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There's Been Some Sort Of M.Y.T.H-Take

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Summary: Dawn ends up at an entirely unexpected destination.

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Literature > FantasyGreywizardFR1511,134032,04117 Dec 1217 Dec 12Yes
Disclaimer: They all belong to Crack-Head Joss and ME, or to Robert Asprin's heirs and/or estate. Deal with it. I have.

Time Frame: Approximately eight months post 'Chosen.'

Spoilers: None intended, but if you don’t know what happened up to this point, why are you reading this story?

Character Bashing: Nope, none at all this time around. Don't be too disappointed, though. Make some requests and I'll try to get to them in a future story or update.

Feedback: Of course!

Archiving: Talk to me first, please.

Author’s Note 1: Many thanks to Bill Haden and Theo (Starway_Man) for beta-ing this story.

Author’s Note 2: As usual, “word” indicates speech, :: word :: indicates mental communication and { word } indicates a character's thoughts.

Author’s Note 3: This is story #17 in my own personal Christmas Fic-A-Day Challenge.


Somewhere in Cleveland, OH

January, 2004

"Oh, damn it!"

The heads of every Scooby Gang member within hearing range snapped up and around upon hearing Dawn's exasperated exclamation.

Buffy's frantic "Dawn!" was echoed by Xander's "Dawnie!" and Faith's "Shit, Pip!" as they all watched helplessly as a shimmering green ring formed around the statuesque brunette and the Krep'tes'tak demon high priest towering menacingly by her left side.

The freely bleeding scratch on her cheek and the sight of several slightly brighter glowing splotches emanating from the altar next to the pair provided an obvious explanation for the pair's abrupt disappearance.

Not that the remaining Krep'tes'tak acolytes survived the now-enraged Council forces' subsequent attacks long enough to realize that fact.


Elsewhere, elsewhen

As she felt herself fall through the almost uncomfortably bright light pervading wherever it was she'd ended up, Dawn reacted in accordance with the unrelenting training Buffy, Xander and Giles had drummed into her, following Sunnydale's collapse, and relaxed her body as much as she could manage.

Utilizing the momentum of her fall as she impacted the ground, Dawn rolled forward and back up onto her feet in the middle of what looked like some sort of shop.

Dawn then quickly scanned her surroundings, trying to locate the high priest who'd only managed to cut her cheek, in lieu of decapitating her as had been his original intention, while making sure she had a firm grasp on her own rapier.

Seeing the aforementioned personage sprawled akimbo atop a nearby table which had apparently, just a moment earlier, held a variety of quite fragile and breakable items, to judge by the horrified expression on the face of the clearly nonhuman being she assumed to be the shopkeeper, Dawn was struck by inspiration.

So she pointed at her assailant and she yelled, "Get him! He's a thief!", right before turning and calmly heading for the door she'd noted in her survey a moment earlier.

The Key smiled to herself with satisfaction as she saw the now-enraged shop's owner slam the still-disoriented high priest's head with what looked like a very sturdy mace, as she quickly exited the store.


"Now, where in the name of Carmen Sandiego did I end up?" Dawn mused to herself as she wandered down the street she'd escaped to, from the shop she'd arrived in. Murmuring the command word, Dawn shrank her rapier and it returned to its normal position on her charm bracelet as she tried to blend in with the crowd around her

Her head continually swiveled around as though it were on gimbals as she tried to take in all of the sights surrounding her, not the least of which was that the vast majority of the crowds flowing around her were, while unmistakably humanoid, most definitely not human. { Xander would be in Heaven, } she thought. This place could be mistaken for a low tech Zócalo on Babylon 5 or Star Wars cantina.

Wherever the Hellmouth it was she'd arrived, it was both breathtaking and truly amazing in scope and scenery, though, Dawn reflected to herself. She then stared, completely fascinated, at the sight of a pair of gryphons pulling a flying wagon across the pastel-green, cloud-flecked sky above her.

The young woman was so caught up watching, in fact, that she didn't even notice the small (relatively speaking), emerald-scaled dragon trotting across her path in front of her as it scurried to catch up with its master.

The ensuing collision prompted the tiny dragon – it was probably no more than six months old and thus, barely the size of a small Shetland pony – to squeak in surprise as it crashed to the ground, the tall brunette having stumbled over its tail and, then tripped and landed on the mini-dragon's back, unbalancing it and making it topple to the ground.

"GLEEP!" the dragonette squealed as it swiveled its serpentine neck around to stare at its ostensible assailant.

"Hey! What're you trying to do to my dragon?! Are you okay, Gleep?"

Dawn looked up with a worried look of surprise and apprehension as she tried to disentangle herself from the jumble of human and draconic limbs, since the only beings she was aware of who kept dragons as pets were evil sorcerers or witches, who were most likely not going to take kindly to her inadvertent clumsiness.

The worried look shifted to a pleased and relieved expression, though, when she saw that the speaker was a blond-haired human-looking youth, who appeared to be approximately her own age.

"Ohmigosh, I'm so sorry. I hope I didn't hurt your dragon," Dawn began apologizing as she finally managed to regain an upright position, at approximately the same time as the dragon, whose name, judging by its owner's earlier comment, was 'Gleep.'

"I wasn't watching where I was going because I just arrived here a few minutes ago completely accidentally because I really wasn't trying to get here I was just trying not to get killed by that evil high priest dude and I ended up here wherever here actually is and I don't even know what this place's name is and oh my god I'm babbling even worse than Willow does when she gets flustered and I'm probably sounding like a complete idiot so I'll just stop talking now," the now brightly blushing Dawn babbled. Well, before she finally managed to cease her monologuing by clamping her hands over her mouth, as she realized that the guy was staring at her with a mixture of amazement and what also looked like normal adolescent appreciation, too.

"Uh, hi," the guy replied after a moment's pause, looking at her oddly. "Gleep looks to be okay, and it's really quite difficult to actually hurt a dragon, so it doesn’t look like there's really been any harm done.

"Oh, and my name's Skeeve," he added, introducing himself, and then he went stumbling forward towards Dawn as his dragon apparently playfully nudged him with its head as it enthusiastically announced, "GLEEP!" while leaning forward and licking her right cheek with its long, surprisingly warm tongue.

"Uh, hi," Dawn hesitantly smiled back. "My name's Dawn. Dawn Summers…"


Author's post-script: At the present time, I have no plans to expand on this, so if anyone is interested in picking this plot bunyip up and expanding it into a full story, feel free to do so. Just drop me a line and let me know what you're doing, and where it's posted, so I can follow it.

The End

You have reached the end of "There's Been Some Sort Of M.Y.T.H-Take". This story is complete.

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