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Code Ragnarok: Stand and Be Counted

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Code Ragnarok". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Demons have opened the Cleveland Hellmouth and it’s ‘call in the world’ time. *open to other authors*

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Mount Olympus Come to Town by TroyGuffey

Captain Guffey

500 years doesn't go by quickly, even if you stay busy. I'm not directly involved in the running of /Mount Olympus/ or part of any government, but as one of the oldest persons in the city, people do still listen to me. When they feel like it.

I was taking a double down day(down day during a down month), hanging around with old friends (and I DO mean old despite being in the prime of health. Never aging past your most deadly period does that for you.) having a good old cookout in one of the central tower parks. Alissa was wearing only her white skin-suit and the armored shoulder-pads close to hand. Joyce was wearing a blouse and skirt combo over a blue skin-suit. Never mind, let's just say everyone was wearing skin-suits, equipment belts and weapons. Old habits of war and living in space.

"Control for Captain Guffey. We need advice. You're not going to believe this one."

That pretty much broke up the cookout for everyone, since most of us were on the Council of Elders. My wife Jane was as well, but she elected to stay and be hostess for the remaining few, including the under-aged children. She'd be able to attend remotely, of course, with her Virtual Interface Implant.

We went to the indicated conference room, where the 2nd Officer of the Day was waiting with a girl I'd never seen before. She wasn't in any of current databases, nor historical real-person ones, either. She WAS in the movie database, though, as an actress on "Buffy: the Vampire Slayer" Her aura was that of a android, with a tiny spark of soul.

She introduced herself, "Hello, I'm Dexy Mears. I have been instructed to inform people that I am not a member of the Midnight Runners. My full name is December Mears, but that is awkward to many humans."

"A dimensional gateway to hell has been opened in our dimension, and a distress signal has been sent. I and my sisters have also been sent as we have continua travel devices." She then replayed the audio distress call declaring Ragnarok, and showed us the text request.

I asked Dexy how she had gotten there, since our dimension is pretty much sealed off, and the "skin" is pretty tough. She didn't have any technical specs, but explained rotating dimensional axes, and translation along those axes.

"She got here pretty much the only way she could." said Kisuke, one of the top geniuses in Physics. He was also on the Council of Elders.

"We'd have to put it to a vote, then call for volunteers, but I know we all have somewhat of a sentimental attachment to that universe and it's branches since that Halloween. Besides having all those dimensional holes means the ranks of Hell can use it as a crossroad to spread throughout huge chunks of the multi-verse."

Kisuke asked Dexy how we were supposed to get the universe in question.

Dexy answered, "I can transport any vehicle that I am touching or riding."

Kisuke asked, "What are your mass limits?"

"As far as I know, it must be a continuously-connected mass but not connected to a planet, but my internal instructions do not specify any limits."

"Can you go home and get back here? With math and designs, and limits?"


I spoke up, "I think we should illustrate our concerns, as I think the problem might be big enough to take /Mount Olympus/ itself to solve." We all walked out to the nearest transport portal just down the corridor."

I set the destination to the observation deck, and a pool of static was replaced by a view of the observation deck.

I gestured to one of the windows. "Take a look."

She looked out upon the city-ship in all it's glory.

Kisuke started reeling off technical specs: "16 miles across, mass..."

I cut him off.

"Miss Dexy if you could go and retrieve the information on your continua device, that would be greatly appreciated. We wouldn't like to move HALF of the city."

She was abruptly no longer there.

The Council moved back to the conference room.

Honor spoke up: "If she can't take the city, hopefully she will be able to bring through battle-carriers." She checked current fleet deployments. "The /Ronald Reagan/, the /Enterprise/, the /SpaceHawk/, the /Moskva/, the /Hogsmeade/, and the /Intrepid/ are available now, or at least in 6-12 months. I presume we're going to ready resources then time-turn back to the first moment."

"Sounds like a good plan to me. Uh, we did an oops. We came back here, and Dexy will probably come back to the observation deck. I'll send a Skeeter to bring her."

"I hope none of the cheating bastard RTS guys are coming!"


Dexy came back with enough information to build our own continua device. I was indeed unlimited in transport mass! Made me wonder what would happen if you activated in a blue super-giant.

The vote came back. /Mount Olympus/ was going to war.

We spent nearly a year manufacturing war material: Tanks, fighters, shuttles, carryalls, mobile hospitals, weapons, armor; command, control, communications, intelligence gear; food synthesizers; etc. Everything that General Weber thought they'd need. If we'd made wrong, or just useless picks we'd recycle them into what was needed. And rather a depressing amount of nanny-bags for the KIAs.

The clerics blessed every single pallet of physical ammo. That was a full time job blessing several million rounds of standard ammo.

The non-volunteers vacated the city, and the volunteers came aboard. About 5/8ths fighters of various types; 1/4th engineers (mostly combat, but a sufficient amount of starship engineers, plus a couple of hundred design engineers); and the scientists, also of various types.

We jumped back in time to the beginning, picked up Dexy. We went to Red Alert. She came aboard, took firm hold of a main structural beam and we rotated into the war zone.

"Damn it! How the frack can we be so LATE getting on site. We hit our time-target in the time-jump back home, and Dexy rotated us here herself."

It was the 8th day since the Hellmouth had opened. Crap, we'll have to play it as it lies.



"Sir, there's a new ship arriving. Holy snot! It's 16 miles in diameter! Wait, it's changing aspect, turning. This aspect is only about a mile and a half, with a jagged profile."

"Orbital Control, this is /Mount Olympus/, Sky-Marshal Rodger Young speaking. Dexy brought us your distress call. We brought everything we thought you'd need, including fighters. Could you send us an update? Dexy provided us with your comm protocols."

"This is StarGate Command, we are acting as Orbital Control, please assume a wide orbit with at least 100 miles separation from other ships."

"Understood, StarGate Command. Although we ARE capable of powered orbit."

The SGC sent us updates on the situation.

As a Councilor, I had the right to be on the bridge, and the wisdom to know when to shut up.

We sent the HGC lists of available equipment, personnel, and capabilities. They agreed to send our offer of embedded logistic support to the encircling units.

The HGC assigned us a beginning AoA (Area of Action).

The city Captain brought us over a clear-ish area outside the containment perimeter into our AoA being sure not to come near the Hellmouth. The spatio-temporal distortion were supposed to be killers. We 'dropped anchor' at 30,000 feet. Static beams supported the city like immaterial columns. A few houses were smashed to kindling or rubble with the great weight.

We started landing equipment, by Carryalls. First the Henschel heavy hover tanks. Armor up the wazoo. Main gun was a horrendously powerful continuous-beam laser, powered by the fusion plant. The co-axial secondary main gun was a tractor/pressor beam (Slang: Gravy-gun), which could be used for pure kinetic punch, or to shake a target apart. 3 dual-gun turrets adorned each side to prevent being flanked, another laser in each, usually with a coaxial grav-cannon. In this theater the rear quartet replaced the slug-launcher with a plasma flamer. Claymores adorned the armored skirt. A pair of heavy grav-launched mortars shared space with launch tubes for multi-purpose hypersonic missiles running between the dual intake fans. The missiles were usable as anti-air or surface-to-surface. The tank mounted a deflector shield which turned aside incoming fire. Any demon attacking that way would bounce off at a 30 degree vertical with the same velocity he attacked with.

Then the Badger APCs. [The APC from Aliens, the rail-mounted turret has a laser, and a grav-cannon, the front has a laser and a plasma flamer. Same deflector field as the tanks (just not as strong)]

Engineering equipment landed next and immediately began construction.

Double walls. A 30ft wide by 20ft deep trench in front of each wall, but the walls themselves were quickly put up with construction foam, hard as concrete, toughened by carbon fiber. 4ft thick pavement was laid down. Firing platforms for tanks and APCs and infantry went up inside the walls. Gates and drawbridges went into the 4 openings left for that purpose. Devourer swarms in the moats.

Infirmary, barracks, mess came in standard ready to use units. [Like shipping container, only bigger in all dimensions, ready to be joined with other units.]

6 hours and our first base was ready.

The support includes pre-made exploration skin-suits (temperature regulation, fluid recycling, configurable camo, very tough(knife-proof, light-pistol-proof), vacuum sealable(built-in folding hood), gas filters, self-healing); virtual interface communicator/computer with 100 yard range, usually used with a 10mile(open field) booster units; jump belts (5 miles @ 80mph range)(400lb capacity)
and chrysalis machines(rebuilds people down to genetic level, can revive the dead as long as the brain memory center is mostly intact), nano-factories to make anything you need.
One thing we'd practically INSIST on people taking is nano-preservative body-bags. Slang: Nanny-bags.(From Schlock Mercenary) Preserve fairly fresh corpses, especially the brain. The faster you get the KIA into one, the better they get repaired. Still gonna lose short term memory, but preserves long-term.
This is the Mount Olympus from "Ship of the Line: Your Chance"

Chapter 13 and other "Ship of the Gods" chapters and "Special Circumstance"
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