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Code Ragnarok: Stand and Be Counted

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Code Ragnarok". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Demons have opened the Cleveland Hellmouth and it’s ‘call in the world’ time. *open to other authors*

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Slayer, Mages and Demons, Oh, my...!, Part II by AntonioCC

Slayers, Mages and Demons. Oh, my....!

Part II



Disclaimer: I own neither Nanoha nor Buffy characters, which are owned by their respective copyright holders.

Author Note: the earlier chapter have been edited a bit, to correct some flaws and expand a bit on some characters background.

A forested area not too far from Cleveland, Ohio

 "My name is Fate Testarossa-Harlaown. I'm an Enforcer, a military officer, of the Time Space Administration Bureau." Said Fate.

"Amy Madison, witch." Said the dark-haired woman, while looking at her with a mixture of interest and apprehension.

"Dawn Summers, representative of the Council." Said the younger dark-haired woman with intense blue eyes.

"Alexander Harris, but people call me Xander. Bricklayer and general goof." Said the dark-haired man with an eyepatch.

"Major Riley Finn, United States Army." Said the blonde man in a military uniform.

"Lieutenant Colonel Samantha Finn, same." Said the redhead (although dark roots were showing) in uniform.

"Faith, I kick demon ass." Said the dark-haired woman in a leather duster. "And it's now when you say 'take me to your leader'?"

"Hardly, I'm not a diplomat, or a politician." Said Fate "And I think that we more urgent problems than proper protocol. We can let those niceties for later." Then she took a breath and started to explain "A... friend has prophetic powers that express in the form of poems of difficult understanding..."

"Some things never change." commented Xander

"...Showed me the last one, which this time, it seems to refer to me and a few colleagues on Earth." Continued Fate, nodding to Xander comment "I called a couple favors and come here, and then we found dimensional disturbances all over the planet, with the biggest one centered in this area. And then I transported to this area with my aides, and we were was attacked..."

"Ok, so you are a military officer from an advanced magitech civilization that has come to Earth due to some prophecy." Said Xander summarizing what Fate had just told them. "And then you found the same crap that have made us fear that the Hellmouth is opening."

"Pretty much, Mr. Harris. " Answered Fate. "Well, technically I'm more a cop that a soldier, my usual tasks deal with investigating people meddling with weird things, but I had never seen anything like those... things."

"Serlaj demons. You're lucky that they didn't have a big one here, they can generate some sort of magic-repellent field." explained Xander and then added, with an smile "And please, call me Xander, or if you must be formal Alexander. Mr. Harris is my good-for-nothing father."

"All right... Alexander." Said Fate. "I have talked about what we were doing here, and you?"

"Faith, Amy, Dawn and myself work for the Council. We deal with demons, vampires..."

"Vampires, are they real?" asked Fate.

"Yeah, F, they are real. " said Faith, a bit testily. Learning that the cute blonde was military had brought a bit of his old hostility to authority to the fore.

"Pretty much every monster out of mythology or folklore is real." Said Dawn. "And if it has a female version Xander had dated it."

"Let's keep my screwed love life out of this, or should I mention to Buffy your date with...?" admonished Xander.

"All right, all right." Answered Dawn, defensively.

"Sore point?" asked Fate to Sam in a whisper.

"You have no idea." Answered Sam likewise and then added in a normal tone. "Riley and me work for a military unit who do pretty much the same job as the Council. So we collaborate in cases like these."

'A sure recipe for turf wars, if I have seen one.' thought Fate, who was familiar enough with the conflicts between the branches of the TSAB. But her face didn't let anything show, she saying instead a non-committal "I see." And then asked, "So this are has a high demon activity?"

"Yes, but only as an aftereffect." Said Dawn "There is a Hellmouth in this area, and demons are attracted to it."

"Hellmouth?" said Fate "The Gates of Hell?"

"Sort of... if we go technical, it's a point where our reality, and I suppose any reality similar to ours, intersect with a Hell dimension in a more or less permanent fashion." Said Dawn, "Well, at least that what I understood when Willow tried to explain it in scientific terms, but when she started to talk about unified field theory, superstrings and quantum mechanics it went way over my head." Dawn waved her hand in a dismissing gesture. "But that's not important just now. We have picked signs that the Hellmouth could be becoming more active, and both the Council and the Initiative, those are the military guys, deployed some people in the area." She took a deep breath, before taking her laptop from the Hummer, and saying said in a lower tone "And then we received the message."

"What message?" asked Fate, while Dawn activated the computer and pressed a couple keys

"This message." She said, finally pressing a key. The people grew silent, as a hiss of static broke over the clearing where they were

"Hello? Anyone out there?..." said a strangely familiar voice

Another burst of static.

"Goddess I hope someone hears me," the very young and worried sounding female voice, that she had just recognized as owned by the woman she has been talking, continued as noise built in the background. "This is Dawn Summers of the ISWC. We have a code Ragnarok..." The sounds of close combat swamped the signal. Inhuman screams and screeches assaulted the ears in the room.


The carrier-wave hum cut out and silence filled the group, to be broken by Fate worried tone.

"What is this?" asked Fate, fearing that she suspected the answer.

"We think that it was an alternate me being witness to the opening of an alternate version of the Cleveland Helmouth," said Dawn in a emotionless tone, as she pushed a few other keys, and turned the screen so Fate could see it. "And there is more. We received this a few hours after the first message."

It looked like an official message from some military agency. In fact it resembled a message form that she had found once in the archives, of the "In case of Armageddon" type.


FROM: Earth SGC, Earth, Sol System, Sector 001




1. Cleveland, USA Hellmouth opened by hostile extradimensional combat elements. Earth territory penetrated and ISWC alert teams on site overwhelmed.

2. Alert message transmitted in clear at 2019 hours from onsite OIC Dawn Summers -- SET CODE RAGNAROK. Extradimensional telemetry indicates HXD units tasked with establishing beachhead for follow-on forces. All subsequent contact lost. Efforts to re-establish so far unsuccessful.

3. QRF teams deploying on orders from ISWC and SGC IAW Article 9 of the IOA. However, anticipate QRF units to experience 90% + casualties upon contact.

4. Request any and all available craft and units be deployed by any and all means to Earth to assist with repelling hostile forces and evacuation of civilian populace as well should tactical situation and intelligence updates indicate such need.

5. RETRANS message to all available organizations and units as can receive and respond, to include interstellar and extradimensional entities capable of mobilizing a response.



"Shit." Said Fate

"Yep, and now you come talking about a prophecy. What does it says?" Said Faith. While she hadn't as bad luck as B with prophecies, she dreaded what this one has to say.

Fate cleared her throat and started to recite

"Devil and Reaper, Knights and their Mistress,

Rioters and Numbers, Dark Slayer, Witch neither Black nor White,

White Knight and Bound Key, and some of the Younger

Daughters of Sineya. Together against the old evil,

in a sphere beyond the sphere where everything began,

side to side with the Metal Giants of the Rising Sun."

"Ok, that's quite obscure, although I suppose that you are the reaper with that scythe of yours." Said Dawn.

"Pretty much, Ms. Sum... Dawn. The Devil, the Knights and their Mistress, the Rioters and the Numbers, are... professional and in some cases personal..." 'Very personal in one case.' she thought, her mind going to Nanoha. "...acquaintances of mine. And the sphere where everything began is..., well, I think that it is Earth. Because..., well, I met half of them here when I was younger, and in a sense we all began a new life in this world. The other parts..." she ended, shaking her head.

They looked between themselves, before Xander nodded slightly.

"I'm a Vampire Slayer, F." said Faith "Basically some higher power saw fit, when my predecessor died to saddle me with superior strength, agility, speed, senses, and healing and powers, as well as being able to feel... magic. " She then lowered her eyes and sighed. "Some people call me the Dark Slayer, because I haven't always been in the side of the angels."

"We have all forgiven you, Faith." said Xander "Even Buffy, and you tried to steal her body!"

"Meet the White Knight." said Dawn, pointing to Xander.

"That is what the younger Slayers calls me." Said Xander, shrugging "Kind of silly, if you ask me. I would look ridiculous in armor."

"I was once a practitioner of Black Magic." Said Amy, not meeting the other's eyes. "I'm trying to leave that behind... so I suppose that that makes me the Witch, neither Black, nor White."

"And who would be the Bound Key and the Younger Daughters of Sineya?" Asked Fate.

Silence hung in the air for what seemed like an Eternity, although they were only seconds, before somebody dared to speak.

"I'm the Bound Key. But please, don't ask why. I still have nightmares about that bloody night." Said Dawn, finally answering Fate question, and quickly changing the matter. "And Sineya was the First Slayer, so I suppose that they would be some of the younger Slayers."

"All right." Said Fate, recognizing Dawn's expression. She had worn it long enough in the past. It was thanks to Nanoha and her friends and family that she had managed to start to leave her personal demons behind. "If the world where the Hellmouth have opened falls, I gather that all the other worlds will be in danger."

"Very probably. The dimensional walls are weakened, allowing for a easier transit between dimensions." Said Dawn "We were planning to try to cross to that other world and lent our help, but even with the dimensional walls in their current state it will be difficult, specially if we want a way back."

Fate weighed her options for a moment, and took a decision. 'Well, it's not anything that they can't deduce from what I have already said?'

"Bureau ships have the capability to go between dimensions. It's not something that can be done lightly, though." she said "I'd need a copy of that file to report to my superiors, and I'd send my recommendations."

"Wonderful, when it end filtering through the bureaucracy..." said Dawn, dejected

"Not necessarily." Said Fate, with a sly smile. "I have contacts in high places. And I don't mean the ship."


TSAB space. A few hours later

To say that Admiral Chrono Harlaown was not happy with the news coming from both Mid-Childa and Earth was an understatement. A big dimensional disturbance, with the threat of a possible dimensional rupture later was no joking matter. That it was in Earth, and that it's origin seemed to be in some other dimensional counterpart of the planet only seemed to add to the headache. Still, the task force was being assembled with relative speed, and they should arrive on Earth's orbit in a couple days. The main problem was that other than the hastily assembled task force to deal with the Cradle two years ago, this was his first independent command.

He couldn't avoid thinking that certain elements in the TSAB higher echelons had done this to set him as the scapegoat if this crisis blew up in his face. That explained why he had been given barely a half of the resources that he had asked for when the news came, and how restrictive were his orders about the deployment of TSAB ships in that other dimension. That's why he had called a couple favors, getting an additional ship, an Armed Merchant Cruiser, the Crimson Lotus, and some... special equipment.

He really hoped that the measures that he had taken would be enough to outset the problems, if the shit hit the fan, either here or there. Because if it didn't they were toast, pure and simple.



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