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Code Ragnarok: Battlefront

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Code Ragnarok". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: And in those days of darkness a brave few stood against the wave of evil. Some fell, others were broken, a few triumphed. All were heroes. This is their story.

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Stargate > General > Theme: Multi-CrossoversHMaxMarius + 19 othersFR18324512,925121096353,30818 Dec 126 Nov 14No


This is another feeder chapter to clear up some possible plot lines and future actions



When Jedi Masters Boris Fallen and Jedi Knight Oroshin Zander finished the battle with the Sith lord, they decided to commune with the force while they were on airwolf which would transport the Darth Thanaton to wherever he was going to be detained. As they entered the trance they both saw what would be considered the Jedi Council room before the sacking of Courscant. Before them were seated the most unusual collections of people they had never seen before. The smallest of the group started.

"Greetings members of the Jedi Order, I am Grand Master Yoda of the Jedi Order, of a time in the far future, With me are Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker, Kos Paplatine, also known as Darth Sidious, a Sith Lord. The reason we are here is to tell you of the need for some of the Jedi to remain in this dimension when the current crisis is over."

Sidious took over "It is true that were are mortal enemies, however both the Jedi and the Sith agree on this issue and have come to you to explain why this request is being done in the name of the Force.

In my meditations I have found that the enemies that you face are worse than even the sith can control. This is saying a lot, even if we are masters of the dark side of the force there are still core rules that we and the Jedi cannot breach, these demons have grossly violated the rules of galactic conduct, and even after this crisis is complete, there must be a guard to teach the people in this reality how to harness the force and use for the betterment of the Galaxy, Master Luke Skywalker, if you please."

Luke started," I am the Grand Master of the New Jedi Order in your home Galaxy in my time frame. The code due to events that occured in my time frame, caused the need to change the Jedi Code to work with changing times. First attachment is allowed with a structured system to keep younglings and padawins in check. Marriage and families are encouraged as it steadies Jedi in their missions. There are other items and there will be data that my Father will talk about, Father."

Anakin then states " My Gift to you for the Jedi who decide to remain or to come here to help is on the Executor. It is a complete copy of the Jedi Database of over 25,000 years of the archives. Use them to build the Jedi Order. The Slayers that are currently in the fight are some of the first who should be trained. When they fight the Vampires and demons they get aggressive and that can cause them untold pain. In the past, there was no support system. This has changed recently with the ISWC and the current support system. We suggest that you unite with the ISWC and find other canadates with the ATA gene, which you can speak with General O'Neil about and find additional canadates. To Unlock the Archives, speak with Col. McQueen on Executor and mention 'Its Miller Time' and he will unlock the database for you. Additionally there is tradable currency, and Jedi supplies in my cargo holds onboard the ship that will finance the order to start. I now give you back to Darth Sidious."

Sidious then spoke "There is a matter of house cleaning that must be dealt with. First through the force the ship that you intend to send should not be sent. It will make the matters worse and since they do not have the technology, they cannot come after you. Second, in relation to Darth Thanaton, as master of the Sith Order, he is cast out for his failures and violation of the rules of the order. To the local government, they can do with him as they will as we wash our hands of him. Master Yoda."

Yoda finished by saying "May the force be with you and your choices, the revised code is in the archives" and the group faded away.

Coming out of the trance, they got Strings attention and said, "We need to speak with Rangarok Actual now."

String got on the comm and Said "Airwolf to Rangarok Six Actual with Flash Traffic from the Juilet"



O'Neil took the comm from Capt. Harriman. "This is actual."

String then replies "Message from Juilet. SL Hogtied with Athena en route. Advise that Freedom Mission signal is Buster, I say again Buster. Juilet will Discuss upon arrival. please have 58th Air Cav Actual available for conference."

O'Neil Replied "Message acknowledged, Lamada class Shuttle in route to take custody of SL at following grid refrence ......, shuttle has ability to contain SL for transport for trial better than Airwolf. Rangarok Actual clear."

He then said to Walter "Break out the Jack, this is a great day!"

AN: 58th Air Cav AKA the Wildcards were McQueen's Command
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