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Code Ragnarok: Battlefront

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Code Ragnarok". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: And in those days of darkness a brave few stood against the wave of evil. Some fell, others were broken, a few triumphed. All were heroes. This is their story.

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Stargate > General > Theme: Multi-CrossoversHMaxMarius + 19 othersFR18327517,002121106364,39118 Dec 1221 Jan 15No


Small part to keep the story going and have a little fun. The need for a littile comic relief may be needed. Remember two member of the marauders are at Hogwarts and the 501 need to conduct maneuvers before deploying to Ohio for the final attack. Some of the situations will mimic other TV series, you will find out at the end.


0900 GMT SAME DAY AS LAST CHAPTER (Different Courtroom)

The Recorder of London, the senior judge of the court had been briefed on this case, not just because he would try these people, but the Crown had a deep involvement in it. Traditionally, the crown was the plaintiff party just for purposes of tradition. However in this case, the briefing material came directly from the palace. The witness list made him do a double check. Supt. Joe Friday and Chief inspector Bill Gannon? Then he remembered that his granddaughter had told him about their arrival. Who was he? Richard Nevile Granger was the Grandfather to Hermione Jean Granger and was read in on the magical world by the Current GG Laura Adama. After looking at the briefing ha thought, if the Jury convicts Fudge and Umbridge, he would have no qualms about throwing the book at them. He only wished he could use his service weapon from Korea to finish the job himself. He was also known as Hanging Judge Granger, and if he could they would hang!



This is the life of Rick and Lisa Hunter

After the arrival of the Rag-tag Galactica and the talks that occurred after the meeting, the crew from the SDF-3 was absorbed into the combined Earth Starfleet. Rick and Lisa both from America were now wearing US Navy Dress Uniforms and were at JFB Hogwarts to see the start of a war game exercise of the 501st Legion prepping for their operation in the Ohio AO to start the last push to end the ground war. They were approached by Commanders Wealsey (Fred and George) about the playing of a prank on General Veers during the exercise. Rick had allowed Max Veers to use the Alphas as a opposing force which were under the command of Max and Mirya Sterling and their squadrons. They were armed with paintball missiles and MILEs Laser gear to score hits and show damage for the war gamers to critique. The Marauders, Col. Black, Col. Lupin (Moony had been commissioned by royal command into the Royal Marines and commanded a forming Werewolf battalion of volunteers who were needing work and did take the wolfs bane potion.) found out about the plans of Fred and George and added a few elements, and set up the prank. Working all night before the exercise they had laid the field with devices linked to the school systems ready to catch General Veers with his knickers down.

1010 GMT

Rick and Lisa were in CIC observing the battle. His alphas were getting their hits into the Walker force that Veers was commanding. However the walkers were not becoming killed in the score sheet of the wargame. George then said to the Hunters.

“We have them in the kill box now”

Fred continued “Get ready for the fun and the prank”

Professor Fitwick was observing the scene was a closet sci-fi fan what he heard of next made him fall of his chair.

Moony started “Acting Executive officer Remus Lupin, Nova Paintball Deployment Authorized, Zero, Zero, Strike Red Zero.” A buzzer was heard in CIC.

Fred Continued “Acting Arms Master Fred Weasley, Nova Paintball Deployment Authorized. Retro Nine Blue Strike Five Nine Five.” The buzzer sounded again.

George followed on “Acting Fire Control Officer George Weasley, Arming Devices One to Forty. Execution Code Nine Five Over Seven Blue Five. Arm” A additional Buzzer sounded.

Sirius complete the sequence “Col. Sirius Black Acting Commanding Officer. Nova Paintball Deployment Authorized. Ten Break Alpha, Strike, Strike, Strike.” A final Buzzer sounded.

Fitwick only could say one thing “Fire”


The AT-AT’s were making good time, the Alphas had presented Genreal Veers a challebnge that he was thinking he would equate to the Rebel Fightback on Hoth, yet strangely when he entered this area the fighters retreated, the fell back. What happened next would rock his world. The devices hidden in the fields opened up spraying paint on everyone, troops, walkers, and other transports of the 501st. Dobby then popped into the cockpit of General Veers Walker and said to a rendition of MSGT Bugous “YOU ARE DEAD!!!”


Max Veers entered CIC looking like he had been had and had been tricked into this. When Rick raised his hand and said.”You must consider General, you failed to send recon troops to travail the land looking for traps and make them so you forces could avoid them. They decided to paintball you, the enemy would show you no mercy. Consider this a prank and a teaching tool. We in the REF also did these types of war-games but we also would not use live ammo, today there were no deaths, tomorrow, it will be different in the real battlefield.

Max had one thing to say “Who set up this prank?” The Marauders and Weasleys all raised their hands. After ordering Drinks for the group he raised his glass and said to them “Well Played, I salute you for your idea, now how can we use this against the force of Evil?”

1500 GMT



The Crown Prosecutor had done a smash up job and had convicted bot Fudge and Umbridge in mear minutes of deliberation. Judge Granger announced his sentence shortly thereafter.

“It is the decision of the court after hearing the case and being convicted by a jury of your peers, that you are sentenced to …”

AN: Cliffiehanger in the sentencing phase of the trial intentionally, the sentence next time
AN2: the sequence to deploy the paintball bombs come from Gene Rodenberry’s Andromeda. I make no money
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