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Code Ragnarok: Battlefront

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Code Ragnarok". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: And in those days of darkness a brave few stood against the wave of evil. Some fell, others were broken, a few triumphed. All were heroes. This is their story.

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Stargate > General > Theme: Multi-CrossoversHMaxMarius + 19 othersFR18325513,794121098355,44418 Dec 1219 Dec 14No

Another Incident at Rally Base Refuge by Rich

At Rally Base Refuge:

Major Hailey turned off the TV in disgust.

For the most part, she thought that the local stations were doing about as well as could reasonably be expected. They were covering the ongoing crisis as if it were some sort of natural disaster, keeping people updated on which neighborhoods to leave and which roads to avoid, and passing on whatever useful information they had, whenever they actually had any. There were the usual "human interest" stories, of course. She'd seen Ms. Sims on the day before yesterday, talking about the "top secret military unit" that had saved her entire student body. The coverage of that story had even included a short segment of Hailey herself, doing things with a Humvee which a Humvee was never designed to do. Luckily her mother hadn't seen that one.

At the national level, however, the media were as clueless as ever. The Sunday morning pundits were mostly concerned with the effect this would have on the next election. They seemed to be evenly divided between those who blamed "The Rich", those who blamed Congress, and those who blamed the President. One network was blaming the previous President and racism, but then that network always blamed everything on the previous President and racism. The idea of blaming the demons didn't seem to have occurred to any of them, let alone the thought that maybe blame wasn't the most useful response in the middle of a war.

So she really wasn't in the best of moods when she was informed that one of said pundits had been granted a tour of the base, and wanted an interview - in twenty minutes.

The pundit's entourage included people who did nothing all day but make interview subjects comfortable, and others who specialized in making subjects look good on camera (just before their boss made the subject look like an idiot). They all seemed to agree that the Major's "spartan" look was perfect; Hailey herself would have called it "functional" but wasn't offended. So things started off well, and might have continued that way if the pundit hadn't opened his mouth.

"Tell us, Major, if you can, what is our exit strategy from this conflict", the pundit said.

Hailey replied, "I'm sorry, sir, but I'm afraid I'll need some clarification on that question."

"It seems clear enough to me," said the pundit.

"Well," said Hailey, "it really isn't. For example, are you suggesting we should 'exit' from the Cleveland area, or do you think we should abandon the entire state of Ohio ?"

"That wasn't quite what I meant..." said the pundit.

"Then what exactly did you mean ?" asked Hailey. "Are you suggesting we evacuate everything east of the Mississippi ? If you're going to use words like 'exit', you should specify what you want to exit from. Did you even read that question when your assistant handed it to you ? Do you actually know how to read ?"

"Now see here..." said the pundit.

"No, YOU see here." replied Hailey. "The enemy we're fighting doesn't want their rights, or land, or recognition, or oil. They want to eat us, and take over the entire world. There are only two ways out of this war. We kill them, or they kill us. There's no third choice. There. Is. No. Exit !!!!"

Her tone softened a bit, then she continued, "But you, on the other hand, are free to exit anytime you like. You can start by exiting my office"

The man tried to continue talking for a while, but she ignored him. As he and his crew finally left, she thought it was a safe bet that the segment would never appear on TV.

She was right about that part. She failed to realize that the pundit wasn't popular with everyone on his staff. The interview never aired on television - but it was a huge hit on Youtube.

A/N: Yes, there will be repercussions from this; that's one reason why I posted it.
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