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Queen of the Wild

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Summary: What if it was a Cordette that the mean kids were picking on that day at the Zoo? We all know Cordelia would never stand for that. Things go very differently when the Queen of Sunny-dale holds the Primal.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/AdventuremuaaimoiFR181319,000137922,60419 Dec 1223 Jul 14No

chapter 11

Buffy is on the hunt. She doesn't bother with quips or fighting with any flare when she encounters a few Vampires. She dust's them almost absently. They are not her prey tonight. Not the target of her focus. And maybe if she'd pause to think about it she would find it strange. She is focused. Very focused. Senses extended in a way she had never pushed them before. Heart beat calm and steady. Prowling through her territory. She feels like she's the most awake she's ever been. The most aware.

She needs to find Cordelia.

Needs to beat her. Prove her worthiness, prove her strength. She is the Slayer. She is strong. The strongest of the Hellmouth. And she needs Cordelia to know. To understand.

She is stronger, better. So she needs to beat Cordelia into the ground. Show the other girl true strength. Teach her her place.

Beneath Buffy.


Cordelia knows this is not her best idea. Wandering around the graveyard while low on power? Clearly not something someone with sense would do. And if she wasn't so angry, so furious, she really wouldn't. But she is. Angry, that is. Because her stupid loser mate did not seem to understand that he belonged to her now. She didn't understand. She knew Xander could feel it, the way their lights melded and augmented each other. The way he stood just a little straighter when she was around. It had even been true before she'd been changed. Xander always stood up to her, always held his ground when they fought. They challenged each other, made the other better. And Considering the battle ground she now knew they lived on, she knew she would need every shred of strength she could muster.

But no, Xander had to go and make it difficult. His very presence could agitate the animal inside her just as easily as he could sooth it. And he'd left her feeling off kilter. Her pack really was lucky that she had an entire species to work off her aggression on. Otherwise they would have been the ones to suffer her rage. The first Vampire she find dies in agony. She tears him limb from limb. First his arms, then his legs, by the time she begins to separate his neck from the rest of his body she's fairly certain he's glad to be dust.

It's barbaric. The human she was would be revolted. But the animal in her feels better. Calmed by the prospect of hunting more prey, so she sets of in search for another. Wonders how many will die at her hand before she feels like she did earlier in the library. Her mate at her finger tips. Balanced once again. She twirls the stake in her hand absently. A stick she'd sharpened, and briefly wonders why she bothered. It doesn't suit her to take easy outs. Cordelia is the kind of person to make her own way. She always has been, primal or no. Xander will be hers, belongs to her regardless of what he has to say on the matter. He is her mate, it is a truth of their existence. She just needs to show him. Prove that they're meant to be. There has to be a way, she only needs to find it.

That's when she scents Buffy. The Slayer is being stealthy. Her particular scent, some floral perfume and graveyard dirt almost blending in. But she stills reeks like Cordelia from their earlier fight. She turns, rage reignited by the female that her mate is loyal to. Bares her teeth,"Back for seconds?"

Buffy smiles, the pretty parody every cheerleader can recognize for the challenge it's meant to be. Focused as she on her challenger Cordelia almost doesn't notice the Vampire coming up behind Buffy. She's tempted. So tempted to remove the competition. And Buffy is a competitor for Xander's loyalty if nothing else. But there are lines. There is being the animal she is and becoming a monster. Something she will never be, so she won't turn her mate by force, and she wont tear out the Slayers throat once she's distracted by the Vampire behind her. She won't kill someone who doesn't deserve it. Vampires though, those are fair game. Cordelia gives her stake one last casual twirl and launches it into the vampires heart.


Buffy doges the stake and almost jumps at the familiar sound of a Vampire com-busting behind her, turns just in time to watch it crumble to dust.

"You-you staked it?"Buffy doesn't mean to ask. She'd seen it with her own eyes after all. But it doesn't make any sense. Life has become so much more complicated ever since she became the Slayer. About the only thing that was still simple was the distinction between friend and foe.

"I am not your enemy."Cordelia snarls,"Simply your better. But then-that's not any different from before, loser, now is it?"

Buffy gapes, just gapes. Because it's such a -Cordelia- thing to say. The kind of thing she'd learned to expect from the first girl she'd met in Sunny-dale. If not for the whole fight in the Library, claiming Xander, and staking a vampire, Buffy would have never noticed how different she is. It makes her wonder how different being a Slayer had made her. Power up aside. She'd always been protective of her friends. And she'd always been the best in every gymnastics class she'd ever taken, despite her size, or sometimes because of it. Giles had said that Primal's weren't evil. Had he been right? Was being a primal just like the Slayer power up?

"You fought me."Buffy murmurs out loud.

"I beat you."Cordelia huffed, crossing her arms.

Buffy narrowed her eyes, dangers of the vampires fresh in her mind."I have a job to do. Tomorrow morning, rematch."

She'd been surprised by Cordelia the first time, it wouldn't happen again. She wouldn't let it.
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