treaty that was mentioned. I never thought that CODE RAGNAROK would ever be called. Nearly every intelligence agency and military group signed the treaty. Now, the call has been sent, and we have to respond. Michael, how soon can you get Airwolf heading there?" asked his boss.

"I've got them on standby. They just need to know where they are heading for" Archangel responded, surprised at what he had heard.

"Have them head for Cleveland. If they need supplies, such as ammo, weapons, CD-ROM"S, let me know. I'll authorize it for this mission. If anyone in the FIRM gives you grief, have them talk to me!" Zeus told him in no uncertain terms.

And with that Archangel went back to his office, and opened up a special communications device that only a few people had. With it, he got a hold of Stringfellow Hawke, St. John Hawke and Catlin Hawke, String's wife. Once the information was given, he sat down at his desk and said a simple prayer: "May God be with them on this mission."
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