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Code Ragnarok: Battlefront

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Code Ragnarok". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: And in those days of darkness a brave few stood against the wave of evil. Some fell, others were broken, a few triumphed. All were heroes. This is their story.

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Stargate > General > Theme: Multi-CrossoversHMaxMarius + 19 othersFR18324512,925121096353,30918 Dec 126 Nov 14No

Something a Little Different by Rich

A/N: 1. Josh Lyman, Joey Lucas, and Kenny are from the West Wing. I don't own them.
2. This was inspired by a comment from HMaxMarius.
3. I Apologize to anyone that I left out.

Previously, on "The West Wing"

JOEY [KENNY] :I'm here.

JOSH : Where the hell you been?

JOEY [KENNY] : My plane had mechanical difficulties.

JOSH : This is the State of the Union. There was nothing you could do about it?

JOEY [KENNY] : No. Because as a child I never paid attention during airplane mechanics class.

JOSH : Is this the kind of Noel Cowardesque wit I can expect all night long?

On the screen appears a suburban scene. It's a spring morning. Parents are going to work, while children wait for the school bus.

A brown haired woman signs energetically, and the man beside her translates. "We used actors for this part", he says.

Bom !

The same neighborhood is on the screen, empty.

Bombom badom !

A different neighborhood. Windows are broken, cars are wrecked, and one of the houses is burning.

Bombom badom !

A column of cars is moving from left to right, loaded with luggage. A police officer waves them along.

Bombom Badom !

In the background is a column of smoke. In the middle ground are a horde of monsters. In the foreground, an outnumbered band of soldiers are firing.

TatatataTaaaaahTaah !

A pair of A-10s fly towards the camera.

TatatataTAAAAAH !

A humvee races between two mobs of demons, loaded with children and driven by a short blond officer with a determined look on her face.

TatatataTaaaaahTaah !

Men in armor are charging. They have pointed ears.

TatatataTAAAAAAH !

A group of mechs are firing into a raging mass of unearthly creatures.

TAH! TatatatatataTAAH !

On the lake, impossibly huge creatures are fighting with a fleet of sailing ships, while Imperial Walkers fire lasers into them.

TAH! TatatatatataTAAH ! TadaTaaTAAAH !

A group of civilians are being fed by aid workers, while others are having injuries treated.

TadaData TaaH !

At an airfield, US soldiers, Jaffa warriors, and mechs repel an attack of roaring monsters. A young woman with a sword beheads a hyena the size of a horse.


A series of quick shots - A column of tanks move towards the camera; A unit of helicopters takes flight; A dragon fights with blond women in armor, mounted on winged white horses.

TatatataTaaaaTaah ! (deedeeteedee)

Artillery fires.

TatatataTAAAAAH !(deedeeteedee !)

Jaffa Deathgliders strafe a mass of demons.

TatatataTaaaaTaah ! (deedeeteedee)

Soldiers in strange uniforms storm a house.

TatatataTAAAAAAH ! (Dee ! deedeeteedee !)

A huge helicopter is in the air, with a mech suspended beneath it.

TAH! TatatatatataTAAH !

Amazons launch a flight of arrows.

TAH! TatatatatataTAAH ! TadaTaaTAAAH !

A spaceship lands.

TadaData TaaH !

US soldiers in Strykers defend a road junction.

Ta Da !

Gurkha hovercraft move towards the camera.


Jaffa warriors move towards the camera.

Ta Da !

Republican AT-ATs move towards the camera.


Greek Hoplites march towards the camera.

Bom Babom

US army Rangers fastrope on to a large building.

Bom Babom

Norse warriors march towards the camera.

Bom Babom

British soldiers disembark from helicopters.

Bom Babom

Dwarf warriors march towards the camera.

Tatatatah !

A series of faces are shown, all gazing directly out of the screen.

TaTaTaTah !

The battleship Missouri appears.


A skirmish line of soldiers.


Behind them, a formation of mechs.

TAAAH !! TadadaDum !!

The camera moves in. On the shoulders of the lead mech is the young woman with the sword.

The lights come up.

"So", said Josh, "I guess it was Kenny who decided to use the 'Hawaii Five-O' theme ?"

The woman signs again. She looks angry.

"Careful, Joey", says Josh. "I actually know that one."
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