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Forever Paramour

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Undying Love". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: BTVS/Highlander crossover: Buffy's dreams lead her to a man with a destiny that could either destroy the world. . . or save it. OC with canon cross. Pairings:B/X, OC/F, W/D -- Graphic Adult Situations Depicted

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Highlander > Multiple Pairings(Current Donor)deiticlast + 1 otherFR18924,33901413,07018 Dec 129 May 14No

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Chapter Three

Dawn nervously kicked off her boots as she entered the apartment that that she, Willow, and Buffy shared together, desperately hoping against all hope that Buffy would not find out about what she was about to do. Hell, the fact that she wasn't going to do anything other than watch wouldn't mean a damn thing to her sister, and Buffy would rake her over the coals, not to mention what she would do to Willow. So, it was definitely not of the good if Buffy found out.

She could feel the tremble in Willow’s hand as she balanced herself against Dawn’s shoulder as she unzipped and peeled off her own boots, leaving them off to the side of the door. Meagan, coming in last, came in and sat upon the old but comfortable couch (found at the local thrift store for 26 bucks, thank you very much) and held out one impossibly long, sensuous leg. “Willow, undo my sandals, if you please,” she said softly, her mouth quirking a little. As Willow sidled down to do her bidding, she added, “With your teeth.” Dawn was about to go to the kitchen and get a glass of water when Meagan’s peremptory call stopped her in her tracks. “Little sis,” she began, gesturing to the recliner sitting over in the corner which faced the sofa from a slight angle, “come, sit down.”

Dawn, as though mesmerized, did as she was bidden, sitting back in the plush recliner and pulling her legs up under her. The sight of Willow on her knees before this woman, working the leather thong of her sandals with her teeth and tongue made Dawn’s head spin. She’d never seen her best friend like this, submissive and sexual. The sight of her ass, sticking out in the air, with her miniskirt riding up to reveal milky-white skin just over her loose leather chaps, was unexpectedly hot. She’d never thought of Willow like that, but here she was, looking at her ass and feeling a stirring in her groin and her panties moisten.

Just as Willow succeeded in unknotting the second foot with her tongue, Meagan stood up, kicking off the sandal into a corner while pulling up the redhead with her. Without saying a word, Meagan, pulled the other girl to her and stared into her eyes before kissing her hard, ravenously trying to devour every ounce of sexuality she had in her. Willow, for her part, was holding her own. Pulling Meagan even closer, she wrapped her arms around her and moved her long blonde hair to the side, so that her fingers could work unhindered. Slowly at first, and then faster as they attained a sort of rhythm, her fingers made their way down Meagan’s back, each clasp holding the skin-tight maroon latex top unsnapping with a snick that made Dawn twitch with every release.

This was nothing like porn. Dawn had only seen a couple of videos on the web, and that was mainly because her boyfriend at college had gotten her to watch them with him. But this—this was nothing like it. This, watching her best friend claw and grab at a stranger, undress her, do her sexual bidding. . . This was something new. And raw.

Dawn could feel the stirrings she had felt earlier come on stronger, a heat budding between her legs as she got wet just sitting there and watching—not thinking, just watching. This was something intimate, something private, and she was sitting there, watching it as it happened. It was terribly erotic, and her heart felt like it was running a hundred miles an hour as she absently slipped a hand to her breast, repositioning her top so that she could caress her nipple through the sheer fabric panel. She was only lightly touching herself, but it was enough to send a chill down her body and make her ache to be filled. If only she’d been able to bring a guy home. . .

Willow, despite her current position atop Meagan’s knee, grinding her pussy against her leg, looked over at Dawn to see how she was doing—and almost instantly came. She had thought that the girl would be over there in the chair feeling uncomfortable or even curious, but what she hadn’t expected was to see the girl who she’d known since she was a little kid to be leaning back in that same chair, one hand on her breast, tweaking a nipple, and the other hand grabbing hard at her crotch, watching the two of them with a heat in her eyes that Willow had seen too many times from other women she’d been with. Dawn was horny, and she wanted—no, needed—some bad.

Willow froze for a moment, her mind whirling at a hundred miles an hour, conflicted on what she wanted to do and she really, really should do. On the one hand, here was an extremely attractive girl who was just turned from jailbait into total lickability. And on the other hand, she'd practically helped to raise Dawnie for several years, and had known her since she was, like, ten. It felt wrong to be thinking what she was thinking, but Willow found that she just couldn't help it, and that at that moment, she didn't really care.

Meagan, who was, at the moment, tweaking her own nipples, noticed Willow looking back at the young woman sitting back in the chair, touching herself. She, too, saw the look in her eyes. And she knew. So, she gently pushed Willow off of her and stood up, her eyes intent on the raven black and purple hair spilling over Dawn’s left shoulder as she made her way around the coffee table to her. Willow, uncertain as to what she should do, just stood there, her mind blank except for the thought, We shouldn’t. . .

Dawn, seeing the other woman coming toward her, with her hips swaying and her breasts curving sensuously in the low light, froze. It occurred to her that something was about to happen, and it would change her forever. However, at this particular moment, when she should have been scared, the only thing she could think about was kissing this woman, followed immediately by the thought of what would she taste like. The next thought asked if she was crazy, but the next thought was that she didn’t care.

Meagan smiled as she bent over the younger girl, pushing her black hair back over her shoulder and grabbing the hand that was over her crotch, pulling her until she was standing. Meagan, not letting go of her hand, led her over to the couch and sat back down, leaving Dawn standing there between her legs. Leaning a little to the side so that she could catch Willow’s eye, she finally spoke: “Willow. Sit on the coffee table and move your feet to match mine.”

Willow, understanding after a second, moved to sit behind Dawn on the coffee table, silently whispering a charm to harden the glass—just in case. She spread her legs and touched the tips of Meagan’s toes with her own, effectively boxing Dawn in between them. She was about to say something when Meagan commanded, “Willow. Watch. Don’t touch.” Willow didn’t know what to say to that, though she couldn’t help but to feel a little disappointed. She knew it was wrong, but she wanted to sample this forbidden fruit. She’d never thought of Dawnie like that, ever. However, now that she was here, and Willow had seen her touching herself and her eyes full of lust, the thought couldn’t help but to enter her mind. And here she was, being told not to touch Dawn. Intellectually, she knew it was to make Dawnie more comfortable, what with being touched by a stranger less stressful than one’s close friend.

Dawn was shaking, though almost imperceptibly. She didn't know what to do next, and she was glad when Meagan told Willow to watch and not touch. She wasn't exactly ready for that yet, and she wasn't even sure if she would ever be ready for that. Meagan reached out and hooked a finger in Dawn's exposed g-string, yanking it down while giving her a heated smile. Leaning forward, she kissed the skin in the hollow of her hipbone, Dawn shuddering at the electricity that shot through her, gripping her hands at open space as she let the older woman administer little brushes of ecstasy with each movement of her lips against her sensitive skin.

Willow, watching with ever-increasing desire, banished first her top, and then her chaps and skirt, keeping her soaked panties. She watched as Meagan oriented Dawn so that they both could enjoy her profile, Willow changing her mind about the coffee table and transfiguring it into a cushioned chair, leaning back in it and rubbing her pussy through her sopping lingerie. Through hooded lids, she continued to watch as Meagan unzipped Dawn's pants, slowly working her clitoris as Meagan peeled the skin-tight leather down to reveal silken skin, lily-white flushed with the heat of sexual arousal. Her breath caught as the soft light cast dim shadows around the curves of Dawn's luscious cheeks, glinting off of the metal butterfly emblem in the back, nestled in the space between her ample buttocks. Her breathing came back, though, even heavier than before as she caught sight the strap of her g-string diving deep toward Dawn's glistening mound, barely covering her pussy.

With a knowing smile, Meagan reached out and caressed the well-maintained patch of hair. "Who was this for, hmmm, little sis?" Dawn's blush was evident below the hem of her top, though she didn't answer. Not really waiting to see if she would say something, Meagan commanded, "Okay, Will, your turn. Take off her top." Willow was reaching out her free hand to lift the offending garment off of Dawnie when Meagan's voice rang out on the other side of the girl, "Without touching, remember?" For a second Willow was despondent, but then an evil grin flashed on her face and she snapped her fingers. Instantly Dawn's leather top caught fire and went up in a puff of smoke. Dawn let out a "Yip!" and swatted at her as Willow giggled hysterically.

Dawn's attention, however, was turned back to Meagan as her hand slid between her legs from behind and she let out a slight moan, opening her legs little more so that Meagan would have better access. She leaned back her head and moaned again, parting her lips slightly as she bit the side of her bottom lip, closing her eyes to shut out the world so that she could focus on the hand that had just hooked a finger in the crotch of her underwear and jerked it aside, renewing its slow back and forth motions. Her hands, this intoxicating goddess, felt so different from her boyfriend's. His was rough and clueless, searching and inconsistent. Meagan's fingers were like magic, velvet tendrils working her like no one ever had before.

Willow watched, her chest rising and falling deeply, as Meagan slipped her middle finger into the moist mound of her best friend's little sister and pulled it back out, offering it to Willow to taste. Hesitantly, Willow took hold of her hand and wrapped her lips around her finger, sucking the juices off of it, savoring the sweet, sharp taste of Dawn's womanhood.

Taking back her hand with a big smile, Meagan stood and took Dawn's face with both hands and kissed her, long and deep. Willow, not able to stop herself any longer, moved to the floor in front of her transfigured seat, kissing the soft skin of Dawnie's hip while kneading her ass-cheek, moving her other hand up her leg from her foot to her still bare vagina, softly working her fingers between the labia that pulsed underneath and then around her fingers. Dawn moaned into Meagan's mouth as first one, then two fingers entered her, pleasantly surprised when one finger pressed firmly against her lower wall, making her feel as though her entire cavity was being filled, while the other reached up behind her pelvic bone and massaged the tender, plump flesh hidden there.

The more Willow massaged her g-spot, the more electric jolts of ecstasy wracked Dawn's body. Meagan was nibbling and sucking on Dawn's pert nipples and working her clitoris when she came, Dawn's entire body tensed and seizing in the throes of ecstasy. Meagan reached down and took ahold of Willow's now soaked hand and licked it luxuriously. "Tell me, little sis: have you ever tasted another girl's pussy?"

Hesitantly Dawn shook her head no.

Meagan's smile grew even wider as she sat down and spread her legs. "Okay then. Willow," she called, "come over here and show her how it's done. But pay attention, little sis, because you're next. . ."
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