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Code Ragnarok: Battlefront

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Code Ragnarok". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: And in those days of darkness a brave few stood against the wave of evil. Some fell, others were broken, a few triumphed. All were heroes. This is their story.

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The Battle of Meander Creek Reservoir 2 by Rich

King of the Hill

As Jennie clambered out of Fetterman's mech with his body in her arms, she heard an ear-splitting howl. She knew that a sudden loss could cause numbness, paralysis, or despair. This was white-hot rage - and it wasn't coming from the demons.

Fetterman's Heavies surged forward. In seconds, the lightning creature's body had become a battlefield. Demons scurried up the corpse from from the rear and mechs leaped from the front. The mechs got there first.

A Marauder II landed on the peak of the creature's spine and immediately began firing the length of the causeway with cannon and PPCs. A pair of Nightskys stood to the sides, pouring in laser fire and chopping down anything that got close. The rest of the heavy wing deployed along the shore or in the water, scouring the monsters from the lake. So much water flashed to steam that the other side of the reservoir couldn't be seen.

Holding the causeway would be easy. Holding the shoreline would be more difficult but should be doable, with Commander Rana's GEVs to help - as long as there were no more of the lightning creatures.

But of course, there were.

Sanchez and Rana pulled up in the Commander's GEV as Jennie jetted down from Fetterman's Fafnir.

"How is he ?" asked Rana.

"I think his vest and helmet took most of the damage. But his legs look bad !!", Jennie replied.

"Get him in the ambulance." said Sanchez, pointing to the unarmed GEV behind them. "The medics will take care of him until a chopper arrives."

"Yes, Ma'am." answered Jennie. "My team is already checking the other mechs."

Sanchez could see that for herself. With no assigned role in the battle, the "hunter-killers" had volunteered as first responders. Terry's mech was the worst, with the Mad Cat a close second. The 'Cat had been torn open by the explosion of it's launcher. Terry's Osiris, on the other hand, had been crushed; she didn't think that even Slayers would be able to recover the pilot without power tools. If there was anything left to recover.

The Commander deployed her GEVs and hovertanks along the shore. There was no shortage of targets. Meanwhile, Sanchez keyed her communicator.

The Fury of Sonya Zhukov

She'd seen Terry's mech crushed; she'd seen Major Fetterman's Fafnir crippled.

She was out of the water and speeding to the south before she realized she was doing it. The other Piranhas followed without question. These mechs were built to run. At nearly 100 miles per hour, it took only a minute to reach the bridge at Mahonning Avenue.

Maria Seydlitz tried to contact Sonya, and got no response. She knew why. The younger woman was beyond stopping. No one could have stopped her once; she would have killed anyone who tried.

She'd lost enough friends; she wasn't going to lose this one. She keyed her command frequency and gave the order, then led her Strike Force on to the bridge. Sonya's lance was already on the opposite shore.

Sonya's Piranhas tore through the monsters, burning down those in the way and ignoring the rest. Those which didn't go down were simply trampled underfoot. She dodged one of the pyramid things and caught sight of her goal. She could hardly miss it, after all.

The smaller creatures were scrambling along the causeway, charging towards the gigantic carcass. Most of them never reached it, because there were half a dozen mechs on the thing's back, firing methodically and piling up so many bodies that they were overflowing into the water.

At the western end of the causeway waited several of the massive spike-headed things, pushing forward but blocked by the narrow entrance. One of them forced itself on to the roadway, crushing smaller creatures underfoot (if it actually had feet). Those beasts were Sonya's target, even though she knew she could never overpower enemies like these.

She charged alongside one of the monsters, firing into it's flank and speeding away before it could react. She dashed in front of a second, shooting as she ran. It fired a lightning bolt in return but she was already gone. The bolt struck one of the other creatures from behind, making it jerk away directly into the path of a third.

She ran up the back of a fourth, fired at a fifth, then jumped down ahead of a barrage of lightning strikes. The impact of the landing strained the knees of her mech; but she kept moving, and kept shooting, swerving and swiveling and leaving chaos in her wake. The vast slow monsters could barely see her; they couldn't hit her. They could, and did, hit each other.

They roared, screamed, and struck out blindly. Smaller demons were crushed and burned indiscriminately, and began moving away from the carnage; or added to it by striking back. Sonya's mechs couldn't follow her path, but they circled the raging mass, firing as they moved.

Maria felt annoyed, afraid, and proud all at the same time; she had taught Sonya to fight like that. Her fast mediums circled wide. When a group of demons began to mass for a charge against Sonya's lance, Maria hit them from the rear. She didn't think they even knew she was there.

Of course it couldn't last; they could wreak havoc (and Sonya was wreaking plenty of it all by herself). But they couldn't win against such numbers.

The Colonel's voice came over the command frequency; "Strike Force and Recon Lance, GET CLEAR !!". Maria wasn't sure that Sonya would obey, but evidently her loyalty to her commander overrode even her rage. They all pulled back to the south. Then the Al'Kesh came in on their attack run.

Maria wondered if Ian would fire Sonya, or promote her again.

A/N: Just a short chapter to keep things moving.
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