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Code Ragnarok: Battlefront

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Code Ragnarok". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: And in those days of darkness a brave few stood against the wave of evil. Some fell, others were broken, a few triumphed. All were heroes. This is their story.

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Let the Hunt Begin! by Harry

A/N: You asked for them, and HERE THEY ARE! The orders have been given, and its time. Time to put the WOLFPACK into the fight! And, as Glenn Fry put it in Beverly Hills Cop: AND THE HEAT IS ON!

Previously in Code Ragnarok: Battlefront

"Yeah, whatever," dismissed Anthony. "I'll take my Gods over your Force any day of the week, thank you. Now, let's go find that asshole, and make sure that he doesn't get another demon platoon to attack us again."

"I think we can help with that" responded a female voice all of a sudden

The trio of Jedi Master Boris Fallen, Jedi Knight Oroshin Zander and Einherjar Sigurdsson turned to see a quartet of young ladies standing behind them. One was a brunette, the second had raven black hair, the third was a red head, and the fourth was a blonde. Each was armed with a silenced Ingram Sub Machine Gun in a shoulder holster and carried a pair of swords on her hip. From the look of their equipment, from the throat mikes to the MOLLE rucksacks on their backs and the bonnie hats on their heads, they were kitted out like some sort of special operations unit, like Delta Force or possibly the Navy SEALS.

One of the ladies turned toward them and approached to within a few feet of Falleen. "I'm Jeanette Louise-Santini" the brunette stated with an understated Texas twang. "These other ladies are Linda Bryant" the blonde nodded, shifting her medical equipment into a more comfortable spot, "Anna Li Chuin" the young lady with the Raven Black hair bowed in respect, knowing that her equipment was safe where it was, "And this is Jenna Clayton. We're Slayers, but our Wolfpack call sign is Athena. General O'Neill sent us in, via Airwolf, to help find and hogtie, the Sith Lord" Jeanette informed the men present.

Anthony's face lit up when the name of Airwolf was mentioned. "So I didn't have a hallucination after all! I thought that I had seen it, even if it did look somewhat different than what I remembered as a child" he stated.

Jeanette just shook her head. " Uncle String is going to have a COW over this!" she thought to herself. "We can talk about the Lady later. As I said. O'Neill sent our team to locate and detain Darth Thanaton," Jeanette said, as she prepared to have the team move out.

However, before that happened, Master Falleen stepped forward. "If I might make a suggestion Miss Santini: Perhaps it would be better if we worked together" he said, knowing of the large number of demons and such in the area especially if they were being commanded by Thanaton.

Jeanette gave the idea some thought. While they were after the Sith Lord, help from a pair of Jedi Knights would be appreciated. And, their skills with the Force and their Light Sabers would help them out greatly should it come down to close quarters. "Very well then, Master Falleen, Sir. We'll accept your offer of support: since we are hunting a Sith Lord, we can use all the help that we can get Jenna, take lead. We're moving Anna, you bring it up behind the Jedi. Let's go," Jeanette told them. And with that, the group moved out into the streets near the battle site.

Anthony was impressed with how this 'Wolfpack' team seemed to work together. The way Jeanette compelled her girls to maneuver and to move from cover to cover told him that she was their commander, more similar to a Special Forces Operational Detachment than a group of empowered teenage girls. Moreover, the way they moved and handled their gear, especially their weapons, indicated to him that these girls, while not military, had definitely received some military training by whom he had assumed had to be a commanding officer of some sort. He didn't need to meet him or her to figure that part out. The one thing that he didn't get was the pair of Japanese blades strapped to the left hip of each Slayer, as though they were part samurai as well.

This Athena Team was definitely an enigma. A word with Lord Heimdall might be in order. . .


Thanaton was slowly starting to come to, as he saw himself surrounded by a small group of yellow colored demons. They were in some sort of building, a large one by the look of it. Perhaps some sort of warehouse, some sort of storage facility for large or numerous machine parts. He knew, via the Force, that these demons might possibly be loyal to him, and that they wanted to grow in power by aiding him. And more were coming. It was a second chance for him to amass his forces, to gather his strength once again, and this time, there would be no airstrike, no fighter ships, and no thrice-dammed helicopter to wipe them out before he could make good on his promise to himself, a promise that he had made moths ago to fulfill the destiny he had felt for himself.,

To secure his foothold on this world, he had to take the demons under his charge, to dominate them and bend their minds to his will. He could sense the will of their 'ultimate' master, this 'First Evil' as they referred to it in their minds. It was powerful oh so very powerful , and its power snag to him a song of dark supremacy that he had never heard in his own galaxy., Its power could be his, if only he remembered on of his first lessons in the Dark Side, that the power of the Force only ever served those who had the strength to take it form themselves and to hold it against those who had it them to take it from him. It had made the Hellmouth's, these dimensional gateways that had facilitated the demon's entry into this world, but for all that, it was still a manifestation of the Dark Side of the Force, not this great godlike being that claimed to be the ultimate source of all the universe's evils. And Thanaton was a master of the Dark Side: he would take the power of the First for himself and use it to unleash a tide of destruction so vast and profound that the multiverse in its entirety would sooner bow to him than to see his armies crush their bodies and consume their souls.

" So be it" he said to himself aloud. "If these so called demons wish to aide me in bring the one who left back to Imperial Service then I will see how useful they are in finding that traitor Omas,, as well as teach these Jedi" here, a look of disgust took over his face" The power of the First Evil. My power which is the true power of the Dark Side of the Force . . ."


The group of seven moved through the area,, keeping to the shadows when they could, and they moved in bounds; two of the Wolfpack Slayers covering the other two, and all keeping the Jedi and Sigurdsson protected. It slowed them down a bit, but the knew that the Jedi had to be protected, as their sensitivity to the Force served as a type of early-warning system, a sort of "Spider-sense'" as it were. And it was a good thing that they were, as they were ambushed a few times by groups of demons that had survived the attacks by Airwolf and the Colonial Vipers. But, a few commands issued from Jeanette via her throat mike, and a few shots from the Dutch Loaded Ingram's, some covering fire from Sigurdsson's weapon, and the Jedi's own light sabers, cleared up the mess each time. Master Falleen was grateful for the Wolfpack team's willingness to offer protection, and he made it a point to express that gratitude later after the mission. Hopefully the capture and extraction would happen without too many complications.

What made this mission so sensitive and yet so unpredictable was their target. They were after a Dark Lord of the Sith, after all, and his purview was deception, treachery, and ruthlessness. One could not counter such darkness as that with more ruthlessness; it ran against the grain of what it meant to fight on the side of light, and it fed the Dark Side and made its servants stronger. Falleen had mused on this the whole time they had been moving toward their objective; he had let Zander handle the task of leading them in the right direction, so he could focus his mind on getting to know these new "Wolfpack" Slayers. "So, Miss Santini, what are your plans after this mission is over?" asked Master Falleen, trying to be social able with the Wolfpack leader.

"My plans, Master Jedi, are unfortunately no one's concern until we're done with the mission, but if you must ask, then I suppose I had thought of going into the Air Force, and becoming a combat pilot, and possibly also going into JAG as a lawyer after a few tours" she told Falleen, surprising him with her plans.

That wasn't the only thing she surprised him with, and it was the next few words out of her mouth, whispered in his face with quiet menace that convinced him in the Force, of the seriousness beyond their years, with which they treated their mission, their environment, and each other's lives.

"Now that's said, if you compromise our position again, it'll be you that gets hogtied, bled out real quiet, and left behind for the demons. Got that?!"

Falleen nodded, clearly convinced that she meant business, and spoke no more except during close contact with the enemy, of which there were several occasions, and each one allowed the Jedi and the Chosen of Odin, to witness the professionalism and the quiet lethality of the Wolfpack.


While the Wolfpack mission was progressing, Thanaton was slowly adding more demons to his side. Between Force Lightning and the power of the Force to intimidate and enthrall them, he was working on building up a new army to aid him in this fight. "Make sure that the front door is secure" he told one of the demons a particularly large and solidly built one that looked like it could have stood in for a duracrete wall. He wanted to make sure that no one broke in and disturbed him as he gathered his energies. He felt the hate in his subjects, and it was good; he fed on that raw anger, the demons' lust to rend flesh and spill blood, and he shaped it into power. He sensed the fierce determination of the Jedi and that man the once-dead Einherjar, who had fought him almost to a standstill. Even now he was infuriated by the sheer luck of the man, the way he timed that throw so perfectly, grabbing him by his robes and throwing him into the lamppost. Still, he found himself admiring his latest opponent for his ingenuity, for no Force wielder, be they Jedi or Sith, had ever documented such a counter to a Force push, regardless of the power behind it. A slow smile formed on his face at the thought of engaging the Einherjar once again. He would not make the same mistake twice.

The demons made sure that the door was close and that it was solidly barricaded. They thought that nothing would get into the building. They thought themselves prepared for any surprise the seven humans, as their Lord Thanaton had sensed, had cooked up for them.

"He's in there" Orrin Zander stated, pointing to a building that was being patrolled by a group of demons and vampires. Dusk had come about an hour earlier than usual, no doubt accounting for the Hellmouth's influence as well as the changing seasons in Ohio. They felt the cold begin to settle into their bones, and picked up the pace just a little bit more as their objective loomed ever closer and by the time that Zander had sense the presence of the Dark Lord and his new troops, they were about a block away from the building in question. Jeanette nodded to him and sent a series of hand and arm signals to her girls to rally around her in a alley just across the street from the objective; It was now time for the Wolfpack to go to work.

"Linda, I want you to prep a good, strong anesthetic. We are only going to have one shot at taking him alive, so we need to move fast and quiet while the others make the noise. Jenna, I want you to see if that front door IS secure; closed fist for yes or just wave at us if not. If that door IS secured, Anna, I want you to place a breaching charge on it. As much noise as you can give us, chica; the more bang for the buck the better. Remember, ladies, orders say to take him alive. They didn't say we couldn't do what it takes to put him down; alive doesn't mean conscious" Jenna told her team.

Each member of the team went to work, pulling equipment from both their MOLLE rucksacks and their butt packs.. Jenna pulled out a holographic sight for her Ingram and attached it to the top rail, and she adjusted the ties on her katana, keeping it low on her left hip and tight for a quick draw. Anna prepared a couple of yards of detonation cord, which was basically a length of slender cord packed full with C4 explosive and attached a pull-fuse, time-delay blasting cap. Linda pulled out some medical equipment and prepared a hypodermic syringe that she kept covered. She had no plans on injecting it into anyone until they were close to the target.

Seeing how well this team was working together surprised both the Jedi AND Sigurdsson as well. "Just who are you ladies? You work too well to be a regular military unit?" the Einherjar asked.

Jeanette looked at the big warrior askance and sighed., "What's your name, buddy?"

He looked at her like this was the worst time to ask such a question, which in the team commander's mind, it was. "Anthony Sigurdsson. Why?"

"Drop the jackets girls" she told them. And with the jackets off, Anthony could see on the shoulder area of each shirt for each girl was a round insignia. That insignia showed a pack of four wolves with a dagger and a stake crossed behind them. "Anthony, Athena Team is one of several small units in a special operations group within the Slayer Directorate of the ISWC. The group is known as Wolfpack: we operate similar to the US Army's Green Berets, when the normal Slayer touch just doesn't do" she told them.

"I thought that your group was also chosen of the All Father ?" Sigurdsson asked, then seeing the wolf insignia on their shoulders "or are you servants of Loki?" he inquired, as he prepared his weapon for firing, sheathing it and then allowing it to reshape itself into a M4 carbine, albeit one that had a lustrous steel gleam to it. This took the Wolfpack women off balance, as they had never seen any weapon that could do anything like what they were witnessing, so much so that they forgot that they had been insulted!

"Umm, Neither: we are a team of Slayers, and our specialized training qualified us for assignment to he Wolfpack: our unit designation is Team Athena., after the Greek Goddess of Wisdom. You know, the Goddess who prefers to help plan the battles, rather than actually do the fighting ? We don't answer to the AEsir," Jeanette stated.

"Knockout injection is ready Jeanette" reported Linda, as she stepped up, the hypodermic needle with its material ready to go. Linda had her regular gear nearby as well. If anyone got hurt, she'd do what she could to patch up the wounds. But, if it was serious, she'd do what she could do, and then arrange for a Medical Evacuation ASAP.

Jenna now moved quickly and quietly toward the building, keeping to the shadows as best that she could. Once she got there, she checked the door, twisting the knob ever so gently as to not alert the bad guys inside. It was locked, so she gave the closed fist signal to Jeanette.

The leader of the Pack for this mission nodded her head. "Looks like you're up Anna" she told the explosive expert of the team, who moved into the area where Jenna was at. Anna quickly molded the detonation cord around the door frame and the knob and then moved back to where the rest of the team was.

"Timer has a one minute delay on it. That should give us time to move in and find some cover before it goes off" the Asian explosives expert stated.

"Perhaps, with the aid of the Force, we can help create a zone to protect one and all from the flying debris" Master Falleen suggested.

"If you can make sure that the debris either goes into the house or away from us, that's fine. If not, we'll just find a place to hunker down. Besides, we know Anna's work. If she says that it's going to blow at a certain time, you can be sure that it will blow at that time" Jenna informed him with confidence.

The Jedi Master nodded, as he prepared to do what he could to keep the debris from flying outward, Right on time, the explosive charge went off and both Falleen and Zander had used the power of the Force to keep the debris from hitting the pack and to move it into the building. As one, Athena Team and their attached elements surged into the building to attack.


Thanaton was looking on with pleasure at his growing army. Soon, with the power of the Dark Side of the Force, they would take this world and establish Imperial Order. A order that would make sure that no one misbehaved or left their post without permission. Suddenly, the front entrance blew open, and debris started flying, hitting his demon allies and showering them in wooden shrapnel. Thanton prepared to draw his light saber. This smelled to him like a Jedi trick of some sort. But what surprised him was not only the Jedi and the Einherjar, but a group of four women, all carrying swords. And then, then he heard something, a battle cry that truly surprised him in a manner that none had before: "IN THE HOUSE!" Before he could do anything, his demon allies were falling left and right to these young ladies, wielding what appeared to be mundane steel blades, similar to the one that the Einherjar had wielded, claiming that it was a magical blade given to him by his Gods. But these blades were somehow destroying his demon soldiers. . .

There was a reason that the Pack carried the blades that they did., One thing that the watchers had drilled into them. when teaching them the traditional means of fighting demons and such, was how to use a sword. And each of the four blades, Two short swords, one a katana and a wakizashi, had been blessed and sanctified. But, Anna's wakizashi had been blessed THREE TIMES! One blessing by a priest (Standard blessing for the swords), once by a Protestant Minister, and the third time by a Buddhist monk. And the blades were making the demons scream and run as though they had been set aflame.

Even the Jedi and the Einherjar got in on the action, taking out some of the demons as the group approached Thanaton. "You may have destroyed my army, but you will never take me! I am a Dark Lord of the Sith, and now you will know my wrath " he screamed as he summoned Force Lightning again. The Jedi, however, sensed his dark powers building and, by a whisper of the Force, they had stepped in front with their blades lit and caught the maelstrom of evil. The energy bolts dissipated harmlessly against their weapons, enabling the others to open fire with their Ingram's and Anthony's enchanted M4. As the group of seven answered the lighting, Linda decided that this was the time that she needed to slip around behind the Dark Lord and hit him in the side of the neck with the hypodermic syringe. He had either been unaware of her presence somehow, or had been sufficiently distracted by the withering submachine gun fire that he could not keep a pair of eyes in the back of his head. Linda pressed the plunger fully, delivering the entire dose of anesthetic into the Sith's bloodstream, knocking him out within seconds.

Once Thanaton was down, he was quickly gagged and then bound wrists to ankles with plastic flex ties that had been particularly ensorcelled for just this sort of prisoner . "Target has been successfully Hogtied ladies, and in record time. Let's get him outside. Linda, call for extraction, tell them we have secured the precious cargo" Jeanette ordered.

Linda came up and handed Jeanette a communications unit. "Frequency set Jeanette" she told the mission leader. Jeanette nodded. "Call it girlfriend."

Linda picked up the mike and spoke into it. "Athena to Airwolf: Mission completed, precious cargo secured. Requesting pickup at the following coordinates" she said, rattling off a series of numbers.

A minute later, a familiar voice came back to her: Airwolf here, Athena. Will RV at LZ marked by green smoke for extraction, ETA thirty seconds. Nice job, ladies" Stringfellow Hawke told his adoptive niece.

"Athena acknowledges, thirty seconds to RV, out" Linda replied and signed off, replacing the handset back on her web gear and then nodding to Jeanette, who called out to the rest "Outside, thirty seconds!" The other Wolfpack operators stood up from their assume positions and converged on their prey, to lend a hand in picking him up. A single Slayer could pick up someone like Thanaton and throw him across a large room into the far wall, but Darth Thanaton was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so they were taking no chances. Falleen and Zander went out first, stretching out with the /Force for any potential ambushes, and the team followed, with Anthony pulling rear security to catch any straggling demons, if any of them were playing possum. On Jeanette's order, Linda threw a smoke grenade upwind about fifty feet., It detonated in the air about midway and began spewing green smoke, marking the landing zone where it lay, belching its verdant signal fume. In less than ten seconds a black shape appeared on the horizon, approaching rapidly. The familiar shape of the modified Bell 220 helicopter slowed to a hover just over the grenade and slowly lowered itself to within inches of the ground, never touching it. Jeanette grasped her throat mike and clicked her larynx twice, signaling the rest of the team to load their prize onto the Lady's cargo deck and board immediately afterward. The Jedi boarded and Anthony was the last, as the cargo doors closed and secured themselves against the prop wash.

The Lady then rose into the air, its rotary wings angling slightly downward with the increase in their collective pitch, and after a sufficient climb, Stringfellow Hawke ordered the Tylium engines to engage, and Athena Team headed home at more than Mach Ten.

A/N A big thanks to DT for his work on editing this chapter to make it a stronger chapter than it was originally.
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