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Code Ragnarok: Battlefront

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Code Ragnarok". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: And in those days of darkness a brave few stood against the wave of evil. Some fell, others were broken, a few triumphed. All were heroes. This is their story.

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1400 GMT

In a conference room at the court house, two attorneys from the crown defenders service await the appearance of the prosecution for the case. This is a unique case since the accused are minors, and their brother was assisting them in this matter.

Percy Weasley, looked at his younger brother and sister, recently disowned with sorrow, yet also with contempt. How could they be so gullible. Blindly obeying Dumbledore, spying for him, and according to the charge sheet, actively, interfering with the assenting of a lord of the realm. In other cases this would carry the death penalty. However the Prosecutor had called one hour ago and wanted to talk to Ron and Ginny present.

The room opened up and Judge Lockhart and two Naval Officers entered the room along with the Crown Prosecutor. Judge Lockhart began "In the case of Ronald and Ginvera Weasley, for the record all parties are present. There has been developments that directly affect you. The Crown Prosecutor is dismissed with the courts thanks, as you lack the security clearance for this discussion." The Laywer left with an understanding nod. Judge Lockhart continued. "At the table is RADM Saul Tigh of the Royal Space Service, and Captain Bud Roberts of the USN JAG Corps. CPT Roberts."

Bud then proceeded to say "We have come into information that both your former Mother and Dumbledore both used spells, potions, and other illegal means to direct you to some of you illegal actions, however, you should have done the right thing and reported the illegality to the DMLE. If you could. It was determined that you had multiple chances to do so, then you received payments to spy on Lord Potter and interfere with his life. Interfering in the assenting of a member of the royal line is punishable by death. What you did not know is that in the Mundane world, he is the Duke of Wright, just a step away from the Royal Family, and as such Her Majesty is not happy, yet she is willing to be forgiving to both of you with certain conditions."

Ginny spoke up and asked "May I ask what are the conditions, Sir."

Saul responded "I can answer that. Your case will be sealed and the matter classified. You will testify at both your former mothers trial, and Dumbledore's trial telling the whole truth. According to Gringotts, since you were disowned, the probition of testifying against Molly, is removed since the family magic is no longer in play. After that you will attend the Salem Academy, until you complete you education, also working with the JROTC on campus. Upon graduation you will enter the service academy of the RSS and after the completion of the courses, you will serve the required five years after graduation. If you slip up once, you will find yourselves in the deepest brig I can find, and you will not be found again. Do you understand me."

Ron was white as a sheet, but responded "Yes, Sir. " Ginny also nodded in assent.

Saul then continued "You will report to Commander Tigh, my son in the morning to get you in shape."
Judge Lockhart then said, "The case is sealed and classified. This hearing is over." And she walked out of the room.

Ron asked "His son, who is he talking about?"

Ginny replied, "I have a bad feeling about this."



While the questioning of Umbridge and Dumbledore continued, Cornelius Fudge was being brought into his cell after being arrested, and declared a enemy combantant. The thing that got him sent here, is that he attempted to bribe a new civil servent to get access to certain files to do harm to the Potter family, and in an attempt to discredit Amelia Bones, the only former ministry member to keep her post, because she did her job correctly, and honestly. The first person who approached was Rangarok and he said "Now is the time to discuss the laws that have limited us in our travel and movement." The look of the smile Rangarok gave caused Fudge to faint."



(cue music : STTMP: Leaving Spacedock)

For Justin Steed, getting the Galactica out of dock early to allow other ships to be repaired was a blessing. He would complete the repairs in orbit and test the carrier systems before starting proving trials. Yet he wanted to do this at least once in his life. He sat in the new command chair, one of the improvements in the new CIC, and started the departure sequence.

"Umbilical's retracted, on internal power" reported the rating at ops.

"Yard Command signaling Go sir." Reported the officer at communications

Steed then said "Maneuvering thrusters"

The Rating at the helm replied "Maneuvering thrusters, Aye"

Steed said "Hold Station"

Outside, the running lights and flood lights that Galacrica had lit up and the Bucket, looked like she had had a makeover. Which was true, as most of her systems were changed and updated.

Steed then said "Thrusters ahead, take us out." Galactica sailed out of the Dock to start the next great adventure.

AN: some had commented that I was writing and Evil Wealsey. Ron and Ginny now have a path to redemption. But they will go through heck to get it.
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