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Code Ragnarok: Battlefront

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Code Ragnarok". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: And in those days of darkness a brave few stood against the wave of evil. Some fell, others were broken, a few triumphed. All were heroes. This is their story.

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Stargate > General > Theme: Multi-CrossoversHMaxMarius + 19 othersFR18325513,794121097354,40618 Dec 1219 Dec 14No

Code Ragnarök : To Invade Hell Part IV by Dragonwolftiger

Commander Harold Potter XXIV, Jedi Knight turned away from his com console, to see his staff looking back at him. “Captain,” he said nodding to the Captain of the Odin. “We have transit co-ordinates, prepare all stations for condition one.”

Captain Jeffers nevertheless responded smartly. “Yes, Sir!” Turning away he looked at a female human of roughly twenty-five years of age. “Dana, please set condition one, all hands to battle stations.”

Her response didn't come from the woman leaning back in her chair it came instead from the hologram standing to the side of the big holotank. “Combat imminent, ALL HANDS TO BATTLE STATIONS, ALL HANDS TO BATTLE STATIONS, SET CONDITION ONE.”

On the Thor the scene was identical. Less then five minutes later the pair of six mile long battleships began to shimmer, seconds later they were gone.

Hellmouth Plane one hundred twenty miles above the Hellmouth.

The pair of Avalon Republic Warships shimmered in, out again, and finally remained in place. Seconds later reports were coming in, the ships Jedi were reporting that this place was literally teeming in the darkside, sensors were reported to be down to ten percent of normal, as that was still thirty light minutes it wasn't considered much of a problem. More worrying were the weapons reports, The primary weapons system was reported to be at fifty percent strength, the Antimatter Cannons wouldn't take more than a fifty percent charge, their effective range couldn't be measured yet but expectations were range would be fifty percent or lower, the secondary pulse plasma cannons which used the same power source were in the same situation and the same range expectations. The tertiary weapons, the hypervelocity railguns were having no power difficulties and as they had a multitude of targets lashed out immediately. Their range was not affected at all due to the fact that they were anti-fighter weapons.

Minutes later forty six fighter squadrons did a combat launch. As the massive ships moved lower more and more demonic lifeforms move to intercept them. The ventral secondary turrets opened up first each plasma blast incinerating anything within fifty yards of the impact, the double mounts were firing evenly first one cannon then the other, the quad railguns, targeting anything within their normal range of one light minute had their targeting reduced to ten miles. The normal ship to ship ranges would not work here, a round that hit the ground could injure friendlies. Then the massive ventral turret opened up the three Antimatter cannons fired one every half-second each blast being targeted as far away as they could, a maximum range of less than one hundred miles being determined. As that was less than one percent of the standard range, the gunnery officer was concerned. The secondary turrets and railguns were not having the same range problems. Contact with the Baldur on the other side was sporadic. As the massive ships got lower the calculations became more precise: the main cannon fire would not pass into an interdiction zone five miles above ground level. The secondary cannons and railguns had no problems with firing into this zone but each round was being targeted specifically. Shield energy dropped at a steady measurable rate. Within no more then ten days inside time the massive ships would have to transit out.

The information from Stargate Command was proving useful, any demons not destroyed outright, within a specific radius of other demons, the other demons would fight amongst themselves in order to get at the meat.

When the pair of ships were within ten miles of the surface they split up and the dorsal secondary and tertiary turrets activated to take the load off the ventral turrets. Those targeted in order: any demons trying to get through the Hellmouth, any demons attempting to impede the group dubbed the Elysium Brigade by a Deck 2nd who was assigned as one of the ventral turret operators. Thor had been assigned overwatch for the mobile combat fortresses, and used a minimum of fifty percent of her turrets to fire into the shield they were assaulting. The other turrets worked on reducing the enemy assaulting them to a fine mist. Still as they didn't dare fire too close to the huge tanks for fear of overloading their shields they kept the secondaries, one hundred yards away and the tertiaries ten yards away. Unfortunately that meant that they couldn't prevent one of the BOLO's they now knew, from being damaged enough to have to self-destruct on the other side of the enemy mages. They shut down sensors in that area just in time, however the shields on that side of the ship went from ninety-eight point seven percent to fifty percent from the shockwave. Even with the shields automatically evening out, the warship would have to leave after seven and a half days.

A/N remember that even with severely reduced efficiency, these are ship to ship weapons, they are designed to blow other ships out of space. The Main Cannons fire pure antimatter in a magnetic envelope (think of it like a tube), their normal range is roughly one light hour but fighting range is considered to be ten light seconds 1,870,000 miles. The enemy mages are disrupting parts of the magnetic spectrum with their energies. There is for lack of better terms an interdiction zone within ten miles of the Hellmouth, the mages are within 3 miles if I'm right. (if I'm wrong somebody tell me but don't use KM. I figure 1.6 km is about 1 mile)
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