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Code Ragnarok: Battlefront

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Code Ragnarok". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: And in those days of darkness a brave few stood against the wave of evil. Some fell, others were broken, a few triumphed. All were heroes. This is their story.

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Stargate > General > Theme: Multi-CrossoversHMaxMarius + 19 othersFR18325513,794121098354,79918 Dec 1219 Dec 14No




Judge Granger continued speaking to Fudge and Umbridge. “You will be taken from this place to the Tower of London and put to death by hanging then beheading, as is the tradition of this land for people of your ilk and your heads will be displayed for the magical masses to see. You both violated the public trust and committed sedition against the crown which you were sworn to protect, even if you did not recognize the crown’s authority. The warrant for execution has been signed by the Queen. Remove this trash from my sight.” Fudge and Umbridge, gagged and bound were picked up and carried out of the court.

Fudge and Umbridge were taken to the Tower where there was a group of troops from the Royal Marines commanded by Col. Lupin and his Werewolf unit running security awaiting the next victims of the Xander and Giles ‘stretch and cut’ as the two had described what they had done with Albus and Severus previously. Judge Granger arrived and read the Royal Warrant for Fudge and Umbridges execution. Asking if they had anything to say, they accused the Crown of consorting with dark creatures. Giles and Xander, purified their swords, put the nooses on the former Minister and Undersecretary, awaited the command from Moony, and flipped the swich. 30 seconds later the heads of Fudge and Umbridge were on the floor separated from their bodies, and the two men cleaned their swords again, happy that justice was done again.

“Call the next case,” stated Judge Granger.



(Cue music: Casino Royale theme, You Know my Name, by Chris Cornell)

Voldemort had had to use a mundane born wizard to regain his physical form. It was his intent to capture Harry and use him for the task, yet the inclusion of other forces protecting him and the information that Potter was off someplace he could not believe he heard, space was a concept foreign to him. He was dealing with Ibilis and the Demons to become the leader of the world with the remains of his Death Eaters still supporting him. What got him in a rage was his most senior people were killed by mundane military forces and a traitor. Draco Tigh nee Malfoy killed his own father and removed one of his greatest servants. In his book, Draco and Harry were both dead men walking.

Unbeknownst to him, troops from 22 Commando (SAS) under LTC Granger, Seal Team 2 under LCDR O’Neil, and the Household Cavalry under the command of CPT Wales (Prince Harry) were stationed a short distance away from the dwelling he was staying in. Running the operation were recently frocked Captain James Bond RN of MI-6, and Commander Draco Tigh of the RSS. They were on a divisional net with the Palace.

“White Rook, Black Knight. In position” replied Bond

A Female Voice many of them knew responded “Black Knight, White Rook. By Royal Command, execute, execute, execute.”

Bond said only one thing to the units “GO”.

Several troopers fire grenades into the house. These were flash bangs to disorient the enemy and try to capture the people in the building alive. This confused the Death Eaters in the building. Then the main door was breached, and the people near the door ate lead for their mistakes, which were their last as living beings. No quarter was offered and none was to be expected. The order was to take Voldie alive if possible, dead if necessary.

For Voldie, one second it was calm the next he was deaf and blinded. Within 20 seconds he was hit with something he knew not and promptly blacked out.

The after action report would commend that the 30 DE’s were not prepared for the attack as they never considered a mundane attack would not be detected before it occurred. The forces who killed the DE’s reported they never stood a chance. Then Voldie was trussed up, had suppression cuffs placed on him, and were sent to the Lady Ex to face final justice.


1700 GMT

During the Second World War, the Yalta Conference between FDR, Churchill, and Stalin helped determine the course of the post war Europe. However in this case, Jack O’Neill thought that this was Yalta, writ large. He was standing in one of the many landing bays awaiting for delegates from, NATO, the Commonwealth, Russia, China, and other assorted countries to arrive and attend the War conference. Nations not directly involved in the fighting wanted their views known, because if this action spread, then they could be in the front lines.

The Lady Ex was chosen because it could house the delegations, have security present to protect them, and many national leaders wanted to live their ‘geek’ by seeing the ship. Admiral Piett took the request with the need for a steady flow of ant-acid provided by Dr. Cottle who was aboard for the conference. Piett considered this a Rancor and Nerf show just for the press and the political fortunes of who wanted another term back home. Expect for the Queen, the Prime Ministers of both the UK and Canada, and President Hayes, who had chips in the game,

MG McQueen commanded the units of the 501st who were serving as honor guard. The process was simple, when a head of state or government, the leader would enter via the anthem of the nation, the Vice Regal march as several GG were also in attendance, or in the case of President Hayes, he received from the 501st band (one had been dragooned by sci-fi geeks who volunteered so that the unit could have one from the fans from Earth), the rendition of ‘Hail to the Chief’ in prefect pitch and pace. It may not be the Marine Corps Band out of Washington, but it fit the bill.

Jack approached McQueen saying “Finally this is over. Not we can set in motion the endgame and evict the demons from the planet, and then I can see if General Summers will allow me to use her slayers in work at the SGC.”

Buffy walked behind the men and said to them “Only if you play nice and treat them not as pawns as over project in the past did to us. Because if someone does that to us again. Uncle Bill will shoot you out of a launch tube, sans flight suit or Oxygen.”

McQueen replied “General, I take that threat seriously, because the 58th will follow on, Sir.”

Jack felt like he needed to get the ant-acid from George, as he learned the perils of command were not just being shot at, but playing nice with the allies.



Cain Savage, Commander of the Twelve Worlds Starfleet Battlestar Pegasus was being a good host and hosting Harry, Hermione, and VP Santos. As the designated survivors, they needed to be in a different location because of the need of continuation of government. But the education Cain was giving them opened up an understanding on who the Ibilois is and help them with planning for the endgame. When they were informed that Voldie was in a darkforce cage and under 24hour lockdown until the conference was over, Harry knew that the days of Volide were over. This was because one he say his nemesis, Voldie was dead with his choice of weapons. But Harry knew one, his nightmare was about to be over.
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