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Code Ragnarok: Battlefront

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Code Ragnarok". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: And in those days of darkness a brave few stood against the wave of evil. Some fell, others were broken, a few triumphed. All were heroes. This is their story.

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HONOR YOUR DEAD by markuop



For Captain Vassen and the members of the 58th, what Col. McQueen asked them to do was surreal. They were asked to suit up in combat gear but were also informed in the process of the day they would be investigators to capture a target, and also to retrieve to bodies for a more formal burial with full honors. What got the Queen of Hearts, more interested was the inclusion in the team was Col. Black and his friend Remius Lupin also known as Moony. All they were told was they knew the decedents and nothing else and it would be explained later. First the squadron went to Little Haggleton and searched for and removed the remains of Tom Riddles father and secured them for transport. One of the pieces of Intel that was obtained by the interrogation at camp delta was the possibility of these bones being used for a ritual to reform Riddle, and that was determined to be too much of a security risk for the Rangarok Command not to do anything. Other teams in the allied command were tasked to deal with the elimination of Riddle, dead or alive.

However here in Godric's Hollow, a more somber maneuver was taking place. The remains of James and Lilly Potter were removed to be transported in honor to Hogwarts, for formal interment. As the Coffins were removed, each was cleaned of the dirt by Sirius and Remius, and the Royal Standard was placed over the coffins including a cover of a senior officer and a dress saber. Nathan West, Shane's XO made a comment "This is unusual, yet since we are in another reality, maybe the rules are different here."

Cooper Hawkes reflected and replied "We were tasked for this detail, therefore something must be up that we don't know, and hopefully we will be involved in."

The caskets were placed on an ISSCV and were slowly flown back to Hogwarts, while in transit, the 58th changed into their Dress Blues and prepared for something they were used to, the burial of the fallen.


1300 GMT

The ISSCV crew was instructed to land across from the train station where the Hogwarts Express stopped at. Waiting for them upon arrival were more people than the 58th expected. A squad from the British SAS, one from the 501st, one from the Goblins, and one from the RSS, all officers awaited the craft arrival. The commander of this cortege was McQueen along with two gun carriages, When the 58th saw them, they understood. This was being treated as a sort of affair of state, with the full requirement of what that entails. Upon the arrival. The members of the RSS and the SAS each took one of the coffins and proceeded to place the coffins on the gun carriages. Hooked up to thestrals. They waited for orders. The officers stood watch over the coffins, as the cortege started the slow march with the beat of the march timed with the drummers cadence as the group slowly started to the graveyard close to the school.

The march took almost an hour as the pace remained slow as the students of the three schools stood and watched the coffins go by quite understanding that something was going to happen today. Half way up the Scooby's joined the cortege. The group wore the uniform of the colonial fleet with their Honorary ranks attached on their dress uniforms. That was expect for Giles. The Queen saw it fit to reactive his commission into the RAF and promote him to Air Vice Marshall, the same rank as the rest of the group, The group arrived at the site looking at a statue with a covering on it, and two new plots. Awaiting the combined group was Admiral Adama, and his family, including his wife Laura, daughters Athena and Starbuck, his son Lee, and Harry his newest adopted son. Along with the Group were Saul and Ellen Tigh with Draco, the Grangers, LTG Creswell and his Wife, Admiral Rabb and BG Rabb, and the collection of troops stationed at JFB Hogwarts. Included in the mix was the Prince of Wales. The last group to arrive were Jack O'Neill and the original SG-1 team and General Hammond. For this Day Admiral Piett and General Veers ran the war, while the others took time to reflect and come to an understanding about the costs this conflict and actions of the past against the darkness had cost. The cost in their own blood.

The Prince of Wales started to speak

"In the many years of human conflict, we never realized the true cost of death and destruction that wars have costs us. Many did not know about the conflicts that could have caused great world destruction. We as the general population, knew little about the shadow war. A war that was against the forces of darkness. Many of the people died without the public even knowing the sacrifice these people gave for the safety of their countries, but the safety of the world. We may not be able to honor every one of these people today, we can start to help the people who protect now and in the future.

We today are here to honor those who have fallen in the war versus the darkness. Be these people be magical, slayer, mundane, or any other species, they have given their blood, sweat, and tears; to preserve and protect this planet. For most they have never been recognized, however that changes today.

First to the caskets in front of us. The Potters fought the darkness that was consuming the wizarding world, so much that they gave their lives to save their child. In that battle, they repelled Tom Riddle to cause his defeat to end the last wizard war. However they were just buried with no one giving them honor that they deserved. To James and Lilly Potter, the Crown commissions them to Group Captain. in Her Majesties Royal Space Service, and awards the George Cross.

To the Slayers who have fought the darkness in the past and present. The crown will research the records of then watchers council to determine the next of kin of slayers who died to offer both monetary and other support for the girls who have lost their lives in support of the fight. Future Slayers will draw a salary at least the rates offered to officers in Her Majesties Military Forces, as we feel that it is our responsibility to help support the champions of the light against the darkness.

For those in the Magical World, honors will be coming in the future, for the families sacrifice, yet these will be after additional research into the matters.

The statue next to me is a Memorial to those who we know have died in the conflict with the dark. This will be added on as more names are verified. You may see a small place for a flame to be put in. There is a reason for that. Back in 1963 when President John Kennedy died, his interment site has a ever lit flame that is still lit today. We will have the same thing here, as a memorial for those who fell but still fight the darkness."

The Prince of Wales removed the tarp over the Statue. Buffy was shocked, when she saw some of the names on the Statue. First Merrick, her first Watcher who died just after her calling, Jessie McNally who fell to the Darkness, and her mother Joyce Summers. Dawn proceeded to hug her sister and cried alongside her as she understood, that their work will always be remembered. Others from the Scoobies also teared up, Giles crying again over the loss of one of his true loves Jenny Calendar, and Xander teared up when Joyce name was reveled on the statue also. Harry approached the Sccobies carrying a royal standard. He handed it to Buffy. He then said "We have both lost much, and I am glad we consider ourselves family. " He was then promptly hugged and the group returned to the castle.

AN: I know this may be a tear jerker, yet the cost of war needed to be addressed, and for several of the group this allows them some healing to become better in what they do. I hope I got the funeral cortege right and where the Potters and the Riddles are buried.
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